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Bonhams London - Prints and Multiples Auction Analysis

  • bonhams london auction analysis
June 6, 2015

A very good auction was seen at Bonhams London on the 3rd of June, 2015. Prints and Multiples Auction, although selling only 67.1 percent of offered lots, it managed to gather $352.257 and to top the sum of high estimates of sold lots for 16.6 percent. The most expensive lot was Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s Zero Energy Experimental Pile sold for $10.765, while the highest high estimate difference was achieved with the sale of Patrick Caulfield’s Sweet Bowl topping the high estimate for 625.1 percent.

Patrick Caulfield – The Originator Of Pop-Art

A simplified style combined with an astute commentary on modern life cast Patrick Caulfield as one of the originators of Pop Art in England – a label he rejected. Delving further into Caulfield’s work reveals a timeless subject matter executed with deadpan humor all contained within his characteristic solid black outlines.He adopted the anonymous techniques of sign painting, dispensing with visible brushwork and distracting detail and simplifying the representation of objects to a basic black outline in order to make them appear more iconic.

  • bonhams london auction analysis

The Overview Of Bonhams London Prints And Multiples Auction

Out of 252 lots offered at Bonhams London Prints and Multiples Auction, 169 were sold, or 67.1 percent of the lots. Fifty-nine lots, or 34.9 percent, were sold over high estimate as opposed to 16 lots, or 9.5 percent, sold under low estimate. In range of estimated values more than half of the lots were sold – 94. The highest hammer price was seen in the sale of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s piece Zero Energy Experimental Pile for $10.765. Average hammer price of the auction has settled at $2.084 and median hammer was at $3.337 (this means that the same number of lots were sold for more than $3.337 and for less than $1.384). The difference between average hammer price and median was -33.6 percent, which means that more of artwork went for the price higher than $1.384. Beside Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s lot scoring the highest hammer price, we have seen a couple of more nice digits: Patrick Caulfield’s Sweet Bowl sold for $8.919 and Yayoi Kusama‘s Pumpkin for $6.920. On the other hand, almost all of the lots from Paula Rego underperformed.

Scroll down to see the best and the worst performing lots of Bonhams London Prints and Multiples Auction.

bonhams london auction analysis
Patrick Caulfield – Sweet Bowl, 1967, (lot 178) Estimated from $923 to $1.230 and sold for the second highest hammer price of $8.919. This lot achieved the best individual result of the auction with the final price of 625.1 percent over the high estimated value.
bonhams london auction analysis
Left: Sir Eduardo Paolizzi – Bash, 1971, (lot 191) Estimated from $769 to $1.076 and sold for $2.461 with 128.7 percent over the high estimate. / Right: Sir Eduardo Paolizzi – Moonstrip Empire News, 1967, (lot 197) Estimated from $2.307 to $3.076. The final price was settled at $5.382.
bonhams london auction analysis
William Joseph Kentridge – Horus, (lot 233) Estimated from $923 to $1.230 and sold for $1.845.
bonhams london auction analysis
Left: Paula Rego – Moth, 1996, (lot 213) Estimated from $923 to $1.230 and with the hammer price of $738 it achieved a negative score of 20 percent under the lov estimate. / Right: Tracey Emin – Sixteen, 2013, (lot 216) Estimated from $615 to $923. Sold for $492.
bonhams london auction analysis
Left: Paula Rego – Ecstasy, 1996, (lot 208) Estimated from $1.538 to $2.307 with the final price of $1.153. / Right: Paula Rego – Farewell, 1996, (lot 207) Estimated from $1.538 to $2.307 and sold for $769.
bonhams london auction analysis
Left: Harland Miller – Death, What’s In It For Me, 2011, (lot 229) Estimated from $923 to $1.230 And sold for $3.383 with a great score of 175 percent above the high estimate value. / Right: Jonathan Yeo – Kevin Spacey, 2000, (lot 228) Estimated from $1.230 to $1.845. The hammer price of the lot was $2.461.
bonhams london auction analysis
Yayoi Kusama – Pumpkin (green), 2000, (lot 253) Estimated from $1.230 to $1.845 and sold for $6.920 achieving a great 275.1 percent higher price than the high estimate.
  • bonhams london auction analysis

Bonhams London Prints And Multiples Auction In Details

Please, scroll down to find out more about each lot that was auctioned at Bonhams London Prints And Multiples Auction – find out their estimated values, hammer prices and find out which lots weren’t sold.

Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1Various ArtistsGroup of Old Master and Decorative Prints615923738-2020
2Rembrandt Harmensz van RijnThe Circumcision in the stable1,5382,3071,384-40-10
3Constantijn Daniel van RenesseViolin-Player in the Open Air7691,076692-35.7-10
4Albrecht DürerSt Bartholomew unframed9231,2301,46118.858.3
5Adriaen Jansz. van OstadeThe Dance at the Inn unframed615923308-66.6-49.9
6Various artistsFour Nineteen Century French and English Prints7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
7Augustus Edwin John O.M.Pyramus and Thisbe 3 unframed7691,076846-21.410
8Augustus Edwin John O.M.Self Portrait 29231,2301,230033.3
9Augustus Edwin John O.M.La Gravida 3 unframed1,0761,5381,076-300
10Augustus Edwin John O.M.Self portrait7691,2301,000-18.730
11Augustus Edwin John O.M.Nude girl with an urn 4 unframed9231,230923-250
12Augustus Edwin John O.M.Lady with a necklace 3 unframed9231,2302,15375133.3
13Augustus Edwin John O.M.Charles Felix Slade 4 unframed9231,2301,38412.549.9
14Eric GillA Collection 9 unframed1,5382,3071,845-2020
15Eric GillA Collection 9 unframed1,0761,538Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
16Eric GillA Collection 8 unframed1,0761,538Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
17Eric GillA Collection 6 unframed7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
18Eric GillA Collection 12 unframed7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
19Eric GillA Collection 9 unframed9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
20Eric GillA Collection 7 unframed9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
21Eric GillA Collection 17 unframed1,5382,307Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
22Eric GillA Collection 56 unframed1,5382,307Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
23Elyse Ashe LordThe Instruction; Before the dance; The Dance; After the Dance1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
24Dame Laura Knight RA, RWSFootlights1,5382,3071,845-2020
25Cyril Edward PowerChurch of the Holy Sepulchre, Cambridge7691,076692-35.7-10
26Jacob KramerThe Philosopher7691,0761,46135.890
27Gerald Leslie BrockhurstLe Casaquinde Laine (Anais)7691,0761,000-7.130
28Christopher Richard Wynne NevinsonColumn on the March1,5382,3072,153-6.740
29Eric William RaviliousSandstorm1,2301,8451,384-2512.5
30After William Scott R.A.Night Convoy, From the Anthology of Soldiers Verse461769Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
31John Buckland-WrightA Collection 6 unframed2,3073,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
32Sir Stanley Spencer R.A.The Marriage at Cana9231,2302,922137.6216.6
33Henry Moore O.M., C.H.Sculptures, Dark Interior7691,076769-28.50
34Henry Moore O.M., C.H.7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
35Henry Moore O.M., C.H.Mother and Child XXVII1,2301,8451,538-16.625
36Edward ArdizzoneThe Bus Stop615923646-305
37Stanley William HayterAbout Boats7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
38Edward Bawden R.A.The Daw in Borrowed Feathers1,5382,3072,153-6.740
39Edward Bawden R.A.Life Guards, from the Coronation Suite1,0761,5384,306180300.2
40Mary PotterThe Thames at Chiswick unframed6159231,38449.9125
41Dame Elisabeth Frink R.A.Reclining Horse9231,230923-250
42Dame Elisabeth Frink R.A.Corrida V9231,230923-250
43Dame Elisabeth Frink R.A.Rejoneadora II9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
44Dame Elisabeth Frink R.A.Horse and Rider9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
45Dame Elisabeth Frink R.A.Horse, from Images Series9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
46Dame Elisabeth Frink R.A.Spinning Man V & VI 2 unframed1,0761,538Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
47Dame Elisabeth Frink R.A.The Odyssey 124,6137,689Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
48Dame Elisabeth Frink R.A.Panther1,5382,3072,153-6.740
49Dame Elisabeth Frink RACanterbury Tales II 191,5382,3071,538-33.30
50John Piper C.H.Wightwick Manor9231,230923-250
