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Berliner Liste 2016 in 41 Pictures

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  • Galerie Hofkabinett
  • Joergen Golz at Berliner Liste - photo by Stefan Maria Rother
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September 18, 2016
Deeply invested in modern and contemporary art, the Widewalls magazine aims at providing a unique experience for its readers in the form of in-depth and quality journalism.

The 2016 edition of the Berliner Liste is coming to its end and as the Kraftwerk is getting emptier, we have walked around the fair once again, talking to the exhibitors to share a part of their experience. The overall impression is that Berlin can be difficult for the art business, since people here interact in a different way. Berliner Liste, as an independent art fair, has also another approach to showing art, with its curated sections and a very large portion dedicated to individual artist booths. The diversity of the showcased art and the vast space of the venue can get a tad overwhelming to an art collectors, but our impression is that the visitors enjoyed their tours around the show.

In the Gallery Section, an overall impression is that the Berliner Liste is the place to make contacts and realize future project, rather than make hard sales. The success story of the fair might be the Pine Wood Fine Art with a secret big project down the line, while other galleries have made good connections as well.

In the Urban Art Section, both the Open Walls Gallery and the Urban Spree have made sales, but the visibility and the emerging in this type of an art fair in Berlin have remained the focus.

The success of the Artist Section title would go to the Australian sculptor Martin George, whose first visit to Berlin and the Berliner Liste resulted in sales of three pieces and a newly agreed relationship with an art dealer. We will definitely keep an eye on what this prolific artist will do next! Works by Kaja el Attar have proved themselves a popular find, while Sandra van der Meulen might have found a suitable gallery representative.

From the Photography Section, sales were achieved by Petula Girndt, Adam Goodison and Juergen Bartenschlager from our list of favorites, but the general feeling is that the photography section was among the strongest parts of the art fair.

Finally, we must admit that curating such a diverse and vast art show is most definitely a challenging task. The number of exhibitors dictates this diversity, but this is proving to be a good thing for young collectors and also young gallerists, as the Berliner Liste might be just the place to find a suitable artistic collaboration. As for the sales, the experience of the Berliner Liste has shown that if the quality and execution of the piece are at a satisfactory level, sales is bound to happen, or at least a connection which will result in fruitful collaboration afterwards.

For all who have missed this edition of the Berliner Liste, here are again the works we would recommend to collectors.

The works of Spanish artist Anton Unai on display at OPEN WALLS Gallery booth, as part of the new Urban Art Section. The gallery showed two more artists working in collages as well, those being Alias and Madame from France
OPEN WALLS Gallery director Guillaume Trotin (left) was also the curator of the debut edition of the Urban Art Section of the fair. Listen to our talk here
Abstract drawings by Kaja el Attar as part of the Artists Section. The German artist depicts tender, sensitive and sometimes flourishing fantasy world which she calls Kajaworlds
Russian artist Pavel Guliaev, inspired by masters like Hieronymus Bosch and Pre-Raphaelite painting, exhibits eerie fantasy contemporary scenery filled with symbolism at booth A 0 12
Using a variety of media and techniques, Daniela Baumann creates highly abstract artwork, usually depicted in a strict color palette of blacks, whites and reds. She has been active on the contemporary art scene for fifteen years now and this was her debut at Berliner Liste
The complex “creatures” by Romanian Alexandru Nestor, reminiscing of old times, yet evoking a sense of future. This talented individual is influenced by Dada, Steampunk and Surrealism, with an apparent love of the retro
Working with rice paper, Dutch creative Sandra van der Meulen elaborates on her Chinese background while keeping up with Western influences as well. Using shades of black only, she examines the means of personal and cultural heritage
The metal pieces coming out of walls and floors are the creation of Martin George, an Australian sculptor whose sense of humor is rather evident and entertaining. Apart from metal structures, he also incorporates elements like bowls of pretzels and basketballs into his artworks
Ida Jas and Jesper Hintze of Adgang Forbudt in front of their paintings at the 2016 Berliner Liste. The duo lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, and their mesmerizing artworks explore the concept of Restricted Area – which is what their moniker means translated from Danish, as well. Listen to our talk with the artists here
A work by Tobias Twilling, who works with a variety of materials such as plastic, metal and even taxidermy, like in this case. His art often juxtaposes items that would usually exist in different contexts, in order to form a social critique
A booth dedicated to artists Ayis Zita and Annuska Dal Mazo, exhibiting an installation and a series of photographs respectively. Both of them seem to be dealing with the topic of architecture and urban landscape, in two distinct approaches and styles
Made entirely of wood, the miniature sculptures by Edvardas Racevicius see variations of the male human figure. The woods plays an important part in texture, which the artist knew how to highlight very well
An Impressionistic painting by Hyun Ok Kim, cleverly mixing the Oriental themes with the European school of painting in radiant, vivid sceneries reminiscing of childhood
The Absolut Art Bar aka Noesis, brought to life by artist Clemens Behr for the 2016 Berliner Liste. It is designed to reflect the stark architecture of Kraftwerk venue as well as the Limited Edition by Absolut, characterized by the asymmetrically ground glass refracting lights in a spectacular way
We talked to Clemens Behr about the idea and inspiration behind the concept, which lie in the urban Brazilian cityscapes, with their concrete jungles and scattered islands of green zones
An artwork by Master Kang Mu-Xiang, made of the material used for the sculptures comes from the elevator of Taipei 101 which changes every seven years. The artist also held a very inspirational artist talk which you can listen to here
A touch up of Hendrik Czakainski‘s monumental artwork entitled 120.630. The artist had a solo presentation at URBAN SPREE Gallery and his installation was certainly one of the highlights of Berliner Liste 2016
The Booth of Urban Spree Gallery from Berlin, featuring artworks by twelve renowned artists working in graffiti and street art. Hear our talk with Pascal Feucher about their 2016 presentation at Berliner Liste
The intrinsic works of Thomas Marecki, who had his solo presentation at this year’s event. The visitors could also browse through his famous Lodown Magazine at the booth. See what the artist prepared here
Artistic duo Doppeldenk exhibiting in the Urban Art section. Their colorful pieces explore many topics and their inspiration for the exploration of popular culture seems to be inexhaustible. Check out our conversation with these eclectic artists here
The installation of over 150 pieces executed by 113 individuals from the Japanese Young Artist Group, one of the highlights of this year’s Berliner Liste. In our dedicated article, you can find the selection of artworks which left major impression on us while there
The booth of Andrey Kezzyn within the Photography Section of the fair. Through humorous portraiture, the photographer recreates historic or religious moments in a picturesque manner
Photographer Robert Laatz holding an analogue camera and standing in front of his works in booth PS 0 08. His pictures are exhibited in diptychs taken during nine journeys through the South American countries Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina
Juergen Bartenschlager works exclusively with abstract photography, its ability to exalt color and form through different processes of shooting and printing. They are usually exhibited in large format, showing off all the details and texture
At Amsterdams’s Sandvoort Gallery, photographic works of nine acclaimed artists including Saskia Boelsums, Rudi Huisman, Margot van de Stolpe and Peter Gerritsen, exploring a variety of topics in landscape, still life, portraiture
At Pine Wood Fine Art, we talked to its founder Léonie Helling about the use neon colors and shapes that normally can’t be found in nature for the purpose of painting marvellous landscapes. The booth was one of the highlights of the 2016 Galleries Section at Berliner Liste
The 2016 Berliner Liste was held from September 15th to September 18th at Kraftwerk, Berlin. Untill next time!