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Berliner Liste 2016 - The Largest Art Fair in Berlin

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August 29, 2016

The 13th Berliner Liste, also known as the largest art fair in Berlin, will be held from September 15th to 18th in the historical venue of famous Kraftwerk building. For over decade, the Berliner Liste’s main mission has been showcasing affordable contemporary artworks and uniting galleries and creators, so they can share their visions and initiate collaborations. This year, the biggest art fair in Germany will host 112 exhibitors from 25 countries. The visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy innovative artworks not available in traditional galleries and museums, while the exhibiting artists will be able to enjoy the exciting atmosphere and make connections with other galleries as well as art dealers. The city of Berlin itself already has an enviable reputation of Europe’s most active artistic haven which attracts many aspiring painters, illustrators, muralists, sculptors and photographers. The Berliner Liste was established in order to help both local and international individuals promote their pieces while staying budget-friendly to visitors and collectors. Over the years the fair has evolved and nowadays it is proud to host most versatile artworks, ranging from small-scale pieces to murals and even performances.

Left: Tommaso Bet - Untitled - Courtesy of Studio GR / Right: Alexandra Barth - Untitled - Courtesy of DUB Gallery
Left: Tommaso Bet – Untitled – Courtesy of Studio GR / Right: Alexandra Barth – Untitled – Courtesy of DUB Gallery

Participating Galleries and Artists

The Kraftwerk venue, the large industrial location which occupies more than 4000 sqm, is spacious enough to host numerous international and local galleries, solo artists, and groups projects. The entire venue is divided into four sections – Gallery, Artist, Photography and Urban Section, each of them having different programs and highlights. First two sections have the longest tradition and they have been developing ever since the foundation of Berliner Liste 13 years ago. This time, some of the most prominent participating institutions from Germany will be Artfein , Die Schröder-Galerie, German Pop Art Galerie, Pine Wood Fine Art and Mario Bermel & 24 Beaubourg, along with individuals such as sculptor Edvardas Racevicius, photographer Petula Girndt and Kaja El Attar, who creates imaginative abstract drawings. This section, which is the newest addition to the Berliner Liste, will be an important part of the upcoming show in September because it seeks to promote an open-minded philosophy of art, where elitism and rigidness cease to exist. This section will be curated by Guillaume Trotin, who wants to bring graffiti and street art from busy areas into the spacious venue of the Berliner Liste. When it comes to the Photography Section, it is also a relatively novel part of the fair, established four years ago as an international platform for innovative, non-traditional photographers. An author, lecturer, and photographer himself, Stefan Maria Rother will curate the selection of artworks, focusing on the most talented artists specializing in photography.

List of Exhibitors

Berliner Liste 2016 - Gallery Section

Adgang ForbudtDenmark
Apollo Art Gallery Taiwan
Art&Space 312 Republik Korea
artfein GalleryGermany
Assembly Gallery Poland
brauckmann-art The Netherlands
Bueffelfish - contemporary fine arts galleryGermany
Cell63 artgallery Germany
Die Schröder-Galerie Germany
DUB Gallery Czech Republic
Galerie Achtzig Germany
Galerie Böhner Germany
Galerie Hofkabinett Austria
Galerie Kunst am Gendarmenmarkt Germany
Galerie Nummer 40 The Netherlands
Galerie Rosemarie BassiGermany
Galleria UniqueItaly
Gallery Rembrandt The Netherlands
German Pop Art Galerie Germany
Kalashnikovv GallerySouth Africa
Kunstverein ArtinnovationAustria
la galería de guadalajara Spain
londonprintstudioUnited Kingdom
Mario Bermel & 24 BeaubourgGermany/France
Neodent GalleryCzech Republic
Pine Wood Fine Art Germany
Studio GR Italy/USA
Systema Gallery Japan
Teehausgalerie Potsdam Germany
Verein Berliner Künstler Germany
Wolfram Völcker Fine Art Germany

Berliner Liste 2016 - Photography Section

Adam GoodisonUnited Kingdom
Anabell GanskeGermany
Andrea Gregori Germany
Andrey Kezzyn Russia
Cecilia ZawadzkiGermany
Daniela Paulus Germany
Jan Künzler Germany
Johann Camut | Dagmar FriedrichGermany
Julius Gnoth Germany
Jürgen Bartenschlager Germany
Petula Girndt Germany
Philipp Artus Germany
Robert Laatz Germany
Sandvoort GalleryThe Netherlands
SET – school of entertainment and technology Germany

