Tatiana Volkova

When Crimea was annexed by The Russian Federation in 2014, many artists reacted. In her latest column, Tatiana Volkova examines their works.
Socially Engaged Art | Tatiana Volkova
With more than 300 women dying from the hands of husbands or other relatives a year in Russia, artists and activists take a stand and raise awareness.
Socially Engaged Art | Tatiana Volkova
Alexey Iorsh, one of the brighter figures in the field of social graph, is an artist engaging in street art, as well as performances and installations.
Socially Engaged Art | Tatiana Volkova
Tatiana Volkova talks about the history and meaning of the Monstration phenomenon in Russia, an annual mass event in the form of a May Day demonstration.
Moscow and St Petersburg feminists held an unauthorized rally in the Kremlin, Russia, demanding more equality for men and women through a series of posters
In her column, Moscow-based researcher and curator Tatiana Volkova introduces the different aspects and intricacies of current protest culture in Russia.