51John Piper C.H.Eastnor Castle, Hereford9231,2301,076-12.516.6
52John Piper C.H.Terrace with Morning Glories7691,0761,076039.9
53John Piper C.H.Caernarvon Castle II1,0761,3841,5078.940.1
54John Piper C.H.Avencroft Museum1,0761,3841,000-27.7-7.1
55John Piper C.H.St Germain-de-L'Ivret unframed1,0761,5381,307-1521.5
56John Piper C.H.Stokesay Castle1,5382,3071,538-33.30
57John Piper C.H.Death in Venice VIII1,2301,8452,15316.775
58John Piper C.H.Westminster School I and II 21,5382,3071,845-2020
59Julian Trevelyan R.A.St James Park unframed7691,076692-35.7-10
60Julian Trevelyan R.A.Villa Joyosa7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
61Julian Trevelyan R.A.Ankole Cattle7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
62Julian Trevelyan R.A.Henley Regatta615923769-16.725
63John Hoyland RAUntitled1,0761,538Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
64John Bellany CBE RA HRSA LLD(Lon)A Collection9231,230923-250
65John Bellany CBE RA HRSA LLD(Lon)Five plates, from The Bellany Sextet 4 unframed 51,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
66John Hoyland RABlues, Reds7691,0761,38428.680
67Sandra Blow R.A.Borderline615923738-2020
68Sandra Blow R.A.Orange and Red Facets615923692-2512.5
69Sandra Blow R.A.Squares in Orbit (White Square with Oval Forms)6159231,07616.675
70Sir Terry Frost R.A.Spiral for Sun9231,2301,076-12.516.6
71Sir Terry Frost R.A.Three for Two9231,2301,076-12.516.6
72Sir Terry Frost R.A.Swing on Blue9231,2301,153-6.324.9
73Sir Terry Frost R.A.Small Yellow Timberaine7691,0761,1537.249.9
74Sir Terry Frost R.A.Sun Tree1,5382,3071,538-33.30
75Sir Terry Frost R.A.Colour Rhythm Newlyn unframed9231,230923-250
76Sir Terry Frost R.A.Red, Yellow and Black unframed1,0761,5381,538042.9
77Sir Terry Frost R.A.Sundrops unframed9231,230923-250
78Sir Terry Frost R.A.Untitled (Quay)7691,0764,613328.7499.9
79Sir Terry Frost R.A.Newlyn Rhythm7691,0761,000-7.130
80Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Crime Lake1,0761,5383,383120214.4
81Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Our Town3,0764,6136,15133.3100
82Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Ferry Boats1,2301,8454,613150275
83Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.View of a Town1,5382,3074,30686.6180
84Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Berwick-upon-Tweed2,3073,0766,459110180
85Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.The Beach; Deal1,2301,8454,921166.7300.1
86Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Peel Park, Salford7691,0764,306300.2459.9
87Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Group of Children1,0761,5384,306180300.2
88Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Three men and a cat1,2301,8452,3072587.6
89Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.The Family1,2301,8454,152125237.6
90Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.People standing about1,2301,8451,9998.362.5
91Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Berwick-upon-Tweed3,0764,6136,45940110
92Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Mrs Swindell's Picture1,2301,8454,306133.4250.1
93Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Street scene near a factory1,2301,8454,306133.4250.1
94Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Huddersfield2,3073,8455,84452153.3
95Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.View of a Town1,5382,3074,30686.6180
96Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.Landscape with farm buildings9231,2302,614112.5183.2
97Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A.The Football Match1,5382,3074,30686.6180
98Graham Sutherland O.M.Owl (rose ground)7691,076769-28.50
99Graham Sutherland O.M.The Sick Duck7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
100Graham Sutherland O.M.Cynocephalus7691,076769-28.50
101Victor Pasmore R.A.The Image in Search of itself 11 folio2,3073,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
102Victor Pasmore R.A.Untilted 81,0761,384Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
