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Auction Analysis: Phillips Evening & Day

  • Collectors Tip
January 28, 2015

Phillips Evening & Day Editions of auctions were held in London January 22nd 2015 at 2PM and 6PM. During the day, lots 69 through 241 were open for bidding and the other 68 during the evening edition. There were some exciting results and a lot of conclusions to be drawn. As always, Widewalls Collectors Tip editorial team presents you with all the relevant data, helping you learn as much as you can for future references. Let us see what transpired on January 22nd…

Collectors Tip
Takashi Murakami – And then and then and then and then and then (Aqua Blue); and And then and then and then and then and then (Yellow), 2011 (lot 237)

A Look at the Big Picture

I we have a quick look at the total numbers of the auction, we can see that the sum of hammerprices equates to $3,722,666. In terms of the difference between this value and the sum of expected high estimates ($3,627,300 total), there is a 2,63% difference. On the other hand, the difference with the sum of high estimates of sold lots ($3,472,800 total) equates to 7,19%. It becomes clear that the Phillips Evening & Day Editions of auctions was quite a successful one. But, lets break it down. The number of sold lots has been 217 out of 238, making the percentage of sold lots 91. A total of 54,62% lots (130 lots) were pieces which got sold for a price higher than the high estimated value. In other words, almost 60% of sold pieces reached a price higher than the high estimate. Number of lots which were sold in range of estimated values was 89 (41% out of the sold pieces). Finally, there were 19 pieces which got sold for a value under the low estimate (8,76% of sold lots). Let us turn to the pieces which achieved prices much higher than the high estimated value…

Collectors Tip
Marcel Duchamp – Rotorelief (lot 11)

Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg, Josef Albers and Tony Cragg

Marcel Duchamp’s Rotorelief achieved a price of $35,625. This means that the piece achieved a difference between the hammerprice and the high estimate of almost 200%. Point of View by Tony Cragg, a piece from 2013 was estimated to reach a price as high as $22,500, but got sold for $75,000. Another artwork which exceeded the high estimate by 200% was Josef Alber’s Formulation Articulation I and II from 1972. This lot was sold for $22,500. A similar outcome can be seen if we have a look at lot 132, Robert Rauschenberg’s Signs from 1970. This piece was expected to reach a price as high as $6,000, but got sold for $17,813. But, which pieces can be considered to be the “stars” of Phillips Evening and Day?

Collectors Tip
Toni Cragg – Point of View, 2013 (lot 64)
Collectors Tip
Josef Albers – Formulation Articulation I and II, 1972 (lot 81)
Collectors Tip
Takashi Murakami – Architect of the Heart; Kansei Skulls; Purple Flowers in a Bouquet, 2010 (lot 236)

Jesús Rafael Soto, Christopher Wool, Roy Lichtenstein and Takashi Murakami

If one was to choose only a single artist whose pieces achieved good results in the auction, it would indubitably be Takashi Murakami. Out of 12 lots only two pieces got sold under the price which was determined as a high estimate. If we were to look at the top ten works in terms of the hammerprice / high estimate difference, three out of those works were pieces by Takashi Murakami – lots 235, 236 and 238 were sold for prices higher than the high estimate by 225%, 250% and 191%, respectively. Out of the other works with a high difference between hammerprice and high estimate, Roy Lichtenstein’s Modern Head #5 from Modern Head series got sold for $30,000, Christopher Wool’s Black Book for $31,875 and Jesús Rafael Soto’s piece titled Vibrations: four plates from 1969 for $4,500, making the difference between the high estimated value and hammerprice to be almost 330%.

