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Christie's: Post-War and Contemporary Auction Recap

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  • Christie's
April 17, 2015

Ok, that was bizarre. And by “bizarre”, we mean good. Really good. So good that we could with certainty say that Post-War and Contemporary Auction at Christie’s in Amsterdam was the most successful auction this year. But, that “most successful” doesn’t even begin to tell how incredibly good this auction was. Seriously. This was just insane. In-sa-ne.

Alexander Calder – Untitled, 1972 (Lot 39)

The Overview of Post-War and Contemporary Auction at Christie’s

So, what was that good? Out of total of 280 lots that were auctioned, 218 of them were sold. That’s a pretty good 77.9 percent, but that was not it. A whooping 131 lots were sold over high estimate, almost half of total number of lots (46.8 percent), and more than sixty percent of sold lots. Sixty nine lots were sold in range of estimated values (31.7 percent of sold), and just 18 lots were sold under low estimate (only 8.3 percent of sold). And here comes the good stuff: these 218 sold lots totaled $8.55 million, or $1.08 million more than the sum of high estimates for all lots! In other words, the total of 280 lots were estimated at $5.30 million – $7.47 million; those 218 that were sold went for $8.55 million. That was +14.5 percent more than Christie’s Amsterdam most optimistic estimate for everything they auctioned on April 14 and April 15. Just for the record, the total of high estimates of sold lots was $6.92 million. The final score was some 23.6 percent better. In-sa-ne. This result was so good, that one might even question Christie’s final estimates. Either those forecasts were underestimated, or this auction was just as we said – insanely good.

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The Most Successful Lots at Christie's: Post-War and Contemporary Auction

So, which lots were the most successful at the most successful auction of the year? At the first place, there was Günther Uecker’s Nagelrelief, that was estimated at $426,132 – $639,198, and was sold for $873,571 (+36.7 percent difference between the hammer price and the high estimate). Otto Piene’s Untitled (Rasterbild) was at number two, with almost half a million (it was estimated at $127,840 – $191,759, and was sold for $490,052: +155.6 percent difference), and Jan Schoonhoven’s R73-1 was sold at low estimate, for $479,399. Karel Appel’s Deux personnages doubled its high estimate with hammer price of $340,906, and another Otto Piene’s Untitled (Rasterbild) did very well – it was sold for $319,599, or for almost $130,000 more than its high estimate. Gerhard Richter’s Grün-Blau-Rot also did better than its high estimate, and was sold with +30 percent difference, for $276,986. Antoni Tàpies’ Implícit-explícit was sold for almost $100,000 more than its high estimate, for $255,679, Heinz Mack’s Lichtstele doubled its high estimate and was sold for $170,453, as well as other Mack’s work, Klassisches Lichtrelief. Gotthard Graubner’s Untitled (Kissenbild) almost doubled its high estimate – it was sold for $165,126, and this was the last lot that went over $150,000.

Asger Jorn – A Look Into The Past, 1962 (Lot 45)

When we talk about most successful lots in terms of biggest difference between hammer price and high estimate, the true champion was Armando’s Untitled, that was estimated at $1,598 – $2,131, and was sold for $15,980, or with +649.9 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate. Arman’s Violon Découpé had +349.9 percent difference, Brigitte Matschinsky-Denninghoff’s Botschaft had +333.3, and François Morellet’s 0o-90o, 7o-97o had +328.5. Christian Dotremont’s C’est à Prendre ou à Laisser, C’est Apprendre à l’Essai was estimated at $3,729 – $4,794 and was sold for $20,241 (+322.2 percent difference), Stephen Rosenthal’s Asia had +266.6, and Marie-Jo Lafontaine’s Jeder Engel ist Schrecklich was estimated at $8,523 – $12,784 and changed hands for $44,744, or with +250 percent difference.

Please, scroll down to get detailed info on this truly remarkable auction.