Berliner Liste 2016 - Urban Art Section

Doppeldenk Germany
Hendrik Czakainski Germany
Jordan Seiler USA
Lodown Magazine Germany
Open Walls Gallery Germany
OX France
Serigraffeur Germany
Thomas Marecki Germany
Urban Spree Galerie Germany

Berliner Liste 2016 - Artist Section

Alexandru Nestor Romania
Alina MelnikovaSpain
Andrea Schöning Germany
Anja StruckGermany
Anna Käse Germany
Annuska Dal Mazo Finland
Antar DayalUSA
Artemidis Germany
Astrid Echle Germany
Ayis ZitaGreece
Baback Tscharandabi Germany
Carl Smith Art Germany
Christof Hartmann Germany
Collectors Club Germany
Daniela Baumann Germany
Dimitri Dimitriadès / Eoésis France
Doris Kollmann Germany
Edvardas Racevicius Germany
EunJung Seo-Zimmermann Germany
Evdokia Kulikova Germany
Evgeny Gegouzin Israel
Freddy Reitz Germany
Gabriele Heynold Germany
Giorgi Shengelia The Netherlands
Hamacher und Reichert Germany
Hans Galliker Switzerland
Hans W. Krämer Germany
Henriette Simon Germany
Hyun Ok Kim Germany
Isterika Germany
Ivan Kostolov Germany
Jason Haufe Australia
Jaya Suberg | Georg Wachberg Germany
Jeanet Hönig Switzerland
Jürgen Haupt Spain
Kaja el Attar Germany
Kang Mu-XiangTaiwan
Kerstin Arnold Germany
Laurent Nurisso France
Lilau Germany
Luigi Caiffa Germany
Margarete Adler Germany
Marie-Lou DesmeulesSpain
Marion Pohl Germany
Markus J. Becker Germany
Martin George Australia
Medienwerkstatt BerlinGermany
Panos Famelis Greece
Pavel Guliaev Russia
Sandra van der MeulenThe Netherlands
Sol Michiels Belgium
Sonja Lefevre-Burgdorf Germany
Stale Amsterdam The Netherlands
Stefan PietschGermany
Studio Claudia FauthGermany
Thomas Koch Germany
Tobias TwillingGermany
Urban Art Cologne by Unikat 5 Germany
Urs Bumke Germany
Xavier Krilyk Germany

International Artists – Highlights of the Fair

Almost half of all the exhibitors at the Berliner Liste 2016 will be coming from abroad, such as the Kalashnikovv from South Africa, the Australian artist Martin George and South Korea’s Art&Space 312. A special highlight of this year’s program will be unique sculptures made from recycled steel cables by a Taiwanese artist Kang Mu-Xian. Furthermore, the Japanese Young Artist Group aka JYAG exhibition, curated by artist Rin Terada, will feature the works of 113 contemporary Japanese creators who combine traditional painting techniques and materials such as hand-made paper and mineral colors with modern Manga-style pop art, minimalism and digital pieces. The winner of the Terade Prize, worth 8500€, will be selected by the Berliner Liste curators and announced on September 16th at 6 pm.

Location of Berliner Liste 2016

Berliner Liste 2016 – Practical Information

The opening night kicks off at 6pm on Wednesday, September 14th, with a big party in Tresor scheduled at 10 pm. The fair will be open to the public from September 15th to 18th, 2016 while the press conference will take place on Wednesday, September 14th at 1 pm. A day ticket can be purchased at the entrance for 13 € and concessions for 9 €, both including brochures.

This year, the Berliner Liste is also delighted to announce a partnership with Absolut Vodka. The iconic bottles belonging to this particular brand have inspired many legendary creators such as Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. The Absolut Art Bar will be a unique refreshment corner at this year’s fair, designed by a Clemens Behr.

For more information about this great event to be held in September 2016, please visit the official website.

Featured images in slider: Berliner Liste 2013, Main Hall; Opening Berliner Liste 2012; Impressions Berliner Liste 2012 © Uwe Steinert; Andrey Kezzyn – Salomé – Courtesy the artist; Anook Cléonne – Untitled – Courtesy of Pinewood Fine Art; Petula Girndt –Untitled – Courtesy of the artist; Jan Künzler – Landscape 100 – Courtesy of the artist