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Biserama's UNMASKED

  • Alexander Becherer
November 14, 2014

Alexander ‘Biserama‘ Becherer is German artist  with a repertoire of tremendously amazing sculptures and paintings. The artist uses an array of materials such as hardened polystyrene, wood and metal to shape muti-dimensional clusters of words and images with impressive size and intricacy. Biserama is detail-addicted person and artist. He creates works with many elements and levels. In the first moment the viewers eyes get’s flooded with different informations they have to sort in their head. His works are loaded with strong messages and symbolism. According to artist, ambiguity is a highly recurrent element in his works. Biserama, opened his solo show last week in the very nice spot at The Art & Business Club in Paris. The exhibition brings together his recent paintings realized especially for this occasion.

Unmasked Openning, Paris
Alexander Becherer aka Biserama at Unmasked Opening in Paris

Art & Business Club Paris

Under the title UNMASKED, Alexander Biserama Becherer presents two types of his works; those that could be defined as more classical paintings on canvas, and those you could call sculptural paintings that look like reliefs fusing 3D objects and painting. Whatever kind of support the artist chooses to express himself, we are always struck by the complexity of his composition, the cacophony of words, symbols and motifs elaborated carefully with precision and attention to details that look so incredibly realistic and dynamic, about to jump out of the canvases. We recognize a lot of well-known motifs of very different origins, ranging from consumerist culture such as coca-cola bottles and McDonald’s packaging, fashion and advertisement aesthetics, the universe of children games, technical and mechanical elements and even the occasional head of an animal. It almost looks as if every single object that constitutes our everyday life was represented there. This prolific build-up of accumulated objects and symbols covers the human face in a way that makes it impossible to reveal the identity lies behind.

Biserama -Unmasked at The Art & Business Club in Paris
Biserama -Unmasked at The Art & Business Club in Paris

The World Today

The feeling of loss of the contemporary individual in the modern world emerges from this chaos of objects spiraled out of control; the overconsumption, over-accumulation characterizing our world seems to be the main topic of his work as we can remember from his massive, detailed sculpture titled Paratropolis that brought him recognition within the contemporary art world. The recurrent motif of the skull seems like a reminiscence of the old Renaissance idea of Vanitas in Dutch and Flemish old master paintings, reminding us of the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of all wordly goods and pursuits. Though in this exhibition, it isn’t the moralizing pathos of the old masters paintings that comes across. Alexander is making a more contemporary claim when he`s arguing for a more human society.

Biserama - Circle Of Success
Biserama – Circle Of Success
Biserama - Unmasked at The Art & Business Club in Paris
Biserama – Unmasked at The Art & Business Club in Paris

Reveal the Real Human

The artist told me: “I chose the title Unmasked as the main topic of my work from the last years. It comes from the idea to put down the fake mask and to see the real human behind the mask that we all wear. It’s the link between all the works I present here. It`s not an accident if I choose to reduce the range of colours, I could even say I work only in scales of gray and black. For me, the composition and the subject are now more important than colours. I don’t need them this time, I choose this monochrome style because of the subject I treated, to point out the messy atmosphere, the feeling of being lost in this messy world where everyone is a little bit the same. And when you go back to my early work, you`ll remember that I’m coming from the typical letters graffiti, I used to apply in my graffiti every colour that was possible to find in the world. Since five years, I completely reduced the range of colours because now I want to focus more on composition and topic.

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Alexander Becherer
Biserama – Unmasked at The Art & Business Club in Paris