103Victor Pasmore R.A.Points of Contact No.227691,0761,000-7.130
104Victor Pasmore R.A.Green Darkness9231,2301,076-12.516.6
105Raoul DufyUnitled (View from a window)1,2301,8451,230-33.30
106After Raoul DufyThree colour lithographic posters 3 unframed7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
107Raoul DufyLa Peche, from Quatre Bois1,5382,3071,384-40-10
108Raoul DufySix Baigneuses615923Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
109Käthe KollwitzBeim Dengeln1,5382,3071,692-26.710
110Pierre BonnardLe Bain (deuxième planche)7691,0761,000-7.130
111George GroszGirl and Her Lovers1,2301,8451,9998.362.5
112George GroszTwo Men in a Room1,5382,3071,538-33.30
113George GroszNobody Cares About Them1,2301,8451,692-8.337.6
114George GroszBeauty Contest in the Motzstrasse1,2301,8452,76850125
115George GroszTenement, Four Flights Up1,0761,538Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
116George GroszApaches, from Ecce Homo1,0761,5381,076-300
117After Maurice UtrilloMontmartre; Le Lapin Agile, from Montmartre vécu par Utrillo 2 unframed7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
118Henri MatissePlate 14 from Visages - Quatorze Lithographies1,2301,8451,230-33.30
119After Henri MatisseThe Sculpture of Matisse - The Tate Gallery9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
120Henri MatisseRepos du Modele1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
121Henri MatisseThe Dancer, from the Schools Prints European Series7691,076769-28.50
122After Pablo PicassoFour colour lithographic posters 4 unframed7691,076769-28.50
123Pablo PicassoLithographe I-IV3,0764,613Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
124Pablo PicassoA Los Toros2,3073,0763,8452566.7
125Various ArtistsVerve, Vol.VII, No.27-28 1,2301,8451,384-2512.5
126Various ArtistsFour Modern French Prints 4 unframed9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
127Various ArtistsA Collection of Modern Continental Prints 5 unframed1,0761,538Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
128Marc ChagallDerrière le Miroir, Number 1327691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
129Marc ChagallDerrière le Miroir, Numbers 147,182,198,2257691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
130Marc ChagallJerusalem Windows7691,076769-28.50
131Marc ChagallLithographe I-IV2,7683,3833,84513.738.9
132Marc ChagallElégie des Alizés7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
133Marc ChagallFrontispiece, from The Story of Exodus2,3073,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
134After Marc ChagallRomeo and Juliet1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
135After Marc ChagallFour colour lithographic posters 4 unframed7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
136Joan MiróTwo plates, from Ubu Roi 2 unframed461769461-40.10
137Joan MiróPlate XXI, from Ubu Roi3,8455,3823,845-28.60
138Joan MiróLe Chien Bleu7,68910,7658,458-21.410
139Man RayLa Poire d'Erik Satie9231,2301,46118.858.3
140Max ErnstHibou (Eule)1,8452,768Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
141Salvador DaliFemmes Poules, from Faust1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
142Salvador DaliRaphael: Le Mariage de la Vierge1,0761,5381,153-257.2
143Serge PoliakoffComposition in grey, yellow, red and blue7691,0761,000-7.130
144After Wassily KandinskyA small collection 3 unframed7691,076769-28.50
145Jean FautrierSweet Baby9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
146Jean FautrierOtage violet9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
147Jean-Michel AtlanLes Hésperides7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
148Various ArtistsA Collection1,2301,8451,230-33.30
149Mimmo PaladinoUntitled7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
150Mimmo PaladinoSale; Pane and Calce1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
151Antoni TàpiesSenanque II9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
152Antoni TàpiesFour lithographs1,5382,307Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
