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Christie’s – First Impressions Auction Analysis

  • Christie’s – First Impressions Auction Analysis
July 17, 2015

First Impressions auction, with quite impressive number of lots, took place at Christie’s New York, on Tuesday, July 14 2015. We witnessed some quite remarkable results. The auction gathered $1.857.150, with some solid sales that marked the evening. As expected, some of the best results were achieved during the sale of the works by Roy Lichtenstein and David Hockney. Andy Warhol’s pieces were quite popular as well.

The Big Three: Lichtenstein, Hockney and Warhol

The biggest hammer prices were seen in the sales of works by Lichtenstein, Hockney and Warhol. Roy Lichtenstein’s Bedroom was sold for $55.000. Two pieces by Andy Warhol were sold by solid price as well – San Francisco Silverspot, from Endangered Species was sold for $48.000, while Grevy’s Zebra, from Endangered Species was sold for $45.000. Finally, two David Hockney’s pieces achieved excellent results – Hotel Acatlan: Two Weeks Later, from Moving Focus and Views of Hotel Well III, from Moving Focus were sold for $32.000.

  • Christie’s – First Impressions Auction Analysis

The Overview of Christie’s – First Impressions Auction

Out of 437 lots offered at Christie’s – First Impressions Auction, 363 were sold (or 83.1 percent), which is quite good result. Exactly 27.3 percent of sold lots (more precisely 99) changed their owners for the hammer price larger than the high estimate, as opposed to 137 lots, or 37.7 percent, being sold for the price smaller than the low estimate; 127 lots (35 percent of lots) were sold in range of estimated value. Average hammer price at this auction was $5.116, while the hammer price median was $3.200. The difference between average hammer price and median was -37.5 percent.

Speaking about the most successful lots, lots that have exceeded expectations, the winners are Frank Stella’s Irving Blum Memorial Edition, from Star of Persia Series and Josef Albers’s Gray Instrumentation II k, from Gray Instrumentation II that were sold with +200 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate. We should also mention Ilya Bolotwsky ‘s Portfolio III: seven prints and Frank Stella’s Star of Peria II, from Star of Persia Series that were sold with +183.3 percent and +160 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate. On the bottom side are Rudolph Carl Gorman’s Waiting Desert Woman with -87.5 percent difference between hammer price and low estimate, followed by Marie Laurencin’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (with -86.7 percent), Louise Nevelson’s Dusk in August, from Portfolio of Nine (with -83.3 percent) and After Pablo Picasso’s Vallauris 1953 – Exhibition (with -83.3 percent).

Christie’s – First Impressions Auction Analysis
Left: Pablo Picasso – Peintre a Chevalet et Femme nue Debout (Lot 48). Estimated at $4.000-$6.000; sold for $5.250 / Right: Salvador Dali – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Lot 37 ). Estimated at $5.000-$7.000; sold for $5.000
Christie’s – First Impressions Auction Analysis
Frank Stella – Steller’s Albatross (Lot 192) . Estimated at $6.000-$8.000; sold for $8.000
Christie’s – First Impressions Auction Analysis
Andy Warhol – Jacqueline Kennedy II (Jackie II), from 11 Pop Artists II (Lot 232). Estimated at $7.000-$10.000; sold for $17.000
  • Christie’s – First Impressions Auction Analysis

Christie’s – First Impressions Auction in Details

Please, scroll down, and you will find two tables – one with the summary of the Christie’s – First Impressions Auction; the second one with detailed information on every lot auctioned at this auction.

