Vera Mevorah

cinemagraph What is a Cinemagraph ?

Digital Art |

In a fast moving digital industry, there are still periods when nothing new really happens. Yet, in 2011 we got the cinemagraph and we were not nearly as impressed as we should’ve been. The last time users got an equal opportunity to create and enjoy...

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Peggy Guggenheim The Incredible Life and Collection of Peggy Guggenheim

Art History |

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection Museum is located in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni in Venice, Italy. When you walk down the Grand Canal, you can see a white stone 18th century palazzo, unique among the masterpieces of Italian architecture. This unsurpassed...

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Super Mario, photo by Matt Ley The Rise of Video Game Art

Digital Art, New Media |

One of the exciting art explorations which came out of the digital culture is video game art, an interesting form of interactive computer art based on video game designs. From the dawn of computer culture, which developed behind closed doors at MIT and...

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