153Various ArtistsA Collection1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
154Charles JeanneretTaurus9231,2303,845212.6316.6
155Charles JeanneretMask and Pine Cone7691,0762,461128.7220
156Charles JeanneretPortrait2,3073,0764,61350100
157Charles JeanneretFour sheets from Cinq Femmes1,5382,3075,382133.3249.9
158CorneilleLe paradis terrestre1,5382,3071,999-13.430
159Victor VasarelyIon 8 unframed1,5382,3071,384-40-10
160Various ArtistsFour COBRA Prints 4 unframed1,2301,8451,076-41.7-12.5
161Sonia DelaunayRose des Ventes9231,2302,768125199.9
162Sonia DelaunayUntitled9231,2302,461100.1166.6
163Sonia DelaunayA pair of lithographs1,2301,8453,845108.4212.6
164Sonia DelaunayUntitled, from La Mysticite Charnelle de Rene Crevel7691,076769-28.50
165Sonia DelaunayContrasties unframed9231,2302,614112.5183.2
166Sonia DelaunayUntitled9231,2302,15375133.3
167Sonia DelaunayUntitled unframed9231,2302,461100.1166.6
168Jörg ImmendorffAlles was ihr bekommt von mir1,8452,768Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
169Alain JacquetA collection 5 unframed3,0764,613Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
170Francesco ClementeSelf Portrait unframed1,0761,5381,153-257.2
171Sigmar PolkeKunstler Kampfen and1,0761,538Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
172Sir Peter BlakeW is for Wrestlers; Z is for Zebra, from Alphabet 2 unframed9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
173Sir Peter BlakeQ is for Quarters; S is for Sumo; Y is for Yacht, from Alphabet 3 unframed1,5382,307Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
174Sir Peter BlakeThe Beatles 19629231,230923-250
175Sir Peter BlakePenny Black; Ebony Tarzan, from the Wrestlers Suite1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
176Sir Peter BlakeLucky Strike4,6137,6896,151-2033.3
177Patrick CaulfieldOccasional table9231,230923-250
178Patrick CaulfieldSweet Bowl unframed9231,2308,919625.1866.3
179Richard HamiltonFive Tyres Abandoned 2 unframed615923923050.1
180Reg ButlerFigure in Space7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
181Michael Craig-MartinOrder of Appearance1,8452,768Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
182Allen Jones RATable Talk, from Para Adultos9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
183Allen Jones RAThe Pianist461769Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
184Allen Jones RAWays & Means 30 folio3,0764,6133,076-33.30
185Kenneth MartinRotation 'Frankfurt' III 21,2301,8451,307-29.26.3
186Ivor Abrahams RAA Collection 4 unframed7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
187Richard SmithOver the edge & Burning Bridges 2 unframed461769461-40.10
188Sir Howard HodgkinAlexander Street9231,230846-31.2-8.3
189Josef Herman RASong of the Migrant Bird3,0764,6133,383-26.710
190John WellsUntitled7691,076846-21.410
191Sir Eduardo PaolozziB.A.S.H (orange, dark pink and blue-grey) 3 unframed7691,0762,461128.7220
192Sir Eduardo PaolozziDuck Farm9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
193Sir Eduardo PaolozziStudies for Turing1,2301,8451,384-2512.5
194Sir Eduardo PaolozziCartoon for Tapestry9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
195Sir Eduardo PaolozziA Collection7691,0761,000-7.130
196Sir Eduardo PaolozziGeneral Dynamic F.U.N.1,5382,3071,538-33.30
197Sir Eduardo PaolozziMoonstrips Empire News 100 folio2,3073,0765,38275133.3
198Sir Eduardo PaolozziSix Plates from Calcium Light Night 6 unframed2,3073,0762,461-206.7
199Sir Eduardo PaolozziZero Energy Experimental Pile1,5382,30710,765366.6599.9
200Sir Eduardo PaolozziThree presentation samples for Tottenham Court Road Station mosaic designs9231,2301,000-18.78.3
201Sir Eduardo PaolozziA collection of Plaster works7691,076846-21.410
202Sir Eduardo PaolozziA collection of Plaster Works1,2301,8451,230-33.30
203David HockneyPortrait of Felix Mann9231,2301,3076.341.6
204David HockneyA moving still life, from The Blue Guitar1,5382,3071,538-33.30
205David HockneyIn Despair, from Illustrations for Fourteen poems from C.P. Cavafy1,5382,3071,538-33.30