Total number of lots:437
Number of sold lots:363
Sold lots [%]:83.1
Total [$]:1.857.150
Number of sold lots over high estimate:99
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:22.7
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:27.3
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:127
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:35
Number of sold lots under low estimate:137
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:37.7
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:33.4
Max Hammer [$]:55.000
Average Hammer [$]:5.116
Median Hammer [$]:3.200
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-37.5
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1Romare BeardenEncore for Billie6.0008.0006.500-18.88.3
2Willem De KooningThe Man and The Big Blonde5.0007.0008.50021.470
3Helen FrankenthalerWalking Rain2.0003.0002.800-6.740
4Helen FrankenthalerLa Sardana3.0005.0003.200-366.7
5Helen FrankenthalerGrey Fireworks4.0006.0008.50041.7112.5
6Andre MassonPoursuite500800550-31.310
7Jean DubuffetChamp Muet, from Spectacles 8001.200200-83.3-75
8Pablo Picasso...Autre chose que de l'enfant beau2.0003.0003.80026.790
9Jean DubuffetCercaux 'sorcellent600800200-75-66.7
10Jean DubuffetLa Botte á nique8001.200200-83.3-75
11Jean ArpMasque-Oiseau1.5002.500700-72-53.3
12Dorothea TanningVoyeurs8001.200500-58.3-37.5
13After Rene MagritteSigne de Survie au Temps d'Amour5.0007.0008.50021.470
14Joan MiroPlate III, from Libre dels sis sentits4.0006.0005.000-16.725
15Joan MiroEl Fogainer3.0005.0004.500-1050
16Joan MiroThe Illiterate - Green1.5002.5004.50080200
17Joan MiroFusées: one plate3.0005.0002.800-44-6.7
18Joan MiroLa Fille du Delta3.0005.0006.50030116.7
19Joan MiroTentacular Night1.5002.5001.600-366.7
20After Joan MiroConstellations: one plate1.0001.5003.200113.3220
21Joan MiroLe lézard aux plumes d'or: one plate4.0006.0003.500-41.7-12.5
22Joan MiroVillage d'oiseaux4.0006.0005.500-8.337.5
23Joan MiroAndré du Bouchet, La lumière de la lame; Yves Bonnefoy, Anti-platon; and Jacques Dupin, Saccades7.00010.0005.500-45-21.4
24Joan MiroLes Essències de la terra: one plate8.00012.0006.000-50-25
25Joan MiroEmehpylop4.0006.0004.800-2020
26Joan MiroOda a Joan Miró: one plate3.0005.0005.5001083.3
27Joan MiroSun Eater6.0008.0007.000-12.516.7
28Alberto GiacomettiMan Standing (Homme debout), from L'Atelier d'Alberto Giacometti5.0007.0004.000-42.9-20
29Robert LongoJonathan, from Men in the Cities7.00010.0008.500-1521.4
30Robert LongoMeryl, from Men in the Cities10.00015.00013.000-13.330
31Robert LongoMen in Cities20.00030.00026.000-13.330
32Henry MooreSeated Mother and Child2.0003.0002.200-26.710
33Henry MooreFour Mother and Child Studies1.5002.5001.100-56-26.7
34Alberto GiacomettiSeated Nude4.0006.0004.500-2512.5
35Henri MatisseJeune Fille à la Chaise-longue dans un Sous-bois6.0008.0007.000-12.516.7
36Henri MatissePasiphaé7.00010.0008.000-2014.3
37Salvador DaliAlice's Adventures in Wonderland5.0007.0004.000-42.9-20
38Yasuo KuniyoshiFour nudes (Café on the Boulevard Clichy)2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
39Marie LaurencinAlice's Adventures in Wonderland1.5002.000200-90-86.7
40Milton AveryMy Wife Sally1.5002.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
41Henri MatissePoèmes3.0005.0003.000-400
42Fernando BoteroDessins et Aquarelles: one plate4.0006.0008.00033.3100
43Philip PearlsteinNude on couch5007001.10057.1120
44Pablo PicassoFemmes se reposant, from La Suite Vollard10.00015.00010.000-33.30
45Pablo PicassoMinotaure blessé VI, from La Suite Vollard4.0006.0002.800-53.3-30
46Pablo PicassoHomme dévoilant une Femme, from La Suite Vollard8.00012.0008.500-29.26.3
47Pablo PicassoLe Portraitiste4.0006.0008.00033.3100
48Pablo PicassoPeintre à chevalet et femme nue debout4.0006.0004.200-305
49Pablo PicassoPeintre travaillant à une grande toile, près d'une sculpture sur un guéridon6.0008.0005.000-37.5-16.7
50Pablo PicassoModèle au repos dans un fauteil5.0007.0007.000040
51Pablo PicassoLe Modèle7.0009.0006.500-27.8-7.1
52Pablo PicassoPeintre en demi-figure et modèle assis en tailleur3.0005.0004.200-1640
53Pablo PicassoPeintre en demi-figure et modèle assis en taleur4.0006.0003.500-41.7-12.5
54Pablo PicassoModèle avec un peintre au second plan, from La Série 3474.0006.0004.800-2020
55Pablo PicassoLa sieste: deux femmes avec un homme et un enfant3.0005.0003.200-366.7
56Pablo PicassoScène d'intérieur; l'atelier5.0007.0003.500-50-30
57Pablo PicassoFemme au lit rêvant: hommes et femmes, from La Série 3477.0009.0005.000-44.4-28.6
58Pablo PicassoJeune fille, regardée par une vielle femme et deux hommes dont un gitan, from La Série 3477.0009.0005.000-44.4-28.6
59Pablo PicassoSculpteur travaillant à une buste de femme. II4.0006.0003.500-41.7-12.5
60Pablo PicassoRaphaël et la Fornarina IX: le pape a fait apporter son fauteuil, from Le Série 3474.0006.0004.800-2020
61David HockneyGregory with gym socks1.0001.5003.000100200
62David HockneyGregory Evans1.0001.5001.6006.760
63David HockneyYves Marie1.0001.5001.100-26.710
64David HockneyThe Marriage in Hawaii of David and Ann1.0001.500700-53.3-30
65David HockneyHouse Doodle3.0005.0002.000-60-33.3
66David HockneyCelia Amused7.00010.0005.000-50-28.6
67David HockneyThe seven stone weakling, from A Rake's Progress5.0007.0006.000-14.320
68David HockneyIllustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm1.5002.5001.400-44-6.7
69Francesco ClementeHemispheres1.5002.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
70David HockneyIan & Heinz3.0005.0006.50030116.7
71Pablo PicassoTête de Femme, de Profil, from La Suite des Saltimbanques7.00010.0007.000-300
72David HockneyHenry with cigar1.5002.5002.600473.3
73Pablo PicassoFemme au Fauteuil II: Dora Maar6.0008.0006.000-250
74Georege SegalGirl on a Chair2.0003.0003.50016.775
75George SegalSix Serigraphs3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
76After Pablo PicassoExpectation, from the Barcelona Suite 5.0007.0005.500-21.410
77After Pablo PicassoVallauris 1953 - Exhibition1.5002.500250-90-83.3
78After Pablo PicassoBacchanale10.00015.00010.000-33.30
79After Pablo PicassoImaginary Portraits: one plate1.0001.5001.8002080
80After Pablo PicassoPicasso -- Sculptures, Drawings (Cz. 129)3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
81After Pablo PicassoFaunes et Flore D'Antibes2.0003.0006.000100200
82Marc ChagallMoses' Visions7.00010.0005.500-45-21.4
83Marc ChagallBible: one plate2.5003.5003.200-8.628
84Marc ChagallBible: four prints12.00018.00010.000-44.4-16.7
85Pablo PicassoA La Toros1.5002.5002.600473.3
86Marc ChagallDe mauvais sujets12.00018.0009.000-50-25
87Henri MatisseL'Enterrement de Pierrot, from Jazz 4.0006.0005.500-8.337.5
88Alex KatzBrisk Day8.00012.00014.00016.775
89R.B. KitajA Day Book by Robert Creeley3.0005.0002.400-52-20
90Alex KatzAda and Alex6.0008.0006.000-250
91Rodney GrahamGlass of Beer (small version)2.0003.000400-86.7-80
92Larry RiversGarbo Grosman1.0001.500600-60-40
93Rudolph Carl GormanWaiting Desert Woman8001.200100-91.7-87.5
94Rudolph Carl GormanNavajo Seated Woman: one panel8001.200400-66.7-50
95Richard LindnerFive prints by the artist1.0001.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
96Gary HumeAmerican Tan XXIV1.5002.5001.400-44-6.7
97Red GroomsPicasso2.0003.0001.000-66.7-50
98Red GroomsDe Kooning Breaks Through4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
99Richard BosmanMan Overboard1.0001.5002.20046.7120
100Richard BosmanSuicide5001.000650-3530
101Elizabeth PeytonOscar and Bosie2.0003.0003.50016.775
102Elizabeth PeytonPrince Harry and Prince William1.5002.5001.200-52-20
103Elizabeth PeytonJohn2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
104Elizabeth PeytonJackie and John3.0005.0002.400-52-20
105Elizabeth PeytonWilliam3.0005.0002.400-52-20
106Francisco ZunigaMujeres Frente al Mar2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
107Miquel BarceloCyran bar - Chien1.0001.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
108MattaAimera bien qui aimera le dernier1.0001.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
109MattaLa Danse de la Mort3.0005.0003.200-366.7
110MattaPerser l'invisible5.0007.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
111Leonora CarringtonTuesday1.5002.5001.400-44-6.7
112Wilfredo LamVisible Invisible 6.0008.0009.00012.550
113Rufino TamayoHombre en la ventana3.0005.0003.800-2426.7
114Rufino TamayoProtesta3.0005.0004.000-2033.3
115Rufino TamayoNocturno2.0003.0001.900-36.7-5
116Rufino TamayoBusto en rojo3.0005.0002.600-48-13.3
117Rufino TamayoRigura en rojo3.0005.0002.800-44-6.7
118Rufino TamayoFigura sobre estuco2.0003.0001.600-46.7-20
119Rufino TamayoCabeza en rojo1.0001.5001.6006.760
120Rufino TamayoHuman Rights Universal Delcaration: three plates3.0005.0002.400-52-20
121Rufino TamayoCabeza sobre fondo azul3.0005.0004.000-2033.3
122Rufino TamayoPerfil con sombrero3.0005.0002.800-44-6.7
123Rufino TamayoPerfil3.0005.0003.800-2426.7
124Jasper Johns1st Etchings, 2nd State: one print3.0005.0005.5001083.3
125Jasper JohnsTarget4006001.10083.3175
126Jasper JohnsUntitled6.0008.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
127Robert RauschenbergTrunk, from 7 Characters5.0007.0004.000-42.9-20
128Robert RauschenbergTruth, from 7 Characters 5.0007.0004.000-42.9-20
129Louise NevelsonDusk in August, from Portfolio of Nine600800100-87.5-83.3
130Robert RauschenbergOpal Gospel2.0003.0001.700-43.3-15
131Robert RauschenbergCliché Verre1.0001.500850-43.3-15
132Robert RauschenbergTibetan Keys (Centers), from Tibetan Keys and Locks3.0005.0004.500-1050
133Jasper JohnsUntitled2.0003.0003.000050
134Robert RauschenbergFrom a Diary2.0003.0001.300-56.7-35
135Robert MotherwellHarvest with Blue Bottom2.0003.0003.50016.775
136Robert RauschenbergRabbit, from Chow Bags4.0006.0004.000-33.30
137Robert RauschenbergSketch for Monogram, from New York Collection for Stockholm Portfolio8001.200800-33.30
138Robert RauschenbergSupport1.0001.5001.100-26.710
139Robert RauschenbergArtist's Rights Today1.5002.5001.700-3213.3
140Robert RauschenbergOne more and we will be more than half way there1.5002.500900-64-40
141Robert RauschenbergWhite Walk3.0005.0003.200-366.7
142Robert RauschenbergSamarkand Stitches #II, from Samarkand Stitches20.00030.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
143Robert RauschenbergSling Shot Lit #120.00030.00016.000-46.7-20
144Claes OldenburgCrusoe Umbrella7001.0001.50050114.3
145Claes OldenburgSailboat and Hat400600400-33.30
146Claes OldenburgButter Pat in Berkley Hills1.0001.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
147Claes OldenburgLandscape with Noses7001.000500-50-28.6
148Claes OldenburgSoft Rotating Capital1.0001.5001.000-33.30
149Claes OldenburgWrist Watch Rising, from The Art Pro Choice II Print Portfolio8001.200750-37.5-6.3
150Claes OldenburgSailboat Thinking of Q500800450-43.8-10
151Claes OldenburgUntitled (Drum Set), from Notes600800650-18.88.3
152Claes OldenburgNotes20.00030.00014.000-53.3-30
153Claes OldenburgProposal for a Cathedral in the Form of a Sink Faucet for Lake Union, Seattle, Washington60080090012.550
154Claes OldenburgWoman Hanging in Imitation of the Soft Fan (Edition B)8001.2001.000-16.725
155Claes OldenburgGeometric Mouse, Scale D "Home-Made"600800250-68.8-58.3
156Claes OldenburgTea Pot4.0006.0002.800-53.3-30
157Claes OldenburgTypewriter Eraser1.0001.5001.500050
158Claes OldenburgAlaphbet in the Form of a Good Humor Bar3.0005.0002.600-48-13.3
159Claes OldenburgIce Cream Desserts, B.1.0001.5003.500133.3250
160Wayne ThiebaudThree Ice Cream Cones2.0003.0006.000100200
161Wayne ThiebaudSandwich, from Seven Still-Lifes and a Rabbit3.0005.0003.800-2426.7
162Wayne ThiebaudChocolate Cake, from Seven Still-Lifes and a Rabbit5.0007.00010.00042.9100
163Wayne ThiebaudCandy counter, from Seven Still-Lifes and a Rabbit4.0006.0004.200-305
164Wayne ThiebaudSuckers, State I5.0007.0006.000-14.320
165Wayne ThiebaudNine Candied Apples3.0005.0006.00020100
166Wayne ThiebaudBarbecue Beefs2.0003.0003.80026.790
167Wayne TheibaudTriangle Thins, from Seven Still Lifes and a Silver Landscape4.0006.0005.500-8.337.5
168Wayne ThiebaudSilver Landscape, from Seven Still Lifes and A Silver Landscape 2.0003.0003.80026.790
169Wayne ThiebaudDog1.5002.5002.200-1246.7
170Wayne ThiebaudPin Ball Machine3.0005.0004.800-460
171Wayne ThiebaudGambling Machines2.0003.0004.00033.3100
172Wayne Thiebaud[Untitled] (Storefront)1.5002.5002.200-1246.7
173Jim DineBlue3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
174Jim DineI, from The Hand-Colored Viennese Hearts3.0005.0002.400-52-20
175Robert IndianaItalian Love4.0006.0003.800-36.7-5
176Robert IndianaClassic Love4.0006.0003.200-46.7-20
177Robert IndianaTiger Love3.0005.0003.800-2426.7
178Tom WesselmannLittle Nude, from Seven Objects in a Box8.00012.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
179Tom WesselmannBig Blonde with Choker15.00025.00015.000-400
180Tom WesselmannSmoker, from An American Portrait4.0006.0005.000-16.725
181Mel RamosMiss Fruit Salad1.2001.8001.000-44.4-16.7
182William WeegeNine prints by the artist8001.200600-50-25
183Carole A. FeuermanSerena with Cap 6.0008.0005.000-37.5-16.7
184James RosenquistBloon in Warm Water1.0001.5001.300-13.330
185James RosenquistOn Stage1.0001.500800-46.7-20
186James RosenquistForehead I2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
187James RosenquistDiver's Line1.0001.500950-36.7-5
188James RosenquistWhen A Leak...2.0003.0002.200-26.710
189Frank StellaThe funeral (dome), from Moby Dick domes7.00010.0007.000-300
190James RosenquistWhere the Water Goes, from Welcome to the Water Planet 7.00010.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
191Frank StellaA Hungry Cat Ate Up the Goat, from Illustrations after El Lissitzy's Had Gadya5.0007.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
192Frank StellaSteller's Albatross6.0008.0006.000-250
193Frank StellaLibertina, from Imaginary Places6.0008.0008.5006.341.7
194Frank StellaThe Cabin, Ahab and Starbuck, from Moby Dick Engravings 5.0007.0004.200-40-16
195Frank StellaThe Quarter Deck, from The Waves II 5.0007.0009.50035.790
196David HockneyHotel Acatlan: Two Weeks Later, from Moving Focus30.00050.00032.000-366.7
197David HockneyViews of Hotel Well III, from Moving Focus 25.00035.00032.000-8.628
198David HockneyIllustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: two prints2.0003.0001.900-36.7-5
199David HockneyGold, from Illustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm8001.200950-20.818.8
200David HockneyThe Princess in Her Tower3.0005.0003.500-3016.7
201Georges BraqueThéogonie2.5003.5003.500040
202Georges BraqueOiseau sur fond de X1.0001.5001.300-13.330
203Georges BraqueThéière et pommes4.0006.0004.200-305
204After Georges BraqueL'oiseau jaune4.0006.0002.600-56.7-35
205After Fernand LegerLa Parade2.5003.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
206Marc ChagallLe Fleuve8.00012.0008.500-29.26.3
207Yozo HamaguchiOne Cherry1.2001.800Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
208Pablo PicassoFlowers in a Glass No. 71.0001.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
209After Marc ChagallLe Bouquet Enluminant Le Ciel7.00010.00011.0001057.1
210Ellsworth KellyMelon Leaf3.0005.0003.000-400
211Ellsworth KellyGrape Leave I3.0005.0009.00080200
212Ellsworth KellyLeaf VI4.0006.0004.800-2020
213Ellsworth KellyLeaf VII4.0006.0005.000-16.725
214Ellsworth KellyLeaf VIII4.0006.0004.800-2020
215Ellsworth KellyLeaf IX4.0006.0005.500-8.337.5
216Donald SultanBlack Freesias: two plates2.0003.0001.800-40-10
217Donald SultanRed Lantern Flowers8.00012.00018.00050125
218John BuckBeirut8001.200850-29.26.3
219Alex KatzYarrow1.0001.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
220Peter DoigImaginary Boys1.5002.5001.800-2820
221Peter DoigCanoe1.5002.500800-68-46.7
222Andy WarholFlowers15.00025.00017.000-3213.3
223Andy WarholRain and Flowers (Detail of construction)4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
224Andy WarholMarilyn (Announcement)7.00010.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
225Peter BlakeMarilyn1.5002.500450-82-70
226Andy WarholMarilyn50.00070.00045.000-35.7-10
227Andy WarholSelf-Portrait with Fright Wig15.00025.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
228Andy WarholLiz25.00035.00038.0008.652
229Andy WarholBirmingham Race Riot, from Ten Works by Ten Painters3.0005.0003.500-3016.7
230Andy WarholElectric Chairs: one print5.0007.0007.5007.150
231Andy WarholJacqueline Kennedy I (Jackie I), from 11 Pop Artist's I5.0007.0005.000-28.60
232Andy WarholJacqueline Kennedy II (Jackie II), from 11 Pop Artists II7.00010.00017.00070142.9
233Roy LichtensteinCrak!15.00025.00018.000-2820
234Various ArtistsPortfolio 912.00018.00020.00011.166.7
235Roy LichtensteinFoot Medication Poster3.0005.0002.400-52-20
236Roy LichtensteinBrustrokes4.0006.0006.5008.362.5
237Roy LichtensteinSunrise, from Seven Objects in a Box 6.0008.00010.0002566.7
238Andy WarholCow4.0006.0009.00050125
239Roy LichtensteinHaystack #3, from Haystack Series6.0008.0004.800-40-20
240Andy WarholGrevy's Zebra, from Endangered Species30.00050.00045.000-1050
241Andy WarholSan Francisco Silverspot, from Endangered Species15.00025.00048.00092220
242Roy LichtensteinUntitled (Still Life with Lemon and Glass)15.00025.00014.000-44-6.7
243Roy LichtensteinRed Lamp8.00012.00015.0002587.5
244Roy LichtensteinInterior with Chair, from Leo Castelli 90th Birthday Portfolio12.00018.00010.000-44.4-16.7
245Roy LichtensteinBedroom40.00060.00055.000-8.337.5
246Roy LichtensteinWater Lilies 3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
247Roy LichtensteinA Set of Eight Porcelain Plates4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
248Roy LichtensteinApple and Lemon, from Seven Apple Woodcuts7.00010.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
249Roy LichtensteinImperfect Print for B.A.M.12.00018.00027.00050125
250After Piet MondrianA Portfolio of 10 Paintings8.00012.00013.0008.362.5
251Josef AlbersWSL - III, from White Line Squares (Series I)2.0003.0002.600-13.330
252Josef AlbersGray Instrumentation II k, from Gray Instrumentation II1.0001.5004.500200350
253Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Teatrini B (White)10.00015.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
254Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Teatrini A (Black)10.00015.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
255Brice MardenTen Days: one print3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
256Brice MardenTen Days: one print3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
257Brice MardenGrid 14.0006.0005.200-13.330
258Robert RymanFour Aquatints and One Etching: three prints1.2001.8001.600-11.133.3
259Agnes MartinOn a clear Day: one print3.0005.0004.500-1050
260Robert RymanFirst Conversion7.00010.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
261Robert MotherwellSpringtime Dissonance3.0005.0003.000-400
262Robert MotherwellUntitled1.0001.5001.400-6.740
263Joan MitchellFields I2.5003.5002.400-31.4-4
264Brice MardenEtchings to Rexroth: one print3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
265Richard SerraMOCA Print, from The MoCA Portfolio5.0007.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
266Lee BontecouThird Stone3.0005.0007.00040133.3
267Lee BontecouFifth Stone2.0003.0004.20040110
268Richard SerraVidey Afangar #5, from Videy Afangar4.0006.0004.500-2512.5
269Susan RothenbergPuppet1.0001.500800-46.7-20
270Susan RothenbergStumblebum5.0007.0008.00014.360
271Philip GustonDoor3.0005.0002.800-44-6.7
272Jackson PollockUntitled (Betty Parsons Gallery Announcement)3.0005.0005.5001083.3
273Alighiero BoettiPure forms emerging from a grassy field5007001.10057.1120
274Joseph BeuysUntitled (Gold Cake), from Trace II3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
275Joseph BeuysWoodcuts8.00012.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
276Vija CelminsConcentric Bearings, C3.0005.0004.800-460
277Donald SultanBlack Lemons: one plate3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
278Donald SultanBlack Lemons: one plate3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
279Donald SultanBlack Lemons: one plate3.0005.0002.400-52-20
280James SienaShaded Connected Hooks1.0001.5003.200113.3220
281Piero DorazioSymphony in Blue1.0001.500500-66.7-50
282Richard LongUntitled (A, B,C - Horizontal): one print8001.200800-33.30
283Robyn DennyGenerations 158001.200450-62.5-43.8
284Mark TobeyTransitions 2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
285Martin PuryearUntitled2.0003.000500-83.3-75
286Martin PuryearCane1.0001.5002.80086.7180
287Anish KapoorUntitled 09, from Shadows III4.0006.0007.5002587.5
288Anish KapoorBlackness from Her Womb12.00018.0005.000-72.2-58.3
289Wade GuytonUntitled (Flames)5.0007.0009.50035.790
290Bruce NaumanUntitled2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
291Ellsworth KellyBlue Curve (Black State)2.0003.0002.400-2020
292Ellsworth KellyRed-Orange over Black2.0003.0004.80060140
293Ellsworth KellyRed6.0008.00013.00062.5116.7
294Leon Polk SmithWerkübersicht: two plates1.2001.500850-43.3-29.2
295Robert MangoldVI, from Attic Series II (VI-X)1.5002.500900-64-40
296Robert MangoldUntitled, from the Skowhegan Suite3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
297Robert MangoldAttic Series II: one print3.0005.0004.200-1640
298Sol LewittBands of Colors from Lower Left Corner: one print1.0001.5001.8002080
299Sol LewittAll Combinations of Arcs from Sides and Corners, Grids and Circles, Using Four Colors: two prints4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
300Sol LewittAll Combinations of Arcs from Sides and Corners, Grids and Circles, Using Four Colors: two prints4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
301Sol LewittEight Cubic Rectangles (Diptych)2.0003.0006.000100200
302Sol LewittIrregular Zigzag Bands2.0003.0003.50016.775
303Lee AdlerThree prints by the artists500700250-64.3-50
304Lee AdlerThree prints by the artist500700250-64.3-50
305Sayed Haider RazaArbre, Bindu, Cinq éléments1.0001.500500-66.7-50
306Gerald LaingHeaders600800350-56.3-41.7
307Sonia DelaunayArthur Rimbaud, Les Illuminations, Jacques Damase, Paris, 19738.00012.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
308Sonia DelaunayUntitled1.8002.4004.20075133.3
309Frank StellaStar of Persia I, from Star of Persia Series3.0005.0008.50070183.3
310Frank StellaStar of Peria II, from Star of Persia Series3.0005.00013.000160333.3
311Frank StellaIrving Blum Memorial Edition, from Star of Persia Series3.0005.00015.000200400
312Frank StellaReferendum '706.0008.00013.00062.5116.7
313Frank StellaDel Mar, from Race Track Series5.0007.0005.000-28.60
314Larry ZoxUntitled1.5002.500800-68-46.7
315Larry ZoxFour Prints by the Artist1.5002.5001.400-44-6.7
316Ilya BolotwskyPortfolio III: seven prints2.0003.0008.500183.3325
