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Christie's: Asian And Western 20th Century & Contemporary Art Auction Analysis

  • Christie's Shanghai
  • Christie's Shanghai
  • Christie's Shanghai
April 27, 2015

Almost perfect auction has taken place at Christie’s in Shanghai on Saturday, April 25. Asian And Western 20th Century & Contemporary Art auction has produced an incredible rate of sold lots – 74 of 84, or 88.1 percent of total number. Just three lots were sold under low estimate (4.1 percent of sold lots). Total of 27 lots were sold over high estimate (32.1 percent of total lots, or 36.5 percent of sold lots), and most lots have been sold in range of estimated values, 44, or 59.5 percent of sold lots. Total of 74 sold lots were sold for $10.09 million, or just -8.3 percent lower than the sum of high estimates for sold lots. These $10.09 million also was for $371,000 higher than the sum of low estimates for sold lots (+40.5 percent difference). Young Chinese artist Jia Aili was the star of Christie’s: Asian And Western 20th Century & Contemporary Art auction at Shanghai, as his work Nameless Days 2 was sold for more than one tenth of total $10.09 million. Li Jin’sLiu Wei’s, and Li Huayi’s works also stood out in Shanghai.

  • Christie's Shanghai

The Best Individual Results at Christie's: Asian And Western 20th Century & Contemporary Art

Jia Aili and his Nameless Days 2 had the highest hammer price of the auction – it was estimated at $1,016,940 – $1,501,197, and it was sold for $1,259,068. Li Jin’s Two Butterflies had a great sale, as it has more than doubled its high estimate – it was estimated at $193,703 – $355,122, and was sold for $799,024, or with +125 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate. Liu Wei’s Business Man went for low estimate ($451,973), and ten works by Andy Warhol, Endangered Species, changed hands for $419,689. Another Liu Wei’s work, Purple Air, did better than the previous one, in terms of difference between hammer price and high estimate, as it was estimated at $129,135 – $290,554, and was sold for $387,406. Tom Wesselmann’s Bedroom Nude Doodle (3-D) was one of just three lots that went for under low estimate ($403,548 – $597,250, sold for $371,264). Li Huayi’s A Strange Mountain was sold for low estimate ($322,838), Xiaofei Qiu’s We Know Our Heavy Darkness went for $242,129, while Danqing Chen’s The Disintegration of Caravaggio No2, Jiang Xu’s Great Beijing: Drum and Bell Tower I and Chunya Zhou’s Flowers were sold for $225,987 each. Marc Quinn’s Under the Volcano, Soufrire Hills was sold for $209,845, and that was the last lot that went for more than $200,000.

  • Christie's Shanghai

Highs and Lows of Christie's: Asian And Western 20th Century & Contemporary Art

When we talk about exceeded expectations, Dexin Gu’s work Aliens had the biggest difference between hammer price and high estimate – it was estimated at $2,906 – $4,035, and was sold for $25,827 or with whooping +540.1 percent difference. Zhou Changjiang’s Complementation 992 was estimated at $9,685 – $19,370, and was sold for $96,851, or with +400 percent difference. Liang Quan’s Untitled had the same estimated value as Changjiang’s work, and was sold for $75,867 (+291.7 percent difference). André Brasilier’s L’étang le soir was sold for $193,703, or with +144.9 percent difference, Li Jin’s Two Butterflies changed hands for $799,024 (+125 percent difference), and Peng Wei’s A Spring Scene (sold for $193,703) and Fan Shen’s 1991-M-3 (sold for $25,827) doubled its high estimate (+100 percent difference). The only three lots that were sold under low estimate were mmentioned Tom Wesselmann’s Bedroom Nude Doodle (3-D) (-8 percent difference between hammer price and low estimate), Jiang Xu’s Great Beijing: Drum and Bell Tower I (-12.5 percent difference) and Shao Fan’s Untitled (-13.3 percent difference). The highest estimated lots that weren’t sold were Qiu Deshu’s Fissuring – The Reflection of Mountain (estimated at $80,710 – $161,419), Xuan Ai’s Late Winter at Zoige Plateau (estimated at $129,135 – $258,270) and Kazuo Shiraga’s Untitled (more Mondrian colours) was the highest priced lot that wasn’t sold (estimated at $193,703 – $290,554).

