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Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Evening

  • Christie's
February 13, 2015

So, another night, another auction, and some more big numbers over at Christie’s, at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Evening Sale that took place at Wednesday, 11th of February. Several Cy Twombly‘s works were sold for some eye-popping amount of money, but so did Gerhard Richter‘s, or Francis Bacon’s. Let’s see who were the winners of Christie’s auction. (Also, did you check out auction analysis of Wednesday’s Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day?)

Yves Klein – Sculpture Éponge Rose (SE 207) (Courtesy of Christie’s)

How About $158 Million a Night Sale?

A total of 57 lots were offered at the Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Evening Sale, and all 57 were sold. Although the high and low estimated price for the top three sales of the night were not disclosed, the data for the 54 art works that are available show that 23 items out of 54 were sold over the high estimated price, which makes 42,6 percent. Seventeen items had their hammerprice in range of estimated values, which was good for 31,5 percents, while 14 of them had their hammerprice under the low estimated price – 25,9 percent. All in all, the price for the 57 sold lots was 158.450.713 US dollars.

The High-Rollers of Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary auction

As we mentioned, the top three sold artworks was those of Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter and Francis Bacon. Twombly’s Untitled (New York City) was sold for 26.952.548 dollars, and that was the biggest hammerprice of the night. Gerhard Richter’s Vierwaldstätter See (Lake Lucerne) was sold for 21.584.633, and number three for the night at Christie’s was Francis Bacon’s Study for a Head that changed owner for 13.762.814 dollars. Right behind them was another work of Gerhard Richter, Karmin (Carmine) that was sold for $13.149.338. When we talk about the biggest difference between the high estimated and hammerprice, the best at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary auction was Lucio Fontana and his Concetto spaziale a riflessi, which was high estimated at a bit over 107 thousand, and was sold for over 371 thousand, which was 245,8 percent more. Then, there was Paolo Scheggi’s Intersuperficie curva bianca – it outdid the high estimated price for over 180 percent, with high estimated price at almost 537 thousand dollars, and hammerprice at well over 1,5 million dollars. Did we mentioned that Lucio Fontana’s work did great? Another one of his art pieces outperformed at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary auction: his Concetto spaziale, Attesa was high estimated at 920.214 and was sold in deep seven figures – it’s hammerprice was 2,41 million, more than 162 percent difference between the two prices.

Andy Warhol – Self-Portrait (detail) (Courtesy of Christies’)

The Combined View of Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary auction

Lucio Fontana was also the artist with most of his work auctioned – four – that were sold for more than 88 million dollars, while their total high estimated price was just above 56 millions. Then, there were three Gerhard Richter’s work that was sold for 36,5 millions, and three of Yves Klein‘s pieces went for just under 5,4 million dollars. Three Twombly’s work zwere sold for 33,7 millions, and a pair of Andy Warhol‘s were sold for over 6,3 millions.

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Featured image: Damien Hirst – Lullaby Winter (Courtesy of Christie’s)

  • Christie's

Christie's Post-War and Contemporary in Details

Number of sold lots:54*57**
Number of sold lots over high estimate:23*26**
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:42.6*45.6**
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:17*17**
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:31.5*29.8**
Number of sold lots under low estimate:14*14**
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:25.9*24.6**
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:31.2*21.5**
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1R.H. Quaytman4 Exhibition Guide, Chapter 15 (Diagonal Pink)9202112269514122715.153.5
2Oscar MurilloUntitled15336923005427925921.482.1
3Theaster GatesFor Race Riots and Salon Gatherings383423536792309933-42.3-19.2
4Gunther UeckerInseln (Island)53679269016192340633.872
5Yves KleinSculpture éponge rose (SE 207)92021412269522566877109.2178.9
6Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attese15336902300535279693121.682.4
7YVES KLEINRelief planétaire bleu, (RP 17)13803211840428210677014.552.6
8Gerhard RichterVierwaldstätter See (Lake Lucerne)Not DisclosedNot Disclosed21584633N/AN/A
9Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attesa6134769202142413508162.3293.4
10Yves KleinPeinture de feu couleur (FC 15)7668451073583693354-35.4-9.6
11Andy WarholSelf-Portrait383422553679155020781-6.530.9
12Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled291401138342252413508-37.1-17.2
13Jean DubuffetL'heure de la hâte (The Hour of Anticipation)276064238342253333722-13.120.8
14Christopher WoolUntitled306738046010702566877-44.2-16.3
16Thomas SchütteVater Staat (Modell) (Father State)460107766845100009030.4117.4
17Francis BaconStudy for a HeadNot DisclosedNot Disclosed13762814N/AN/A
18David HockneySteps with Shadow613476920214104610113.770.5
19Anish KapoorUntitled7668451073583164666353.4114.7
20Howard HodgkinIn the Green Room8435301150268164666343.295.2
21Damien HirstLullaby Winter383422561347604177252-31.98.9
22Chris OfiliCupid's Wings230054306738187237-39-18.6
23Glenn BrownKill Yourself536792690161100009044.986.3
24Tracey EminExorcism of the Last Painting I Ever Made9202141226952923406-24.70.3
25Michelangelo PistolettoDonna nuda che avvita una lampadina (Nude woman affixing a light bulb)12269521840428210677014.571.7
26Cy TwomblyUntitled (New York City)Not DisclosedNot Disclosed26952548N/AN/A
27Alexander CalderPetit mobile sur pied9202141226952923406-24.70.3
28Nicolas de StaëlPaysage de Provence7668451073583662680-38.3-13.6
29Cy TwomblyUntitled7668451073583770037-28.30.4
30Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets (KWOPH)38342353679261666914.960.8
31Gerhard RichterKarmin (Carmine)138032102147166013149338-38.8-4.7
32Anish KapoorMother as a Ship46010776684592340620.4100.7
33Alighiero BoettiMappa del mondo - L'insensata corsa della vita (Map of the World - The nonsensical ...122695218404281383511-24.812.8
34Paolo ScheggiIntersuperficie curva bianca3834235367921506205180.6292.8
35Cy TwomblyDeath of Pompey (Rome)613476092021405940995-35.4-3.2
36CECILY BROWNSeven Brides for Seven Brothers736171996899739363-25.80.4
37Richard PrinceEmergency Nurse214716627606422106770-23.7-1.9
38Miquel BarcelóFruits de novembre (Fruits of November)276064383423340605-11.223.4
42Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale a riflessi76685107358371279245.8384.2
43Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attese (il sole)15336902300535325703841.6112.4
44JEAN DUBUFFETBédouin sur l’âne (Bedouin on a donkey)19937972760642364046031.982.6
45Jean-Michel BasquiatThree Delegates7668450107358306017680-43.9-21.5
46Albert OehlenAbstract Painting IV46010761347680071030.574
47Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild153369023005351800032-21.817.4
48Georg BaselitzMalermund (Painter's Mouth)153369023005351306827-43.2-14.8
49Georg BaselitzDie Kuh (The Cow)7668451073583585995-45.4-23.6
50Neo RauchReaktionäre Situation (Reactionary Situation)92021412269521199468-2.230.3
52Sigmar PolkeUntitled (Triptych)996899115026811994684.320.3
53Kazuo ShiragaYugi613476920214104610113.770.5
54Elizabeth PeytonPrince William at the Queen Mother’s Birthday276064383423355942-7.228.9
55Andy WarholJohn Lennon (Green)122695218404281306827-296.5
56Richard PrinceOedipus Complex153369023005351460196-36.5-4.8
57Alighiero BoettiUno Nove Otto Zero (One Nine Eight Zero)460107766845616669-19.634
59Rebecca WarrenOO122695184043371279101.7202.6
60Chris OfiliAfro Red Web7668451073583892732-16.816.4
62Georg BaselitzElke, 1965536792690161463300-32.9-13.7
63ANDREAS GURSKYHong Kong Börse II (Hong Kong Stock Exchange II)383423536792386616-280.8
64Sean ScullyWall of Light Reef460107766845708689-7.654
TOTAL (Sold lots exculding undisclosed estimates):8025800211659112096150718-17.519.8
TOTAL (Sold lots including calculated estimates for excluded lots):149059416189978266158450713-16.66.3

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Featured image: Jean-Michel Basquiat – Untitled (detail) (Courtesy of Christie’s) [mc4wp_form]