Next page: Phillips Evening & Day Editions – Detailed Auction Figures

Collectors Tip
Robert Rauschenberg – Signs, 1970 (lot 132)
Collectors Tip
Jesús Rafael Soto – Vibrations dve tacke four plates, 1969 (lot 85)
Collectors Tip
Takashi Murakami – DOB in Pure White Robe (Pink & Blue); And Then x 6 (White The Superflat Method, Blue and Yellow Ears), 2013 (lot 235)
Collectors Tip
Christopher Wool – Black Book, 1989 (lot 136)

Featured image: Roy Lichtenstein – Modern Head #5 from Modern Head series, 1970 (lot 180) – detail [mc4wp_form]

  • Collectors Tip

Phillips Evening & Day Editions – Detailed Auction Figures

Total number of lots:238
Number of sold lots:217
Sold lots [%]:91.18
Number of sold lots over high estimate:130
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:54.62
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:59.9
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:89
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:41.01
Number of sold lots under low estimate:19
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:8.76
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameYearLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1Joan MiróBarcelona Miró 1972-73197352500675009735044.2285.43
2Georges BraqueBass1911/195030000450005250016.6775
3Man RayGrande Hermac. 1975150002250020625-8.3337.5
4Pablo PicassoJacqueline en mariée de face I196122500300003562518.7558.33
5Pablo PicassoPeintre et modèle au fauteuil1963300004500037500-16.6725
6Pablo PicassoVase deux anses hautes (Vase with Two High Handles)19521800027000281254.1756.25
7Pablo PicassoLampe femme (Woman Lamp)19551050013500168752560.71
8Salvador DalíAlice in Wonderland1977/198415000225003375050125
9Salvador DalíSpace Venus1977/19841500022500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
10Marcel DuchampBouche-évier (Sink Stopper), also known as Medallic Sculpture1967/19794500750016875125275
11Marcel DuchampRotorelief1935/196590001200035625196.88295.83
12Joseph BeuysCapri-Batterie198515000225002625016.6775
13Joseph BeuysKunst = Kapital198090001200024375103.13170.83
14Nam June PaikSelf-Portrait1989150002250022500050
15Nam June PaikBorn Again19911050015000159386.2551.79
16Peter Fischli and David WeissEinheimischer Waldboden (Indigenous Forest Floor), from Plötzlich diese Übersicht (Suddenly this Overview)19811500022500243758.3362.5
17Jannis KounellisUntitled (Sack with Z)2001105001500013125-12.525
18Martin KippenbergerAnlehnungsbedürfnis (I Am Lonely)1986225003000028125-6.2525
19Sigmar PolkeApparat, mit dem eine Kartoffel eine andere Kartoffel umkreisen kann (Apparatus Whereby One Potato Can Orbit Another)1969105000150000111750-25.56.43
20Gerhard RichterVenedig (Insel) (Venice [Island])2003300004500093750108.33212.5
21Gerhard RichterDomecke I (Cathedral Corner I)1998150002250016875-2512.5
22Michelangelo PistolettoColumba from Hommage à Picasso1974105001500031875112.5203.57
23Christopher WoolMy House I200010500135002437580.56132.14
24Richard SerraWeight and Measure1993105001500013125-12.525
25Günther FörgUntitled2001450007500052500-3016.67
26Günther FörgUntitled20019000120001406317.1956.26
27Fred SandbackMappe mit 10 Umkehrlithographien (Portfolio of 10 Lithographs)19779000120001875056.25108.33
28Donald JuddUntitled198815000022500027375021.6782.5
29Alberto BurriCretti: A19717500105009375-10.7125
30Alberto BurriGrande Bianco e Nero198122500300003375012.550
31Howard HodgkinVenice Evening from Venetian Views1995150002250012188-45.83-18.75
32Richard HamiltonEight Self-Portraits199422500300003562518.7558.33
33Francis BaconTrois études pour un autoportrait (after, Three Studies for a Self-Portrait, 1979)198115000225003750066.67150