317Ilya BolotwskyPortfolio III: one print8001.200500-58.3-37.5
318Richard AnuskiewiczSequential Portfolio3.0005.00012.000140300
319Victor VasarelyUntitled6008001.10037.583.3
320Victor VasarelyLapidaire: one print1.5002.500700-72-53.3
322Peter GeeFive prints by the artist2.0003.0002.000-33.30
323Peter GeeFour Prints by the Artist1.0001.5002.60073.3160
324Peter GeeFour prints by the artist1.0001.5003.200113.3220
325Victor VasarelySalgo - Negatif3.0005.0002.600-48-13.3
326Victor VasarelySalgo - Positif3.0005.0003.000-400
327Victor VasarelyTopaze Blanche - Negatif4.0006.0003.200-46.7-20
328Victor VasarelyTopaze Blanche - Positif4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
329Victor VasarelyTopaze Noire - Negatif4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
330Victor VasarelyTopaze Noire - Positif4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
331Victor VasarelyZaphir - Negatif3.0005.0002.200-56-26.7
332Victor VasarelyZaphir - Positif3.0005.0002.200-56-26.7
333Terry WintersVortex Street (Merce Cunningham Benefit Print)8001.200500-58.3-37.5
334Jesus Rafael SotoPermutation, from Museo Moltiplicato7.00010.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
335Damien HirstLanatoside B8.00012.00011.000-8.337.5
336Damien HirstVipera Lebetina4.0006.0007.00016.775
337Damien HirstOrbital, from In a Spin, The Action of the World on Things Vol. I2.0003.0002.200-26.710
338Damien HirstTie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree, from In a Spin, The Action of the World on Things Vol. 11.5002.5002.000-2033.3
339Damien HirstUntitled Pill and Syringe 36.0008.0004.800-40-20
340Damien HirstNew Religion (Sky): one print5.0007.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
341Damien HirstTo Lose2.5003.5003.500040
342Damien HirstEmerge3.0005.0004.200-1640
343Damien HirstPaper Kite Butterfly on Spanish Iris4.0006.0005.500-8.337.5
344Damien HirstFor the Love of God3.0005.0008.50070183.3
345Damien HirstTill Death Do Us Part - Long Life Purple African Gold Purple Imperial Purple Skull4.0006.0004.800-2020
346Takashi MurakamiFour prints by the artist4.0006.0006.5008.362.5
347Takashi MurakmiFlower Ball (3D) Red Cliff2.0003.0003.2006.760
348Takashi MurakamiFour prints by the artist4.0006.0005.500-8.337.5
349Takashi MurakamiJellyfish Eyes - White12.0003.0001.900-36.7-5
350Takashi MurakamiFrom the perceived debris of the universe, we are still unable to reach the stage of nirvana2.0003.0001.600-46.7-20
351Takashi MurakamiFive Prints by the Artist3.0005.0001.600-68-46.7
352Takashi MurakmiFour prints by the artist5.0007.00011.00057.1120
353Takashi MurakamiIf I Could Reach That Field Of Flowers, I Would Die Happy3.0005.0004.000-2033.3
354Takashi MurakamiSuperflat Monogram (Green)2.0003.0002.000-33.30
355Takashi MurakamiSuperflat Monogram (Lemon)2.0003.0001.900-36.7-5
356Takashi MurakamiEye Love Superflat (Blue)2.0003.0001.900-36.7-5
357Takashi MurakamiEye Love Superflat (Pink)2.0003.0001.900-36.7-5
358Takashi Murakami727-7272.0003.0002.200-26.710
359Takashi Murakami727-2722.0003.0002.200-26.710
360Takashi MurakamiOf Chinese Lions, Peonies, Skulls, And Fountains2.0003.0001.300-56.7-35
361Takashi MurakamiAs The Interdimensional Waves Run Through Me, I Can Distinguish Between The Voices Of Angel And Devil!2.0003.0002.200-26.710
362Zao Wou-KiUntitled2.5003.5002.000-42.9-20
363Zao Wou-KiPaysage avec encadrement4.0006.0003.200-46.7-20
364Zao Wou-KiUntitled3.0005.0002.400-52-20
365Zao Wou-KiUntitled3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
366Huang YanSelf Portrait2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
367Huang YanTemple of Heaven1.5002.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
368Sui JianguoMade in China1.0001.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
369Feng ZhengiieChinese Portrait Series: No. 26, No. 38, and No. 535.0007.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
370Wang GuangyiFace of the Believer3.0005.0002.500-50-16.7
371Yayoi KusamaFruits6.0008.0008.5006.341.7
372Yayoi KusamaLizard5.0007.0008.50021.470
373Keith HaringPop Shop II: one print5.0007.0008.00014.360
374Keith HaringUntitled: one print7.00010.00010.000042.9
375Keith HaringOn Taro8001.2001.3008.362.5
376Keith HaringSpirit of Art: two works8001.200400-66.7-50
377Keith HaringInternational Volunteer Day5.0007.0005.000-28.60
378Keith HaringPortrait of Joseph Beuys, from For Joseph Beuys3.0005.0002.800-44-6.7
379Keith HaringUSA 19-822.5003.5009.000157.1260
380Keith HaringKutztown Connection2.0003.0002.200-26.710