Please, scroll down to find out detailed info on every lot auctioned at Christie’s Shanghai.

  • Christie's Shanghai

Christie's: Asian And Western 20th Century & Contemporary Art in Details

Total number of lots:84
Number of sold lots:74
Sold lots [%]:88.1
Number of sold lots over high estimate:27
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:32.1
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:36.5
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:44
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:59.5
Number of sold lots under low estimate:3
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:4.1
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:35.3
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
101Yayoi KusamaRed Pumpkin298634842648426062.2
102Yayoi KusamaNebula96851145277129135-11.133.3
103CHEN FEILittle Cool8071129142421387.5200
104Ouyang ChunDeep Ocean Creatures25827484265488213.3112.5
105Xue FengTransform - 2193704035538741-4100
106Yujun ChenAsian Territories - 52 m? No20090919322844842645197-6.740
107Hongtao TuOverlooking the Turbulent Clouds6456812913588780-31.337.5
108André BrasilierL'étang le soir5972579095193703144.9224.3
109Bernard BuffetLe Clown Jojo11945017756124212936.4102.7
110Danqing ChenThe Disintegration of Caravaggio No212913519370322598716.775
111Xuan AiLate Winter at Zoige Plateau129135258270Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
112Masaru ShichinoheA Red Star and a Brass Ball16142322843874120140
113Kazuo ShiragaUntitled (more Mondrian colours)193703290554Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
114Pablo PicassoGrand vase aux danseurs397091597250403548-32.41.6
115Marc ChagallLe buisson rose387406451973419689-7.18.3
116Hao LiangButterfly City129135258270153348-40.618.8
117Liu WeiPurple Air12913529055438740633.3200
118Jia AiliNameless Days 2101694015011971259068-16.123.8
119Xiaofei QiuWe Know Our Heavy Darkness161419290554242129-16.750
120Wang GuangleCoffin Paints 110409129135290554161419-44.425
121Marc QuinnUnder the Volcano, Soufrire Hills1291351937032098458.362.5
122Andy WarholEndangered Species355122451973419689-7.118.2
123Pablo PicassoTête d'homme298625397091306696-22.82.7
124Salvador DaliDance of Time I298625597250355122-40.518.9
125Chunya ZhouBrotherhood726399685172639-250
126Chunya ZhouFlowers11299314527722598755.6100
127Tom WesselmannBedroom Nude Doodle (3-D)403548597250371264-37.8-8
128Wei LiuBusiness Man451973613392451973-26.30
129Wang XingweiUntitled (Panda and Penguins)403557263945197-37.812
130Youhan YuXian Ruo Pavilion9685114527717756122.283.3
131Feng GuodongLady in front of the Curtain8071012913580710-37.50
132Xu LeiCage77481116222Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
133Li HuayiA Strange Mountain322838484257322838-33.30
134Li JinTwo Butterflies193703355122799024125312.5
135Qiu DeshuFissuring - The Reflection of Mountain80710161419Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
136Baili HeEnchanted Mountains645689685167796-305
137Baili HeCascade564977263956497-22.20
138Pan GongkaiAutumn Scene581119039574253-17.927.8
139Peng WeiA Spring Scene6456896851193703100200
140Wenda GuThe Mythos of Lost Dynasties-Form C1452824213Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
141Geng JianyiThe Window's World (A43)8071129141533518.790
142Ryozo KatoLandscape129142582719370-2550
143Yeong Geol ChoiWinter Village; & Foot Washing 21775629055Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
144Jiang XuGreat Beijing: Drum and Bell Tower I258270322838225987-30-12.5
145Yang ShangWater's Memory104922153348148505-3.241.5
146Lizi MaoReconfiguration of the Landscape451977748113720677.1203.6
147Wang XiaosongPrism355125165435512-31.30
148Dong Yoo KimGrace Kelly VS Clark Gable645689685167796-305
149Shao FanUntitled242134035520984-48-13.3
150Fan Shen1991-M-380711291425827100220
151Daishan WangGarden Series290554519745197055.6
152Xiao FangkaiScenery o Gardens Series: 1301355125165435512-31.30
153Bo ZhaoThe Desire of Forest No 5242134035529055-2820
154Sun XunClown's Revolution D64579685104928.362.5
155Jiongjiong QiuMy Dad9685145281614211.166.7
156Guo HongweiThree Fellows #21614229055Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
157Xuelian WuDreaming-696851937013721-29.241.7
158Zeng JianyongChildhood129142421324213087.5
159Yang YuThe Song of Siren9685193702421325150
160Wenxun PanGreen Lion1291425827Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
161Ji'AnNeighbour No4613399362312913537.9110.5
162Liang QuanUntitled96851937075867291.7683.3
163Chua Ek KayLotus Pond Series - Reflections of Cao290553874138741033.3
164Oe Pang TanMother and Child24213322845649775133.3
165Wang ChuanRustic Life Amidst Rocks And Springs193703551225827-27.333.3
166Chuan WangUntitled968519370Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
167Wang TiandeChinese Clothing96852582720984-18.8116.7
168Yiming WuLandscape80711291412914060
169Xuan AiTibetan Boy; Father and Daughter on Highland161422421316142-33.30
170Dexin GuAliens2906403525827540.1788.7
171Huang YongpingComposition9685145289685-33.30
172Zhu XinjianSpring Scene484380714843-400
173Zhu XinjianThe Beauty9685129142259975133.3
174Lo ChingThe Fruits in the Orchard Calling to My Name565010492Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
175Jin CaiCanna No0025129142905512914-55.60
176Zhou ChangjiangComplementation 99296851937096851400900
177Wang JieyinThe Winter Day80711291412914060
178Hao ZengJune 26, 20049685258279685-62.50
179Andy Warhol$ (1)29055484265649716.794.4
180Andy WarholMarilyn: one plate7263912913572639-43.70
181Andy WarholDetails of Renaissance Paintings (Sandro Boticelli, Birth of Venus, 1482)403556456840355-37.50
182Damien HirstAll You Need is Love12268153352098436.871
183Damien HirstPsalm: Deus, Deus meus7748106542098497170.8
184Andy WarholMuratti201772824820984-25.74
TOTAL (Sold lots):71786281099602510086270-8.340.5

