Sabrina Möller

Sabrina Möller is the founder and head editor of the avantgarde art magazine ‚keen on‘. She studied art history in Vienna, where she’s currently based. Möller also works as a freelance writer and curator. Among the artists she has worked with are Sol Calero, Conglomerate TV, Diango Hernandez, Signe Pierce and many more.

Artist(s) in Focus, Exhibition Reviews, Interviews | Sabrina Möller
On the occasion of her exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien, Camille Henrot talks about art's relationship with life, politics, culture and our own selves.
Interviews | Sabrina Möller
How can the paintings by Old Masters relate to the contemporary artworks and, for instance, Instagram culture? Sabrina Moeller talks to Holger Liebs.
Artist(s) in Focus, Interviews | Sabrina Möller
Sabrina Moeller talks to Lindsay Lawson about the curious relationship between humans and inanimate objects as well as her show at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer.