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Banksy Walks Among the Visitors of Dismaland Incognito in Order to Experience the Reactions

  • theme super weston mare exhibition works seaside september culture 2015 theme new contact
  • theme super weston mare exhibition works seaside september culture
August 31, 2015
Pavle Ivanovic hides behind the pen name of Bob Lansroth as he tries to explore the boundless diversity of artists and the various ways in which they strive to escape the quotidian life. It is through the creative force within us that we must attempt to connect with one another and share our ideas with the world.

Now that the whole hype and pomp around the (in)famous Dismaland is slowly dying out (at least a little bit), let’s put our retrospective goggles on and examine for a second why and what did this attention-grabber create. After many have doubted, and even openly denied the information that Dismaland is work of Banksy, or that it even actually exists, perhaps it is safe to say that the fans of this notorious artist were pretty convinced from the start it was a concept created by their favorite street art superstar. And now, as a perpetrator of a crime would come back to the scene of the crime, so does the Bristol’s bad boy come to his own Dismaland, incognito of course, but still giving you the opportunity to run into him playing the role of an unsuspecting bystander.

2015 theme new super weston mare exhibition works seaside september contact theme culture day town 2015
Dismaland – image via

Dismaland is Telling a Tale, and Banksy Wants to Listen

So why would the author wander around Dismaland as a visitor? Perhaps it excites him to be part of the unsuspecting crowd, blending in with the audience of his unique project. Or maybe he wishes to experience the work not as the creator but as a mere witness of the finalized piece. According to the recent interview he has given, Banksy admitted he couldn’t help but feel disappointed by the public’s reaction, and that he felt like he went too far in promoting the whole thing as a sort of a rubbish playground, instead of an art installation. Well, after a roaring reaction of dissatisfied public, both online and irl, perhaps Banksy wants to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and feel the atmosphere from within the park itself.

2015 theme new super weston mare exhibition theme works seaside september contact culture day town 2015
Dismaland – image via

Does It Do Anything?

As some disappointed visitors weren’t shy about sharing their opinion on why the project was created and what it represented, many speculated with a smirk that it was an obvious jab at Disneyland, but according to the words of the artist himself, he wasn’t trying to have a go at Disney at all, furthermore, he also mentioned the fact that he loves the Let It Go song from the animated movie Frozen. What Banksy wishes is to hear what people think and how they perceive his work right from the source. After gazing at Ben Long’s sculpture displayed as a part of the installation, a lady next to Banksy in the crowd asked her husband if it did anything, referring to the actual horse sculpture, as if it was supposed to “do something” like the regular amusement park rides usually do. These sort of scenes made Banksy realize he probably took it too far with the whole repackaging of an art show into an amusement park, where people obviously expected way too much where “the branding writes a cheque that the event doesn’t cash” as the artist himself stated.

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Dismaland queue – image via

Whether a Hit or a Miss, Banksy’s Projects Remain in Focus

For another three and a half weeks (how long the park will be open), you have the chance of running into the creator himself among the art installation. Hey, after a private tour for Brad Pitt, who knows what other famous names got their interests sparked by the phenomenon of Dismaland. But, ultimately, even the creator of the ‘’bemusement park’’ feels as if the project didn’t quite strike the note he intended. Banksy retrospectively said that the element of surprise is one of the most important assets as a graffiti artist, and when people are too aware of the project (so much they line up in a queue) it loses the genuine honest reaction which cannot be evoked after so much hype and build-up. Then again, who knows what’s next in store for this mischievous, attention-grabbing artist, surely his next project will cause as much, if not even more, controversy and hype, whether he wants it or not, after all, it is Banksy we’re talking about.

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