34Francis BaconTrois études pour un autoportrait (after, Three Studies for a Self-Portrait 1983)1990225003000030000033.33
35Francis BaconTriptych (after Triptych 1983)198330000450006000033.33100
36Francis BaconTriptyque Août 1972 (after Triptych August 1972)197922500300005250075133.33
37Lucian FreudGirl Sitting1987300004500035625-20.8318.75
38Lucian FreudHead of Ib19849000120009375-21.884.17
39Lucian FreudGirl Holding Her Foot1985300004500033750-2512.5
40Lucian FreudWoman on a Bed1991-92150002250017813-20.8318.75
41Julian OpieThis is Shahnoza in 3 Parts. 62008120001800037500108.33212.5
42Keith HaringTotem198810500015000020175034.592.14
43KAWSUps and Downs20132250030000375002566.67
44Jean-Michel BasquiatBack of the Neck1983300000450000363750-19.1721.25
45Andy WarholMao1972150002250045000100200
46Andy WarholMao197222500300005625087.5150
47Andy WarholGoethe198222500300004500050100
48Andy WarholLenin1987600009000010275014.1771.25
49Andy WarholHot Dog Bean from Campbell’s Soup II1969120001500033750125181.25
50Andy WarholQueen Ntombi Twala of Swaziland, from Reigning Queens198515000225002625016.6775
51Andy WarholMuhammad Ali1978105001500031875112.5203.57
52BanksyKate Moss - Green/Turqoise Hair2005450007500060000-2033.33
53Elizabeth PeytonJackie and John; Prince Harry and Prince William; John; Kiss (Tony); and Prince William200012000180002812556.25134.38
54Alex KatzSmall Cuts1954-58/2008120001800015938-11.4632.82
55Carsten HöllerBirds2006180002700022500-16.6725
56Marc QuinnWinter Garden2004120001800015938-11.4632.82
57Grayson PerryMap of Nowhere2008150002250022500050
58Ed RuschaOxford Beverly Western19991200018000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
59Ed RuschaNews Mews Pews Brews Stews & Dues19701050015000159386.2551.79
60Thomas Ruff04h 24m /-55° from Sterne (Stars)199245000600009000050100
61Thomas Ruff09h 30m /-50° from Sterne (Stars)199245000600009375056.25108.33
62Robert LongoTiger2011150002250046875108.33212.5
63Robert LongoUntitled (Iceman X)201215000225004125083.33175
64Tony CraggPoint of View2013150002250075000233.33400
65Jeff KoonsDom Pérignon Balloon Venus (Magenta)2013225003000078750162.5250
66Damien HirstMickey2014150002250048750116.67225
67Damien HirstHypothalamus Acetone Powder201212000180002625045.83118.75
68Tom WesselmannMonica Nude with Lichtenstein2002150002250020625-8.3337.5
69Pablo PicassoVisage no. 1441963375045009375108.33150
70Alexej JawlenskyKopf II from Köpfe1922450075003750-50-16.67
71Henri MatisseAutoportrait (Self-Portrait)1951375052504125-21.4310
72Lynn ChadwickTrig I III IV (2 plates)1966; 1966; and 197015002250937-58.36-37.53
73Marc ChagallSara et Abimélech from Dessins pour La Bible19603750450046884.1825.01
74Alberto GiacomettiL'Atelier aux bouteilles (The Studio with Bottles)1957375052505250040
75Alexander CalderSanta Claus197422503000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
76Salvador DalíSurrealistic Flowers19727500105001406333.9387.51
77Jim DineVegetables197022503000412537.583.33
78Julian OpieStill Life with Green Beans, Chilli Pepper and Carrots2001150022501875-16.6725
79Julian OpieStill Life with Chestnuts and Leek2001150022501875-16.6725
80Sarah MorrisDepartment of Water and Power (Los Angeles)2004450075001031337.51129.18
81Josef AlbersFormulation Articulation I and II19724500750022500200400
82Anni AlbersConnections1925/1983225030003000033.33
83Bridget RileyAbout Lilac20072250300031886.2741.69
84Victor VasarelyAxo-9919883000450010313129.18243.77
85Jesús Rafael SotoVibrations: four plates196975010504500328.57500
86Victor Vasarely11 + 11985375052504875-7.1430
87Carlos Cruz-DiezCéramique no. 8200830004500843887.51181.27
