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Decoding Rammellzee and Street Art Today - Carlo McCormick in an Interview

  • Carlo McCormick
July 7, 2018
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

It’s not who, but what.

This summer in New York, there is a big exhibition, organized by Red Bull Arts New York and co-curated by Carlo McCormick, on view under this very statement, and it relates to a certain legend of the 1980s art scene of the city.

Indeed, RAMMΣLLZΣΣ created many personas and could not be linked to just one genre, one medium, one anything. He was everywhere and everything, and today his art carries value on an even deeper level, perhaps.

Who better to comment on the influence of RAMMΣLLZΣΣ than one of the most prominent art critics, curators, teachers and writers of our time? Having been around for many decades, Carlo McCormick knows the scene to its core, so for me it was the utmost pleasure to talk about this phenomenal show, and about other issues, facts and even anecdotes that are happening in the world of (street) art as we speak.

But apart from the RAMMΣLLZΣΣ exhibition, we tackled Banksy’s recent “confession” on Instagram, as well as Shepard Fairey’s latest show titled Salad Days, focusing on the artist’s early years.

Take a listen below!

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RAMMΣLLZΣΣ as ‘Crux the Monk’, July 2002. Photography by Keetja .Allard
RAMMΣLLZΣΣ as ‘Crux the Monk’, July 2002. Photography by Keetja Allard
Walker Evans - Truck and Sign, 1928-30
Walker Evans – Truck and Sign, 1928-30. Gelatin silver print, 5 3/8 x 9 3/16″ (13.7 x 23.3 cm). © 2018 Walker Evans Archive, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Courtesy Carlo McCormick
Ernest Zacharevic - SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society), Indonesia 2018
Ernest Zacharevic – SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society), Indonesia 2018. Courtesy Carlo McCormick
Jenny Holzer Times Square 1993
Jenny Holzer – Times Square, 1993. Courtesy Carlo McCormick

Featured image: Carlo McCormick, courtesy Carlo McCormick.