206David HockneyChina Diary1,0761,5381,000-35-7.1
207Paula RegoFarewell1,5382,307769-66.7-50
208Paula RegoEcstasy1,5382,3071,153-50-25
209Paula RegoMist II9231,230769-37.5-16.7
210Paula RegoUp the Tree7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
211Paula RegoMr Rochester7691,076846-21.410
212Paula RegoThe Keeper7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
213Paula RegoMoth9231,230738-40-20
214Tracey EminThe Kiss7691,0761,23014.359.9
215Tracey EminExploration of the Soul1,0761,5381,076-300
216Tracey EminSixteen615923492-46.7-20
217Tracey EminTattoo7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
218Damien HirstFor the Love of God, Believe9231,2301,076-12.516.6
219Damien HirstThe Complete Spot Paintings, 1986-20111,5382,3072,92226.790
220Damien HirstHo Ho Ho!2,3073,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
221Jake & Dinos ChapmanExplaining Christians to Dinosaurs9231,2301,000-18.78.3
222Jake & Dinos ChapmanThe Birth of Ideas7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
223Jake & Dinos ChapmanBunny Dreams7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
224Antony Gormley RABearing Light VI1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
225Antony Gormley RASteel Chunk7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
226Andy GoldsworthyTorn Stone1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
227Chris OfiliAfro Harlem Muses3,0764,613Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
228Jonathan YeoKevin Spacey as Richard III unframed1,2301,8452,46133.4100.1
229Harland MillerDeath, Whats in it for Me?9231,2303,383175266.5
230Anish Kapoor CBE RAA Vase2,3073,0762,307-250
231Anish Kapoor CBE RAUntitled, for Glyndebourne1,2301,845Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
232Peter DoigFisherman unframed1,0761,5381,076-300
233William Joseph KentridgeHorus9231,2301,8455099.9
234Marlene DumasCouples1,8452,768Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
235Marlene DumasAlan Turing2,3073,0762,307-250
236Gillian Ayres O.B.E., R.A.Sikar II1,5382,3071,538-33.30
237Robert RauschenbergPromise1,5382,307Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
238Georg BaselitzZweimal Bruno2,3073,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
239Robert IndianaHigh Ball Red Ball Manifest9231,2301,000-18.78.3
240Robert IndianaPicasso9231,2301,076-12.516.6
241Joe Tilson R.A.Ziggurat; Ziggurat 69231,230923-250
242Jim DineOne plate, from Dutch Hearts1,5382,307Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
243Jim DineOne plate, from Dutch Hearts1,5382,307Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
244Jim DineMulticoloured Robe (for Seoul)9231,230923-250
245R. B. KitajDisciple of Bernstein and Kautsky7691,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
246R. B. KitajYaller Bird7691,0761,38428.680
247Sarah MorrisFreemont Street Experience1,2301,8451,230-33.30
248Sarah MorrisRings1,2301,8451,230-33.30
249Ger Van ElkAdieu, a double perspective 3 unframed9231,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
250Ai WeiweiSerpentine Gallery Pavilion unframed2,3073,076Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
251Louise BourgeoisSpirales2,3073,8455,84452153.3
252Yayoi KusamaPumpkin (Green)1,2301,8456,920275.1462.6
TOTAL (Sold lots):210,075302,160352,25716.667.7
Total number of lots:252
Number of sold lots:169
Sold lots [%]:67.1
Total [$]:352,257
Number of sold lots over high estimate:59
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:23.4
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:34.9
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:94
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:55.6
Number of sold lots under low estimate:16
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:9.5
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:30.6
Max Hammer [$]:10,765
Average Hammer [$]:2,084
Median Hammer [$]:1,384
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-33.6

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All images are courtesy of Bonhams London.