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Christie's: Post-War and Contemporary Auction in Details

Total number of lots:280
Number of sold lots:218
Sold lots [%]:77.9
Number of sold lots over high estimate:131
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:46.8
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:60.1
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:69
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:31.7
Number of sold lots under low estimate:18
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:8.3
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:29
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
Lot 1Jef VerheyenLes arbres ne fleurissent qu'au Printemps42613639208522633.3100
Lot 2Otto PieneUntitled (Rasterbild)127840191759490052155.6283.3
Lot 3Herman De VriesV72-142 S Random objectivation - random stromingsvelden21307319605326766.7150
Lot 4Walter LeblancTwisted strings 15 FH9026633372874794028.680
Lot 5Heinz MackLichtstele6392085226170453100166.7
Lot 6Gotthard GraubnerUntitled (Kissenbild)639208522616512693.8158.3
Lot 7Günther UeckerNagelkasten mit Nagel1598021307255682060
Lot 8Günther UeckerNagelrelief42613263919887357136.7105
Lot 9Adolf LutherQuadrat im Quadrat (Hohlspiegelobjekt)12784170453196087.5150
Lot 10Heinz MackKlassisches Lichtrelief1065331598001704536.760
Lot 11Antoni TàpiesImplícit-explícit10653315980025567960140
Lot 12Emil SchumacherHeku372875859340483-30.98.6
Lot 13Jef VerheyenUntitled2663337287Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 14ArmandoUntitled3196053267Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 15Henk PeetersWitte Veertjes op Zwart (White Feathers on Black)426135326742613-200
Lot 16Otto PieneUntitled (Rasterbild)14914619175931959966.7114.3
Lot 17Walter LeblancTorsions MO 96924685226905536.330.8
Lot 18Heinz MackRotierendes Lichtrelief4261363920799002587.5
Lot 19Jan SchoonhovenR73-1479399585932479399-18.20
Lot 20RotrautTaurus31960532676924630116.7
Lot 21Jef VerheyenFleurs639208522610120618.858.3
Lot 22Rob Van KoningsbruggenUntitled10653159802024126.790
Lot 23Gerhard RichterGrau532677457313849385.7160
Lot 24Mark TobeyToledo106531598010653-33.30
Lot 25Agnes MartinUntitled37287479407990066.7114.3
Lot 26Shinkichi TajiriUntitled127841704512784-250
Lot 27Günter HaeseSecond Hour1065315980170456.760
Lot 28Bram BogartLes Plats26633372875326742.9100
Lot 29Jan SchoonhovenHol37287479409055388.9142.9
Lot 30Jan SchoonhovenUntitled26633372876924685.7160
Lot 31Jan SchoonhovenUntitled26633372876924685.7160
Lot 32Jan SchoonhovenZero-bloemen213073196031960050
Lot 33ArmandoUntitled15980213074048390153.3
Lot 34Karel AppelCurious Bull426136392031960-50-25
Lot 35Karel AppelDeux personnages127840170453340906100166.7
Lot 36ConstantUntitled2130731960Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 37CorneilleTwo Figures and a Bird127841704512784-250
Lot 38Pierre AlechinskyRetour des Choses127840191759138493-27.88.3
Lot 39Alexander CalderUntitled4261363920799002587.5
Lot 40Pierre AlechinskyChien électrique426136392047940-2512.5
Lot 41Niki De Saint PhalleAngel Vase (black) (Nana l'Ange)532677457351136-31.4-4
Lot 42CorneilleFiguren159802130718111-1513.3
Lot 43Asger JornL'Âge d'Or372874794042613-11.114.3
Lot 44Per KirkebyUntitled532677457374573040
Lot 45Asger JornA look into the past745739588074573-22.20
Lot 46Karel AppelDeux personnages639208522611718637.583.3
Lot 47Sigmar PolkeUntitled372875859346875-2025.7
Lot 48Gerhard RichterGrün-Blau-Rot1598002130662769863073.3
Lot 49Marcel BroodthaersModèle: La Virgule21307319604794050125
Lot 50Carel VisserUntitled12784191763728794.4191.7
Lot 51Wim DelvoyeCabinet (Installation of 35 Delft Saw Blades)8522612784014914616.775
Lot 52Francis AlÿsUntitled426136392058593-8.337.5
Lot 53Guillermo KuitcaRed plan63920852269588012.550
Lot 54Luc TuymansUntitled639208522685226033.3
Lot 55René DaniëlsUntitled266333728723437-37.1-12
Lot 56Marlene DumasUntitled1598021307234371046.7
Lot 57Rob ScholteOlympia106531598010653-33.30
Lot 58David SchnellPilze319605326721307-60-33.3
Lot 59Dirk SkreberUntitled266333728725568-31.4-4
Lot 60John CurrinMajorette31960532676392020100
Lot 61Margherita ManzelliIl dominio trasformato - nessun amore3196053267Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 62Günther FörgUntitled213073196025568-2020
Lot 100Jan SchoonhovenUntitled191762343747940104.5150
Lot 101Jan SchoonhovenS10532774571065342.9100
Lot 102ArmandoUntitled1598213115980649.9900
Lot 103Heinz MackUntitled3196532713849160333.3
Lot 104Ulrich ErbenUntitled (3x Räumliches Weiss)31965327905570183.3
Lot 105Jan SchoonhovenT72-24426163921171983.3175
Lot 106Christiaan Paul DamstéUntitled127817051278-250
Lot 107Christiaan Paul DamstéUntitled12781705298375133.4
Lot 108Hsiao ChinUntitled159821317457249.9366.6
Lot 109Christiaan Paul DamstéUntitled106515981278-2020
Lot 110Jan SchoonhovenT79-8231965327799050150
Lot 111Jan SchoonhovenT85-6526633729585957.1120
Lot 112Jan Schoonhoven(i) T83-30; (ii) T90-71598213125572060
Lot 113Armando(i) Untitled; (ii) Untitled10651598181113.370
Lot 114Jan SchoonhovenUntitled10651598202426.790
Lot 115Pieter EngelsUntitled26633729426114.360
Lot 116Jan SchoonhovenUntitled426163921012158.3137.5
Lot 117Jan Schoonhoven(i) Untitled; (ii) Untitled; (iii) Untitled; (iv) Untitled; (v) Untitled21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 118Jan Schoonhoven(i) Untitled; (ii) Untitled746959852-11.214.2
Lot 120Sol LewittCurvy Brushstrokes8523106538523-200
Lot 121Mimmo RotellaUntitled26633729585957.1120
Lot 122Richard TuttleUntitled639285236392-250
Lot 123Jean Paul YvaralProgression Polychrome No A - 72532774576392-14.320
Lot 124Bram BogartKleurkrans127841704512784-250
Lot 125Arnaldo PomodoroDisco74579588Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 126ArmanUntitled106531598014915-6.740
Lot 127Joseph BeuysUntitled213073196021307-33.30
Lot 128Joseph BeuysBruno Corà - Tee159802130718111-1513.3
Lot 129Joseph BeuysHow Do You Recognize a Work of Art When You See One? With My Blue-Grey Eyes3196532758591083.3
Lot 130Joseph BeuysPala (S 476)106531598038352140260
Lot 131Joseph BeuysObjekt zum Schmieren und Drehen (S 53)8523127848523-33.30
Lot 132Joseph BeuysCosmos und Damian31965327745740133.3
Lot 133Joseph BeuysKonstruktivismus - Constructivism213131962770-13.330
Lot 134Joseph BeuysNimmt die Unsichtbare Plastic Ernst213131961598-50-25
Lot 135Joseph BeuysButtocklifting (S 120)26633729585957.1120
Lot 136François Morellet0 o -90 o , 7 o -97 o2663372915980328.5500.1
Lot 137Ryszard WiniarskiSmall Game319653274794-1050
Lot 138François MorelletSphère Trame106531598031960100200
Lot 139Andrzej SzewczykMonument of Franz Kafka's letters to Felice Bauer213131961811-43.3-15
Lot 140Andrzej SzewczykUntitled213131961705-46.7-20
Lot 141François MorelletGéométree no 42159821314794125200
Lot 142Carel Visser(i) Untitled; (ii) Untitled31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 143Hartmut BoehmProgression gegen Unendlich mit 225o213131967031120229.9
Lot 144Karel AppelUntitled (Bonne Année)53277457905521.470
Lot 145Walasse TingDragonfly745795889055-5.621.4
Lot 146Karel AppelUntitled266333728729829-2012
Lot 147Karel AppelUntitled12784170452024118.858.3
Lot 148Karel AppelUntitled (Design for Fabric)266337292344-37.1-12
Lot 149Karel AppelUntitled (Design for Fabric)15982131852-60-46.7
Lot 150Karel AppelUntitled (Design for Fabric)532774571065342.9100
Lot 151Pierre AlechinskyLe Siège de la Parole12784191762130711.166.7
Lot 152Karel AppelNez Violet213073196027699-13.330
Lot 153Rainer FettingEd Mubutu II127841704511719-31.2-8.3
Lot 154Markus LüpertzUntitled21307319603622113.370
Lot 155Cristina IglesiasUntitled31965327639220100
Lot 156Julian SchnabelUntitled12784170452024118.858.3
Lot 157Meyer VaismanUntitled31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 158Wim DelvoyeLa cena I8523127841491516.775
Lot 159Luciano FabroApollo e Daphne159802130742613100166.7
Lot 160MattaUntitled10653127848523-33.3-20
Lot 161Robert CombasUntitled8523127842130766.7150
Lot 162Roger RaveelMan745795881171922.257.2
Lot 163Cornelia SchleimeUntitled6392852390556.241.7
Lot 164Kees Van BohemenAug in Holland63928523106532566.7
Lot 166Rob ScholteKruisribgewelf31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 167Philippe VandenbergEpisch Schilderij639285231278450100
Lot 168Cornelius QuabeckKerry10652131533-75-50
Lot 169Zbigniew RogalskiUntitled (Robert Wiene)31965327639220100
Lot 170Michel MajerusMom-Block Nr 29213073196029829-6.740
Lot 171Jorge QueirozUntitled42616392Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 172Francesco ClementeCoppie al Lavoro10653159802130733.3100
Lot 173Marina AbramovicThe Great Wall3196532712784140300
Lot 174DenmarkStack of Horizontally Cut Newspapers3196532758591083.3
Lot 175DenmarkStern (Heft Nr 45, 301085)2131319634096.760
Lot 176DenmarkDead Letters (a triptych)159821315327150233.4
Lot 177Maurice WyckaertWalk63928523106532566.7
Lot 178Reinhoud D'HaeseTaille-crayons1065159819182080.1
Lot 179Christian DotremontC'est à Prendre ou à Laisser, C'est Apprendre à l'Essai3729479420241322.2442.8
Lot 180Reinhoud D'HaeseAttendons la Suite21313196447440109.9
Lot 181Reinhoud D'HaeseTiti31965327852360166.7
Lot 182Reinhoud D'HaeseI Beg Your Pardon213131962557-2020
Lot 183Guy MeesUntitled26633729Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 184Marcel Van MaeleMarcel Van Maele (1931-2009)21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 185Reinhoud D'HaeseDiaphragme213131967990150274.9
Lot 186Maurice WyckaertUntitled745795881171922.257.2