88Carlos Cruz-DiezCromointerferncia Manipulable Feria Estampa2011120018001500-16.6725
89Jean-Paul RiopelleAffice avant la lettre no. 106; and Album 67: three plates1967150022501875-16.6725
90Adolph GottliebFlurry196715002250470-79.11-68.67
91Alberto BurriTavola A; and Tavola C from Bianchi e Neri II19692250300031886.2741.69
92Alberto BurriGrande Nero197045007500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
93After Alexander CalderUntitled (Zebra)1975225030003000033.33
94Joan MiróLa dame aux damiers; and L'Illetré vert19693000450056252587.5
95Joan MiróLes géants III; and Les essències de la terra: one plate1960; and 1968225030002063-31.23-8.31
96Joan MiróAlbum 19: plate 191961150022501875-16.6725
97Joan MiróSonatine: plates I-IV1966450075006563-12.4945.84
98Joan MiróLe porteur d'eau II196215002250300033.33100
99Chu Teh-ChunUntitled200445007500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
100Chu Teh-ChunUntitled200245007500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
101Antoni TàpiesSt. Gallen Album: six plates1965300045002250-50-25
102Antoni TàpiesCercle de Corde; Composition Symétrique; Lacet de Corde; Le T renversé; Le Huit; and L'écriture (two plates)1969 and 1970300045003750-16.6725
103Pierre SoulagesLithographie no 31197422503000562587.5150
104Pierre SoulagesEau forte no 241974300045009000100200
105Enrico CastellaniEstroflessione1968225030002813-6.2325.02
106Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale196815002250318841.69112.53
107Eduardo ChillidaGezna VI197037504500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
108Eduardo ChillidaZeartu I197330004500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
109Frank StellaSidi Ifni from Hommage à Picasso197330004500637541.67112.5
110Frank StellaLes Indes Galantes III1973150022501875-16.6725
111Fred SandbackSerie von 6 Lithographien (Six Lithographs)1975150022504500100200
112Fred SandbackSiebdruck (Screenprint)1970150022502250050
113Tauba Auerbach50:50 Random (Fine); and A Half Times A Half Times A Half (Coarse)200845007500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
114Tauba AuerbachMesh/Moire I2012300045003750-16.6725
115Tauba AuerbachUntitled201122503000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
116Howard HodgkinPut Out More Flags19923750525056257.1450
117Howard HodgkinA Storm197730004500712558.33137.5
118Howard HodgkinIn the Museum of Modern Art1979375052501031396.44175.01
119Howard HodgkinOne Down; and Two to Go1981-823000450010313129.18243.77
120Howard HodgkinA Furnished Room19771500225024388.3662.53
121Howard HodgkinArtist and Model (in green and yellow)198015002250262516.6775
122Howard HodgkinSand1982-85225030001032-65.6-54.13
123Richard HamiltonSoft Blue Landscape1979120018001688-6.2240.67
124Ed RuschaAnchor in Sand1991150022504875116.67225
125Julian OpieView from my Hotel Room2008225030002813-6.2325.02
127Richard HamiltonBerlin Interior1979225030002625-12.516.67
128Richard HamiltonChiara and Chair2004105001500013125-12.525
129Richard HamiltonGuggenheim (Black)1970450075001125050150
130Barbara KrugerGib acht auf den Moment wenn Stolz sich in Verachtung wandelt (Watch the Moment when Pride Changes to Contempt)1990450075001031337.5129.18
131Barbara KrugerUntitled (I've Seen this Movie Before / You Make the World Safe for Democracy)1986600090009000050
132Robert RauschenbergSigns19704500600017813196.88295.84
133Bruce NaumanLife Mask198122503000525075133.33
135Douglas GordonFourty from Re-Object/Mythos2007300045003750-16.6725
136Christopher WoolBlack Book19896000900031875254.17431.25
137Michelangelo PistolettoFrattali (Yellow)1999-200045007500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
138Michelangelo PistolettoFrattali (Red)1999-200045007500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
139Robert LongoMark from Men in the Cities1983450075007125-558.33
140Robert LongoFrank from Men in the Cities199330004500843887.51181.27
141Alex PragerJudith2011300045003750-16.6725
142Julian OpieRuth Smoking. 420067500105009000-14.2920
143Julian OpieElena and Cressie Get Ready for the Party. 22011450075005625-2525
144Julian OpieMaria. (2)201145007500900020100
145Julian OpieLuc and Ludivine Get Married. (2)2007450075001406387.51212.51
146Julian OpieThe Gallery Staff I2010450075007500066.67
147Julian OpieThis is Shahnoza 22006600090001593877.09165.63
148Richard PrinceDude Ranch Nurse2008300045002813-37.49-6.23
149Mel RamosCandy (Baby Ruth)198115002250262516.6775
150Tom WesselmannMonica Lying on Her Back Knees Up1990225030006563118.77191.69
151Michelangelo PistolettoCartella A198322503000487562.5116.67
152Michelangelo PistolettoCartella B1983225030002813-6.2325.02
153Michelangelo PistolettoS.P.2009450060006000033.33
154Richard SerraPaths and Edges #8200745007500843812.5187.51
155Richard SerraIntersection1994300045004125-8.3337.5
156Richard SerraNOROMNEY from Artists for Obama2012150022502250050
157Dan FlavinGuggenheim Tondo: two works199430004500525016.6775
158Israel LundUntitled201422503000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
160John CageDramatic Fire1989150022502250050
161Marlene DumasMagdalena1995225030006000100166.67
162Marlene DumasDorothy D-Lite1999450075007875575
163Marlene DumasPurple Pose1999450075001031337.51129.18
164Marlene DumasSnowflake1999600090001218835.42103.13
165Francis BaconÉtude du corps humain d'aprés Ingres (after, Study of a Human Body after Ingres 1982)1984675082501031325.0152.79
166Francis BaconLogique de la sensation (after, Study from the Human Body 1981)1981900012000150002566.67
167Francis BaconAfter Second Version of Painting 19461971750010500112507.1450
168Ahmed AlsoudaniUntitled2008150022501125-50-25
169Richard HamiltonHe Foresaw his Pale Body199022503000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
170Richard HamiltonOrange Order199122503000412537.583.33
171Yan Peï-MingMao from Icones2005300045003750-16.6725
172Yan Peï-MingPape Jean-Paul II from Icones200530004500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
173Andy WarholCow19717500105001218816.0862.51
174Jeff KoonsBalloon Dog (Red)19959000120001593832.8277.09
175Jeff KoonsPuppy Vase1998600090001593877.09165.63
176Jeff KoonsPink Bow20139000120009375-21.884.17
177Jeff KoonsStacked2003225037503188-14.9941.69
178Keith HaringChocolate Buddah 31989450075007875575
179Marc QuinnSleeping Beauty2005900012000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
180Roy LichtensteinModern Head #5 from Modern Head series19706000900030000233.33400
181Russell YoungMarilyn Crying2013225030002813-6.2325.02
182Andy WarholMarilyn (Exhibition poster for Warhol: The Tate Gallery)1971225030007500150233.33
183Andy WarholLadies and Gentlemen1975375052504875-7.1430
184Andy WarholMarilyn (Announcement)19817500105009375-10.7125
185Damien HirstTryptophan from Woodcut Spots201090001200011250-6.2525
186Damien HirstThe Souls I: one plate2010450075007125-558.33
187Damien HirstThe Souls III: one plate201045007500843812.5187.51
188Yayoi KusamaSelf-Portrait1995150022502250050
189Yayoi KusamaDots Infinity199515002250300033.33100
190Yayoi KusamaSprout199515002250337550125
191Yayoi KusamaPumpkin Army '85 (Black)1985600090001031314.5971.88
192Yayoi KusamaDots Accumulation199315002250300033.33100
193Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets (A.B.)1994300045009000100200
194Yayoi KusamaStars199515002250412583.33175
195Various ArtistsStütz Mappe (Support Portfolio)1995600090001031314.5971.88
