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Oneiric Works by Brandon Boyd in Exhibition Hosted by Andenken at Kallenbach Gallery

  • brandon boyd exhibition
March 13, 2016
Alias of Ksenija Pantelić

Whatever keeps us in the present moment is something that must be celebrated. The chaos of the overwhelming demand to be omnipresent seems to influence the collective disillusions. Both music and art, keep the multimedia artist, Brandon Boyd grounded and force him to be in the ‘now’. Brandon Boyd’s new exhibition Heart of Gold, hosted by Andenken gallery at Kallenbach Gallery, showcases the artist’s love affair with the watercolor. The transparency of the medium, the lightness of the images, transcends the viewer to Boyd’s world of travel, art, and music.

brandon boyd exhibition
Brandon Boyd – Terrestrials

The Water

Water is the uncontrollable natural force. The ocean, a great teacher, its waves and the surrounding sand, are all important to Brandon Boyd. Feeling blessed to start his days with surf, this love for the uncontrollable, yet more forgiving in a sense, could be found with the choice of the ink and watercolor that the artist uses. The ink allows the mistakes to happen. It allows the use of the mistake. Similar to music, the mistakes, the process, demand that the artist is in the moment and not to think about where he will end up. This freedom and surrender to the different elements, allow for the possible catharsis through art that is very important to Boyd. Seeing his art as an extinction of himself, his images introduce to us Boyd’s life and images around him. The images, at the same time recognizable, have a certain mystical power. The transparency and lightness created with the use of watercolor seem to suggest that the images on show are of a dream-like world.

brandon boyd exhibition
Left: Brandon Boyd – Judy Gloom / Right: Brandon Boyd – Shock – Rah

On the Road

The travelling-kit always contains a sketchbook, watercolors, brushes, and an accompanying camera. Often on the road with his band, Incubus, Boyd manages to find the balance and allows the moment, the event, to decide what medium for his expression should be used. Surrendering his ego and allowing for the medium to speak, allows for the art to come through. The beautiful women, often depicted in Boyd’s drawings and paintings, are powerful, erotic and sexual yet that is just a first glance and a surface. With an ornament decoration around her neck, resembling the ornament of art deco, a certain symbolic quality is added on. The woman now could be viewed to represent a warrior, a modern day princess. The women in Boyd’s paintings are not afraid to return the look back to the viewer. The look, a silent stare, seems to invite and provoke to an extent as well.

brandon boyd exhibition
Left: Brandon Boyd – Heart Of Gold / Right: Brandon Boyd – Poncho

Brandon Boyd exhibition hosted/curated by Andenken Gallery at Kallenbach Gallery

For the first time, hosted by Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam will get a chance to see Brandon Boyd’s art. His new series of erotic mix media paintings Heart of Gold will be on view at Kallenbach Gallery from March 12 – March 30th, 2016. The artist will be in attendance for the closing party, March 25th from 6 – 9 pm and the next day, at the American Book Center there will be a book signing and a print release of Brandon Boyd’s book, March 26th from 3 – 5 pm.

Celebrated as both musician and visual artist, Brandon Boyd is a multimedia artist whose love for the creative world could not be questioned. Celebrated in both fields, Boyd is also an author of three books: White Fluffy Clouds (2003), From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss (2007), and most recent, So The Echo (2013). The books, music, and art, are all road maps to Boyd’s life and sketches of his energy and spirit.

All images courtesy of Andenken gallery and the artist. Featured image in slider: Brandon Boyd – Eh Sex 70.