Lot 187Reinhoud D'HaeseQu'Est Que Cela Prouve213131963196050
Lot 188Reinhoud D'HaeseTimonier2663372911719214.3340.1
Lot 189Bert De BeulUntitled21313196585983.3174.9
Lot 190Bert De BeulUntitled159821314794125200
Lot 191Marcel MaeyerKoningin Maria-Hendrikaplein (from the series St Pietersstation Gent)2663372910653185.7300
Lot 192Wim DelvoyeUntitled266333728734091-8.628
Lot 193Marlene DumasJust for the Money, Honey8523127841811141.7112.5
Lot 194Wim DelvoyeUntitled639285236925-18.78.3
Lot 195Wim DelvoyeUntitled8523127849055-29.26.2
Lot 196Thierry De CordierNMSC NR2 (Demeure)2663337287Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 197Jimmie DurhamArticles 2 & 3 from the 1986 - Pinkerton's Agency Manual6392852320241137.5216.7
Lot 201Marcel BroodthaersModèle: La Virgule21307319605326766.7150
Lot 202Jean Pierre RaynaudMur 10002663337287Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 203Marie-Jo LafontaineJeder Engel ist Schrecklich85231278444744250425
Lot 204Dennis OppenheimOne Hour Run - Font Kent ME10653159802130733.3100
Lot 205Dennis OppenheimTwo stage transfer drawing8523127841704533.3100
Lot 206Bruce McleanComposition319642611598-62.5-50
Lot 207Ben VautierAnalyse Art = Ego6392106536925-358.3
Lot 208David AskevoldDoronato213142613729-12.575
Lot 209Horia DamianBleu-marine aux traces dorées10653159807457-53.3-30
Lot 210Gerhard NaschbergerBirds1065159819182080.1
Lot 211Lambert Maria WintersbergerSpaltung no 22426163924794-2512.5
Lot 212Cristina IglesiasUntitled1598021307276993073.3
Lot 213Edda RenoufLine Progression159821314474109.9180
Lot 214Edda RenoufIncised lines159821312131033.4
Lot 215Stephen RosenthalAsia106515985859266.6450.1
Lot 216Nicos BaikasNicos Baikas (b 1948)10651598Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 217Peter HutchinsonContinental Divide106515984048153.3280.1
Lot 218Guillaume BijlComposition Trouv:e (Perruques Dinet)31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 219Ger Van ElkBana Brut63928523Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 220Bernard AubertinTableau Clous8523127842024158.3137.5
Lot 221Paul Van HoeydonckPanneau Peints5327745718111142.9240
Lot 222ArmandoAssisi26633729585957.1120
Lot 223Jan MaaskantConstructie op Wand met Geel Kruis319653273196-400
Lot 224Otto PieneVorstadt12784170452556850100
Lot 225Otto PieneGoldregen2130726633340912860
Lot 226Jan SchoonhovenT78-4885231278411719-8.337.5
Lot 227Bram BogartDonker319653275114-460
Lot 228Ad DekkersVariatie op Cirkels no V5327745723437214.3340
Lot 229Bernard AubertinUntitled63928523106532566.7
Lot 230Ewerdt HilgemannUntitled (Serie 3/Entwurf Nr 78)426163924261-33.30
Lot 231Otto PieneDer Regenbogen hat Gebrannt10653159808523-46.7-20
Lot 232Otto PieneKarmin106531598013849-13.330
Lot 233Otto PieneUntitled15980213073409160113.3
Lot 234Günther FörgUntitled4261639269258.362.5
Lot 235Jaap WagemakerCompositie74579588Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 236Emil SchumacherUntitled8523127848523-33.30
Lot 237Arnulf RainerKreuz1598021307255682060
Lot 238Arnulf RainerÜbermalung159802130721307033.3
Lot 239Emil SchumacherUntitled266333728731960-14.320
Lot 241Heinz MackPyramide im Licht (Chromatische Konstellation)85231278429829133.3250
Lot 242Otto PieneThema15980213073728775133.3
Lot 243Heinz MackUntitled (Flügel)106531598031960100200
Lot 244Günther UeckerSchuh3196532714915180366.7
Lot 245Günther UeckerKreis106515985327233.4400.2
Lot 246Brigitte Matschinsky-DenninghoffBotschaft2131319613849333.3549.9
Lot 247Arnulf RainerChristus85231278412784050
Lot 248A.R. PenckHerabsteigende Erde213073196015980-50-25
Lot 249Franz Erhard WaltherWandgesang42616392745716.775
Lot 250Hanne DarbovenUntitled (Brief)53277457958828.680
Lot 251Heinz MackUntitled639285231598087.5150
Lot 252ArmanViolon Brûlé (Violon Caciné)31965327692530116.7
Lot 253ArmanViolon Découpé159821319588349.9500
Lot 254Asger JornTwo Heads213073196028764-1035
Lot 255Eugène LeroyUntitled2663331960Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 256Karel AppelBeach Toys127841704512784-250
Lot 257Pierre AlechinskyBois Brûlé319605326737287-3016.7
Lot 258Karel AppelSketch for Playroom no1532677457363920-14.320
Lot 259Carl-Henning PedersenWooded Landscape74579588Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 260CorneilleLe Temps des Abeilles266333728726633-28.60
Lot 261Karel AppelUntitled74579588Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 262Karel AppelUntitled (Design for Fabric)42616392Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 263Theo WolvecampUntitled213131962344-26.710
Lot 264Arnaldo PomodoroThe Egg10653159802982986.7180
Lot 265Arnaldo PomodoroTavola dell'Agrimensore106531598010653-33.30
Lot 266Asger JornUntitled (Head of Spring)266333728731960-14.320
Lot 267Karel AppelUntitled8523127841491516.775
