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Banksy Stencil Appears at School Exhibition

  • Banksy Stencil Appears at School Exhibition
October 2, 2014
Bojan Marić was born in 1986. He had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Department for International Studies and Department for Cultural Studies). He is a teaching assistant on the courses Cultural Studies and Culture and Social Structure. He takes part in activities within the Center for Cultural Studies in Belgrade, such as project management, organization of cultural events and academic conferences. Currently, he is working on his Master thesis within the field of Philosophy of Culture. His favourite urban artists are Vhils, Saber, My Dog Sighs and MadC. Contact Bojan Maric via

If it happens that at some point we ask ourselves if Banksy is gone hiding somewhere, or perhaps decided to take a break, “he” resurfaces in some way or another. That’s the thing with Banksy, we can never know what the future holds, but rest assured that it’s going to be yet another unique story. An early Banksy stencil has been found recently. Guess where it was and how it had survived the test of time…

Banksy Stencil Appears at School Exhibition
An early Banksy artwork (photo copyrght Nigel Howard)

Leopard and Barcode

This artwork by Banksy is one of the artist’s earliest stencil works. It depicts a barcode on wheels with a leopard facing head on. The initial street art piece had been situated on the side of a hose in Bristol, on Pembroke Road. The same stencil was reused by Banksy to create other works which were sold at auctions. Recently, a piece was sold in Paris. One other piece, numbered 1/5 with LA inscribed on the reverse was featured at an exhibition called Existencilism, in 2002. At an auction in 2012 it fetched £ 75,650. However, the art piece from Bristol went missing from a property under construction four years ago. The work, for which is believed that had been sprayed in 1999 or 2000, has reappeared.

Banksy Stencil Appears at School Exhibition
Banksy Stencil Appears at School Exhibition

What Happened With the Piece?

This piece of Banksy artwork was brought back to the eyes of the public recently during a display at Nailsea School Somerset for an open evening. A teacher, who remains unnamed, brought the piece to the school for parents of students to be able to view it. The teacher has said that her husband had brought the piece home when he was working on a building project. As an architect at the construction site, the man recognized Banksy’s work and had inquired if he could get a permission from the owner to remove it. As the owner agreed, he spent four hours cutting the piece out. Initially, the artwork was to be painted over or destroyed, just like the rest of the site. Ever since, it had been wrapped in a blanket and kept under the couple’s bed. After the recent presentation, the piece is to be placed in a secret location. The couple plans to keep the artwork within the family, since it is an early Banksy and, as they say, “it might be a nice legacy for us to pass on to our children.”

Banksy Stencil Appears at School Exhibition
Banks, Morons