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Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Day

  • Christie's
February 14, 2015

In today’s auction analysis, you’ll be reading about how did the Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Day auction went, that occurred on Thursday, February 12th, and that followed up Wednesday’s Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Evening Sale. All and all, 173 lots was sold on Thursday’s auction, and although the total score was seven percent below of the sum of the high estimated prices, there were some extraordinary results, but a few disappointment, as well.

Sam Francis – Untitled – Courtesy of Christie’s

The Big Picture of Christie’s Auction

The most of 173 art works at this art sale changed their owners for the price that was inside the range of low and high estimated price – a total of 76, or 43.9 percent out of 173. On the bright side, 60 items was sold over the high estimated price (which is 34.7 percent), but also 37 of them was sold under the low estimated price – 21.4 percent. The total of 173 lots were sold for 18,786,538 US dollars, which was seven percent lower than the high estimate (20.2 millions), but also was 38 percent higher than the low estimate (which was set at 13.6 million dollars).

Alighiero Boetti – Aerei (Planes)- Courtesy of Christie’s

Who did best at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Day art sale?

For this one, there was no contest. The clear winner of Christie’s auction on Thursday was Andy Warhol’s Golden Shoe (Julie Andrews Shoe), that was sold for 927 thousand dollars, which was a double up of the high estimated price (set just below $462 thousand). Damien Hirst’s Ipratropium Bromide was second on that highest price list, as it was sold for 696 thousand, 29 percent above the high estimated price. Again, as the day before, Lucio Fontana‘s work did extremely well, as his Concetto spaziale, Teatrino was sold at almost $496 thousand – the hammerprice was 78.9 percent higher than the high estimate. Gerhard Richter’s Abstraktes Bild was sold just above the high estimate, for $480.5 thousand, and Wade Guyton‘s Untitled work was 2.6 bellow the high estimate, as its hammerprice was just below $450 thousand. When we change criteria from the highest price to the highest difference between the high estimated and hammerprice, the situation changes, as well. On this list, Will Boone’s Hoax was the most successful, as its hammerprice outdid the high estimate by 220 percent. Marcello Lo Giudice’s Eden Blu was also extraordinary, as it was sold for 195 percent more than the high estimate. Third was Neo Rauch‘s Untitled (183 percent difference), Gerhard Richter’s Abdallah was fourth (124 percent) and the Julian Opie‘s Orange Juice and Dior Bag had 123.6 percent difference from hammerprice to high estimated price. The not-so-well list starts with Erwin Wurm‘s Model for telekinetic sculpture, which hammerprice was 33.3 percent below the low estimated price, Gary Hume‘s Nest was 40 percent down, and Richard Estes‘ Staten Island Ferry Interior was 50 percent down.

Marcello lo Giudice – Eden Blu – Courtesy of Christie’s

Jason Martin – Pharoe – Courtesy of Christie’s

Clusters at the Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Day Auction

Gerhard Richter had the biggest number of his works auctioned at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Day auction, the total of six, and five of them went for the hammerprice that was bigger than the high estimated price (a total of 1.38 million dollars). Miquel Barceló‘s four art pieces was sold for a total of $390 thousand, while there was a number of artist that were represented by three works at Christie’s – Albert Oehlen, Alighiero Boetti, Antoni Tàpies, Damien Hirst, David Ostrowski, Günther Förg, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lucio Fontana, and Robert Longo. Albert Oehlen’s works were sold for the highest total amongst these artists with the same number of auctioned items – his three works were sold for almost $950 thousand.

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Candida Hofer – Biblioteca Geral Da Universidade De Coimbra IV – Courtesy of Christie’s
Hiroshi Sugimoto – North Pacific Ocean, Mount Tamalpais – Courtesy of Christie’s

Yoshimoto Nara – In the Floating World – Courtesy of Christie’s

Gerhard Richter – Abstraktes Bild – Courtesy of Christie’s

Featured image: Andy Warhol – Golden Shoe (Julie Andrews Shoe) – Courtesy of Christie’s

  • Christie's

Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Day Auction: Details

Number of sold lots:173
Number of sold lots over high estimate:60
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:34.7
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:76
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:43.9
Number of sold lots under low estimate:37
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:21.4
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:32.6

Explanation: Numbers with one asterisk (*) are the results that exclude lots with missing estimate information. The numbers with two asterisk (**) are the results with calculated estimates.

Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
101Michael Craig-MartinUntitled (Light Bulb)2463530793338731037.5
102Julian OpieOrange Juice and Dior Bag3079346190103286123.6235.4
103Antony GormleyAnother Time XX184760277141249555-1035.1
105Angus FairhurstGhost153972309516936-26.710
106Sarah LucasNahuiolin18476027714134193523.485.1
107Damien HirstIpratropium Bromide38491853888569605929.280.8
108Michael LandyH.2.N.Y. Tinguely Machine Erases its own Construction in 27 Minutes230953079323095-250
109Liam GillickOf Bricks...277143387327714-18.20
110Anya GallaccioRed Door With Handle12317184769238-50-25
112Damien HirstBeautiful Spread Your Wings, Open Your Mind Painting184760277141141778-48.8-23.3
113Fiona RaeFigure 1i38492538886928528.680
115Gillian WearingMy Hand615992386929-2512.5
118Angela de la CruzMini-Nothing (Brown)461976984619-400
119Fiona BannerBeagle Punctuation184762463524635033.3
120Steve McQueenBarrage153972309510778-53.3-30
122Gabriel KuriTwo Nudes Two Points184762771421555-22.216.7
124Alice ChannerTDF976981077810778040
125Laure ProuvostA Splash of Red Paint in Your Face7698107787698-28.60
128Darren Bader___GBP923864666115397-97.666.7
129Will BooneHOAX107781539749269220357.1
130David OstrowskiF (Es gibt zu viel Ausland) (F (There are too many foreign countries))461907698446190-400
132HAROLD ANCARTUntitled4619061587739042060
133Leo GabinDo It for the Team153972309518476-2020
134Nick Darmstaedter1-800-SCREEN461907698473904-460
135Brent WaddenAlignment (21)461907698453888-3016.7
136Wade GuytonUntitled307934461901449712-2.646
137Rudolf StingelUntitled107777138570118683-14.410.1
138BRENT WADDENUntitled184762771421555-22.216.7
139Mark FloodProper Gauze461907698430793-60-33.3
140Jonas WoodMichael and Leslie7698412317423415890.1204.2
141Pablo BronsteinGrand Hall Redecorated in the Early 19th Century153972309513857-40-10
142Gerhard Richter25.3.0830793461906928550125
143Gerhard RichterAbdallah4619076984172571124.2273.6
144Gerhard RichterFuji2309513079343881252668.1
145Gerhard RichterSeptember153967230951141778-38.6-7.9
146Sigmar PolkeUntitled230951384918218761-43.2-5.3
147Günther FörgUntitled15396723095129574528.192.1
148Günther FörgUntitled10777715396720336532.188.7
149Blinky PalermoUntitled230951307934326538641.4
150Martin KippenbergerSabine springt (Sabine Jumping)7698410777773904-31.4-4
151Martin KippenbergerEin Abendessen im Exil (A Dinner in Exile)123174184760123302-33.30.1
152Albert OehlenAcker ohne Wiederkehr (Field without Return)184760277141203365-26.610.1
153Albert OehlenBrunnen von Farbe (Fountain of Colour)338727431108403522-6.419.1
154Albert OehlenA.A.B.B.2309513079343419351148.1
155Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild307934461901480505456
156Josef AlbersStudy for Homage to the Square: Light Orange, Violet with Deep Red &...1539672309512418564.757.1
157Kenneth NolandCoal76984107777218761103184.2
159CARL ANDRE35 Steel Staple Run307934619036952-2020
160Richard SerraNorthumberland Strait V615879238069285-2512.5
161Cy TwomblyUntitled10777715396718796822.174.4
162Willem de KooningUntitled338734311187889103.9159.5
163Kazuo ShiragaYúsekai38492538887698442.9100
164Lee UfanCorrespondence153967230951187968-18.622.1
165Josef AlbersHomage to the Square153967230951157175-31.92.1
166Sam FrancisUntitled12317415396726495272.1115.1
167Alighiero BoettiFuso ma non confuso (Fused But Not Confused)12317184762617441.7112.5
168Alighiero BoettiLe infinite possibilità di esistere (The Infinite Possibilities of...277143849240031444.4
169Alberto BurriCombustione615879238014947661.8142.7
171Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale7698410777714177831.584.2
172Alighiero BoettiAerei (Planes)277141384918311142-19.212.3
173Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attesa1539672309512495558.162.1
174Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Teatrino18476027714149590278.9168.4
176Chris OfiliAfro Muses: Harem 6123174184760110985-39.9-9.9
177Rachel WhitereadUntitled (Grey Bed)184760277141187968-32.21.7
178Gary HumeNest7698410777746190-57.1-40
181David HockneyDavid27714338734619036.466.7
183Tony CraggLooking down12317418476023415826.790.1
184Antony GormleyFeeling Material XXIX184760277141195666-29.45.9
185William KentridgeTypewriter461907698438492-50-16.7
186TONY CRAGGWild Relatives92380123174110985-9.920.1
187Marc QuinnEssex Tundra (Blue Lagoon)107777153967118683-22.910.1
188Damien HirstCupric Acetate9238012317473904-40-20
189Tala MadaniElastic Pink23095307935850790153.3
190Ahmed AlsoudaniUntitled10777715396776984-50-28.6
191Bill ViolaCatherine's Dream7698410777776984-28.60
192Robert LongoRed Nazareth184760277141172571-37.7-6.6
193Ed RuschaDamn Mad Open Book230951307934234158-241.4
194Andy WarholJoseph Beuys C107777153967110985-27.93
195Bruce NaumanUntitled (Study for Hands-sculpture)538886928564666-6.720
196Tom WesselmannStudy for Seascape #4338734311143111027.3
197Andy WarholGolden Shoe (Julie Andrews Shoe)307934461901927010100.7201
199Luc TuymansUntitled230951384918203365-47.2-11.9
200Nicolas de StaëlComposition384918538885372728-30.8-3.2
201Serge PoliakoffComposition en rouge bleu et vert230951307934203365-34-11.9
202Hans HartungT1954-9123174184760157175-14.927.6
203Jean FautrierPetite magie colorée (Little Coloured Magic)1077771385701494767.938.7
204Karel AppelDier (Animal)10777713857095588-31-11.3
206CésarLe Centaure13857018476024185630.974.5
207Antoni TàpiesBlack Composition184760230951149476-35.3-19.1
208Manolo ValdésDesnudo con rosa y negro (Nude with pink and black)107777153967149476-2.938.7
209Miquel BarcelóCap I pota amb ratlle vermella (Head and leg with red...215554277141187968-32.2-12.8
210Rudolf StingelUntitled153972309521555-6.740
211Gerhard RichterGrau (Grey)615879238012638136.8105.2
212Thomas SchütteUntitled307934619033873-26.710
213Neo RauchUntitled3849253888152556183.1296.3
214Georg BaselitzMännlicher Akt (Male Nude)107777153967107905-29.90.1
215Jason RhoadesVertical Slice; Beaver Bacon1539723095246356.760
216Sigmar PolkeFigurenstudie (Figure Study)3849253888585078.652
218Günther FörgUntitled7698410777787889-18.514.2
219Hiroshi SugimotoEnglish Channel18476277143387322.283.3
220Hiroshi SugimotoNorth Pacific Ocean, Mount Tamalpais184762771427714050
221Thomas StruthMuseo del Prado I Madrid 2005184760277141203365-26.610.1
222Hiroshi SugimotoRegency, San Francisco18476277143849238.9108.3
223Candida HöferBiblioteca Geral da Universidade de Coimbra IV384925388810328691.7168.3
224John BaldessariRaised Eyebrows / Furrowed Foreheads: Arm (with Shadow)9238012317420336565.1120.1
226Louise LawlerHappy New Year30793461906466640110
227Marlene DumasUntitled (Good, Better, Best: Comparisons and Competitions)307935388840031-25.730
228Jo SpenceLibido Uprising Part I7698107786159-42.9-20
229Helen ChadwickMeat Abstract No. 6: Cutlery461976986929-1050
230Sue WilliamsA Humiliating Day153972309512317-46.7-20
231Helen ChadwickPiss Flowers92381231711548-6.225
233Chris SuccoUSE YOUR ILLUSION #39238123172309587.5150
234Jean-Baptiste BernadetUntitled (Fugue - Doors 1)30793461906158733.3100
235Cory ArcangelTimeless Standards1539723095246356.760
236Mike BouchetLincoln Pooh18476277143849238.9108.3
237Michele AbelesFuschia, Yellow, Green, Blue, Numbers, Man, Cement, Paper7698107786159-42.9-20
238Rob PruittMother Earth923801231741340808.945.1
240David OstrowskiF (Wall-E)3079346190492696.760
241Parker ItoUntitled Chrome Painting 3153972309514627-36.7-5
246Adam McEwenBomber Harris615879238061587-33.30
247David OstrowskiF (Dann lieber nein)461907698446190-400
248Ned VenaUntitled123171847612317-33.30
250Christian RosaUntitled230953079329254-526.7
252Mark FloodMacaw277143387326174-22.7-5.6
253Robert LongoStudy of Rose615879238061587-33.30
254Robert LongoStudy for Roaring Tiger7698410777712638117.364.2
255Glenn LigonStudy for Negro Sunshine # 5184762771418476-33.30
256Glenn LigonStudy for Negro Sunshine # 7184762771424635-11.133.3
258Oscar MurilloUntitled (Yoga/Yoga)184762771427714050
259Nicole EisenmanIt's Raining Men923812317153972566.7
261Rashhid JohnsonDeal Breaker7698410777776984-28.60
262David SalleBoing Boing7698410777761587-42.9-20
264Zhang HuanLi Qing384925388832333-40-16
265Ahmed AlsoudaniUntitled615879238053888-41.7-12.5
266Ged QuinnThe Height of the Vulgar Commonplace615879238061587-33.30
267Paola PiviUntitled12317184762463533.3100
268Thomas StruthParadise 29, Peru 2005615879238053888-41.7-12.5
270Doug AitkenThe Movement9238123171693637.583.3
272PETER DOIGUntitled (Roma)7698410777787889-18.514.2
273David HockneyGraffiti Palace, New York184762771415397-44.4-16.7
274Ed RuschaBlock Party30793384926158760100
275Louise NevelsonSky Landscape II107777153967134080-12.924.4
276CésarCompression d’orfèverie (Silversmith’s Compression)461906158746190-250
278Angel OteroSerene153972309523095050
279Pierre SoulagesBrou de noix sur papier 108x75cm (A-5), 200476984107777101747-5.632.2
280Antoni TàpiesEmpremta de tisores (Imprint of Scissors)1539672309512495558.162.1
281ArmanHommage à Yves Klein384925388849269-8.628
282Antoni TàpiesEngolado10777715396718796822.174.4
283Miquel BarcelóCitrons Coupés sur une Table (Cut Lemons on a Table)615879238055428-40-10
284Miquel BarcelóDe La Ceba (From the Onion)9238012317492509-24.90.1
286Niki de Saint PhallePouf Serpent Bleu538886928564666-6.720
287Victor VasarelyGalets-E615879238061587-33.30
288Georges MathieuComposition noir et blanc sur jaune (Black and white composition on...30793461905388816.775
289Mark TobeyCity Patterns7698107786929-35.7-10
290ChristoThe Wall (Project for a Wrapped Roman Wall - Porta Pinciania - delle Mura...384925388833873-37.1-12
292Miquel BarcelóNature morte avec guayabe (Still Life with Guava)384925388853888040
294Sol LeWittTangled Bands384925388838492-28.60
295Sol LeWittHorizontal Brushtrokes384925388840031-25.74
296Walead BeshtyFedEx © Large Kraft Box © 2004 FEDEX 155143 REV10/04, International...153972309520016-13.330
297Paul McCarthyDwarf Head (Blue)692859238069285-250
299Matthew BarneyCremaster 4: Loughton Head230953079323095-250
300Matthias WeischerDer Weg (The Way)461907698458507-2426.7
301Richard EstesStaten Island Ferry Interior615879238030793-66.7-50
302Julian OpieSara gets undressed (lenticular)123171847636952100200
303Stefan KürtenNova Scotia7698107787698-28.60
304Erwin WurmModel for telekinetic sculpture230953079315397-50-33.3
305Juan MuñozStaircase307934619030793-33.30
306Rachel HowardUntitled307934619024635-46.7-20
308Angela De La CruzLoose Fit XXX11 (dark purple)107781385711548-16.77.1
309Anselm ReyleUntitled461907698443111-44-6.7
310Yoshitomo NaraIn the Floating World230953079364666110180
311Jason MartinPharoe307934619036952-2020
312Marcello Lo GiudiceEDEN BLU184762771481731194.9342.4
TOTAL (Sold Lots):136106892020047518786538-738

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Featured image: Damien Hirst – Ipratropium Bromide – Courtesy of Christie’s [mc4wp_form]