Lot 268Pierre AlechinskyMurailles Pourpres sous une Dominante Verte372874794047940028.6
Lot 269Walasse TingUntitled7457958831960233.3328.6
Lot 270Karel AppelLarvotto beach III372874794037287-22.20
Lot 271Erik Van LieshoutUntitled127841704510653-37.5-16.7
Lot 272Ronald ZuurmondAs it is3196532711719120266.7
Lot 273Robert ZandvlietUntitled42616392852333.3100
Lot 274Erik AndriesseKreeft159802130720241-526.7
Lot 275Marlene DumasStudy for Billie Holiday426163921171983.3175
Lot 276Robert MapplethorpeShell + Cristal745795887457-22.20
Lot 277Marlene DumasThe faith of James Brown106531598012784-2020
Lot 278Marlene DumasPortrait of Hermann Nietsch85231278411719-8.337.5
Lot 279Marlene DumasWarchild21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 280Louise BourgeoisBreakfast in my Stomach852312784Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 281Otto MuehlUntitled26633729Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 282Raymond PettibonUntitled (If I were to draw a map of the world)426163926392050
Lot 283Daniel SpoerriAbkürzung (Raccouci)6392852390556.241.7
Lot 284Erik AndriesseSchedels12784170452024118.858.3
Lot 285Stephan BalkenholUntitled2130731960340916.760
Lot 286Julian OpieNantra, Pool Attendant213073728725568-31.420
Lot 287Heimo ZobernigUntitled53277457Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 288Heimo ZobernigUntitled31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 289Michel MajerusUntitled (221)31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 290Gerwald RockenschaubUntitled21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 291Gerwald RockenschaubUntitled21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 292Michel MajerusUntitled (247)31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 293Reinhard MuchaOhne Schiri Geht es Nicht!10651598Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 294Alois MosbacherUntitled (Caduta Permanente)15982131Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 295Peter ChevalierUntitled10651598Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 296Otto ZitkoDiptycon21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 297Hubert ScheiblUntitled31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 298Siegfried AnzingerMadonna21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 299Guglielmo AschieriNatura Italiana852312784Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 300Ger Van ElkThree pets31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 301Siegfried AnzingerIl Leone in Stomaco15982131Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 302Siegfried AnzingerUntitled12781705Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 303Werner BüttnerGut verpackter Panzer und fromme Wünsche53277457Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 304Marco CingolaniLa Moneta31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 305Hermann NitschUntitled (Planet)21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 306Herbert BrandlUntitled31965327Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 307Stefano ArientiUntitled (Self-Portrait)53277457Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 308Hans Peter AdamskiUntitled15982131Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 309Markus LüpertzDer Morgen63928523Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 310Stefano ArientiTurbina42616392Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 311Luca PancrazziAi Lati63928523Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 312Luca PancrazziInterno di Passagio42616392Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 313Alessandro PessoliUntitled15982131Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 314Peter BömmelsEnde der unendliche Reise10651598Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 315Herbert BrandlUntitled15982131Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 316Jiri Georg DokoupilUntitled (Portrait of D Bacchler)12781705Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 317Volker TannertUntitled21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 318Volker TannertWarum singt die Lorely nicht mehr?21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 319Otto ZitkoGrünes Tier21313196Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 320Josef DannerDer Schlangenbeschwörer15982131Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 321Günter DamischFigur, Sender und Baum26633729Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 322Günter DamischEine Welt26633729Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
Lot 323Gian Marco MontesanoLa douce amie des allemands15982131Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
TOTAL (Sold lots):49251356917320855184023.673.6

