Steffi Schneider

Steffi Schneider lives as a freelance journalist and author in Berlin, studied art, literature and culture journalism in Gießen and Berlin.

Exhibition Announcements, Exhibition Reviews | Steffi Schneider
In her latest exhibition of minimalistic conceptual artworks, Adrian Piper has the visitors of Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin sign contracts - with themselves
Socially Engaged Art | Steffi Schneider
Trump’s election shook the art world and pushed artists to create works that address directly the problematic reality of post-US presidential elections.
Exhibition Announcements, Exhibition Reviews | Steffi Schneider
At CO Berlin, contemporary artists explore what it's like to be constantly watched and how modern day society responds to it. A review by Steffi Schneider.
Exhibition Reviews | Steffi Schneider
Inside an exhibition entitled Jaguars and Electric Eels at the Julia Stoschek Collection in Berlin, where masters of video installation show their works.