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Christie's Shanghai
Xiaofei Qiu – We Know Our Heavy Darkness, 2009 (Lot 119) (Courtesy of Christie’s)
Christie's Shanghai
Xiao Fangkai – Scenery O Gardens Series, 1301, 2013 (Lot 152) (Courtesy of Christie’s)
Christie's Shanghai
Feng Guodong – Lady In Front Of The Curtain, 1979 (Lot 131) (Courtesy of Christie’s)
Christie's Shanghai
Chunya Zhou – Brotherhood, 2006 (Lot 125) (Courtesy of
Christie's Shanghai
Baili He – Cascade, 2012-14 (Lot 137) (Courtesy of Christie’s)
Christie's Shanghai
Andy Warhol – Marilyn – One Plate, 1967 (Lot 180) (Courtesy of Christie’s)
Christie's Shanghai
Andy Warhol – Endangered Species, 1983 (10 wprks) (Lot 122) (Courtesy of Christie’s)

Featured images: – Jia Aili – Nameless Days 2, 2007 (Lot 118) (Courtesy of Christie’s) – Chunya Zhou – Brotherhood, 2006 (Lot 125) (Courtesy of (detail) – Andy Warhol – Marilyn – One Plate, 1967 (Lot 180) (Courtesy of Christie’s) (detail) – Wang Chuan – Rustic Life Amidst Rocks And Springs, 1997 (Lot 165) (Courtesy of Christie’s)

Also in slider: – Feng Guodong – Lady In Front Of The Curtain, 1979 (Lot 131) (Courtesy of Christie’s) (detail) – Marc Quinn – Under The Volcano, Soufrire Hills, 2009 (Lot 121) (Courtesy of