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Walter Leblanc – Torsions M.o. 9, 1974 (Lot 17)
Wim Delvoye – Cabinet (Installation Of 35 Delft Saw Blades), 1985 (Lot 51)
Heinz Mack – Lichtstele, 1964 (Lot 5)
Walasse Ting – Untitled, c. 1979 (Lot 269)
Sigmar Polke – Untitled, 1992 (Lot 47)
Otto Piene – Untitled (Rasterbild), 1958-72 (Lot 16)
Pierre Alechinsky – Retour Des Choses, 1993-94 (Lot 38)
Gotthard Graubner – Untitled (Kissenbild), 1970 (Lot 6)

Marie-Jo Lafontaine – Jeder Engel Ist Schrecklich, c. 1989 (Lot 203)
Luc Tuymans – Untitled, 1978 (Lot 54)
Karel Appel – Deux Personnages, 1975 (detail) (Lot 46)
Karel Appel – Curious Bull, 1950 (Lot 34)
Heinz Mack – Rotierendes Lichtrelief, 1960-64 (Lot 18)
Arman – Violon Découpé, 1987 (Lot 253)

Jef Verheyen – Les Arbres Ne Fleurissent Qu’au Printemps, 1974 (detail) (Lot 1)
Jef Verheyen – Fleurs, 1964 (Lot 21)
Jan Schoonhoven – R73-1, 1973 (Lot 19)
Jan Schoonhoven – Hol, 1967 (Lot 29)
Heinz Mack – Klassisches Lichtrelief, 1959 (Lot 10)
Günther Uecker – Nagelrelief, 1986 (Lot 8)
Guillermo Kuitca – Red Plan, 1989 (Lot 53)
Brigitte Matschinsky-Denninghoff – Botschaft, 1986 (Lot 246)
Armando – Untitled, 1960 (Lot 102)
Gerhard Richter – Grau, 1973 (Lot 23)
Asger Jorn – A Look Into The Past, 1962 (Lot 45)
Antoni Tàpies – Implícit-Explícit, 1995 (Lot 11)

Featured images: – Karel Appel – Deux personnages, 1960 (Lot 35) – Gerhard Richter – Grün-blau-rot, 1993 (Lot 48) – Otto Piene – Untitled (Rasterbild), 1959 (Lot 2)

Also in slider: – Per Kirkeby – Untitled, 2005 (detail) (Lot 44)

All images courtesy of Christie’s.