381Shepard FaireyThe Writings on the Wall5.0007.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
382Nick WalkerThe Morning After (Empire State)1.5002.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
383Mr. BrainwashLiberty8001.2001.100-8.337.5
384Nick WalkerThe Morning After (New York)1.5002.5002.8001286.7
385Nick WalkerThe Morning After - Hollywood8001.200600-50-25
386Mr. BrainwashTomato Spray2.0003.0003.2006.760
387Mr. BrainwashAndy Warhol1.5002.5001.200-52-20
388John BaldessariThrowing Three Balls in the Air to Get a Straight Line (Best of Thirty-Six Attempts)6008002.400200300
389Robert LongoMen in the Cities: two prints5.0007.0004.400-37.1-12
390Sigmar Polke8 Zollstocksterne, from Kölner Kunstmarkt 19707001.000300-70-57.1
391Cy TwomblyUnfinished Painting2.5003.5004.50028.680
392Richard EstesUrban Landscapes No. 25.0007.0006.500-7.130
393Richard EstesD Train25.00035.00020.000-42.9-20
394Robert CottinghamHot, from American Signs1.2001.8001.600-11.133.3
395Robert CottinghamArt, from American Signs3.0005.0002.600-48-13.3
396Robert CottinghamAmerican Signs: four prints4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
397Massimo VitaliViareggio Air Show, from A Portfolio of Landscapes and Figures2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
398Massimo VitaliRosignano night, from A Portfolio of Landscapes and Figures2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
399Massimo VitaliViareggio Sun, from A Portfolio of Landscapes and Figures1.5002.5001.400-44-6.7
400Massimo VitaliVecchiano South and Vecchiano North, from A Portfolio of Landscapes and Figures5.0007.0004.000-42.9-20
401ArmanFallen Angel2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
402ArmanUntitled (Accumulation)6.0008.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
404Maurizio CattelanThe 1:6 Scale Wrong Gallery1.5002.5001.900-2426.7
405Andreas SlominskiThe Wrong Gallery Door 1:161.5002.500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
406Thomas HirschhornCNN Necklace2.0003.0001.100-63.3-45
407Julian OpieChicken, from Animal Sculptures600800500-37.5-16.7
408Mike KelleyLittle Friend150250500100233.3
409Inka EssenhighThe Western Print600800Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
410Ghada AmerUntitled portfolio: two prints2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
411Edward RuschaUntitled8001.2001.100-8.337.5
412Rirkrit TiravanijaAtlas I, from Atlas I-V600800300-62.5-50
413Various ArtistsSMS #1-63.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
414Tom SachsDeluxe Racing Set500700400-42.9-20
415Rodney GrahamWeathervane500700400-42.9-20
416Michelangelo PistolettoCartella A3.0005.0003.000-400
417Julian OpieView of loop bridge seen from Route 41 in the Seven Falls area4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
418Robert LongoUntitled (Cadillac)10.00015.00017.00013.370
419Bruce NaumanNew Museum Image2.0003.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
420Bruce NaumanCaffiene Dreams8001.2001.80050125
421Laura OwensUntitled8001.200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
422Mamma AnderssonRoom Under the Influence2.0003.0001.600-46.7-20
423Mamma AnderssonStump Up2.0003.0001.600-46.7-20
424Rubens GerchmanUntitled7001.000300-70-57.1
425William KentridgeArt in a State of Grace, from Art in a State of Siege18.00025.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
426John BaldessariMan with Snake (Blue and Yellow)1.0001.500900-40-10
427Ryan McginnessKaleiding Petals (Periphial Drift Illustions)4.0006.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
428Jonathan BorofskyI Dreamed I Found A Red Ruby2.0003.0004.20040110
429Carroll DunhamUntitled600800800033.3
430Richard ArtschwagerTable, window, mirror, door, rug, basket3.0005.000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
431Kiki SmithSilent Work1.0001.500600-60-40
432Tracey EminFighting for Love7001.0001.2002071.4
433Glen LigonWhite #14.0006.0006.5008.362.5
434Glenn LigonMy Fear is Your Fear2.0003.0002.000-33.30
435Jenny HolzerAKA5.0007.0003.000-57.1-40
436Christopher WoolBlack Book15.00020.00026.0003073.3
437Robert LongoUntitled (Ariane)8.00012.0009.500-20.818.8
438Robert LongoRussian Bomb (Semipalatinsk)4.0006.0003.000-50-25
TOTAL (Sold lots):1.459.4502.191.0501.857.150-15.227.2

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Featured Images:

Roy Lichtenstein – Crak!, detail (Lot 233)

Takashi Murakami – 727-272 (Lot  359)

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Anish Kapoor – Untitled 09, from Shadows III, detail(Lot 287)

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