196Peter PhillipsPneumatics196860009000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
197Jim DineHeart of BAM19961500225024388.3662.53
198Robert RauschenbergEarth Day poster199015002250938-58.31-37.47
199Alex KatzPlaid Shirt 1; and Plaid Shirt 21981150022501875-16.6725
200David HockneyPortrait of Cavafy II; and plate 5, from Illustrations for 14 Poems by C.P. Cavafy196622503000412537.583.33
201Roy LichtensteinLiberté from Mémoire de la Liberté19916000900020625129.17243.75
202Roy LichtensteinHaystack1969600090001218835.42103.13
203Peter DoigDrifter from 100 Years Ago2000-01900012000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
204Peter DoigCanoe Island200037505250656325.0175.01
205BanksyQueen Victoria200330004500525016.6775
206BanksyHappy Choppers200345007500843812.5187.51
207Zhang XiaogangMy Dear Friends: one print2002225030002813-6.2325.02
208Os GêmeosThe Other Side2014600067505625-16.67-6.25
209BanksyLove is in the Air20034500750015000100233.33
210Robert LongoUntitled (Shark 5); Untitled (Ulysses); Spanish Blood (Lion’s Gate); and Russian Bomb (Semipalatinsk)20117500105001406333.9387.51
211Robert LongoUntitled (Rose from Ophelia)2005375052504500-14.2920
212Robert LongoUntitled (Hercules)20107500105001593851.79112.51
213ChristoWrapped Building Project for #1 Times Square20033750525013125150250
214ChristoWrapped Telephone, Project, from 12 Years of Galeria Joan Prats19883000450012188170.84306.27
215Various ArtistsFor Joseph Beuys: 15 works1987450075002813-62.49-37.49
216R.B. KitajMahler Becomes Politics: seven plates; Poster for New Perspective on Floors; and Kneeling Figure II1965-70; 1966; and 1967150022501032-54.13-31.2
217Richard PrinceUntitled201115002250Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
218Rachel WhitereadDaybed199930004500938-79.16-68.73
219Maurizio CattelanThe 1:6 Scale Wrong Gallery200515002250262516.6775
220Thomas DemandFive Drafts (Simulator)200422503000375-87.5-83.33
221Sarah LucasGod is Hip200545006000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
222Sam Taylor-WoodLooking Out200218002700657-75.67-63.5
223Sam Taylor-WoodIvan200418002700657-75.67-63.5
224Sam Taylor-WoodFive Revolutionary Seconds XIV (sketch)1999375052501875-64.29-50
225Wolfgang TillmansCarciofo200222503000562587.5150
226Marc QuinnDrowned World200837505250656325.0175.01
227David NicholsonCures for Love201215002250Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
228Mario TestinoKate Moss London 20062012450075001125050150
229Takashi MurakamiFlowerball – Goldfish Colors (3D); Flowerball Red (3D) The Magic Flute; Flowerball Blood (3-D) VII; Flower Ball (3D) Kindergarten; Flowerball Cosmos (3D)2010-1145007500843812.5187.51
230Takashi MurakamiAn Homage to Monopink 1960 D; An Homage to IKB 1957 C; An Homage to Marigold 1960 C; An Homage to Yves Klein, Multicolor C; An Homage to Monopink 1960 C; An Homage to Yves Klein, Multicolor D; An Homage to Monopink 1960 A; An Homage to Marigold 1960 D; An Homage to Yves Klein, Multicolor A; An Homage to IKB 1957 D; and An Homage to Marigold 1960 A2012450075001031337.51129.18
231Takashi MurakamiMCBST, 1959->2011; MCRST, 1962->2011; and MGST, 1962->201120111500225024338.1362.2
232Takashi MurakamiTreasure Island/Hidden Jewels of the Mediterranean; Warp; NGC 2371-2 (Gemini Nebula); and Genome No. 10^7x2^122200915002250412583.33175
233Takashi MurakamiAnd Then x6 Red; And Then x6 Blue; and And Then x6 Yellow201330004500656345.84118.77
234Takashi MurakamiJellyfish Eyes – Black 1; Jellyfish Eyes – Black 3; Jellyfish Eyes – Black 5; and Jellyfish Eyes2004; 2012225030002813-6.2325.02
235Takashi MurakamiDOB in Pure White Robe (Pink & Blue); And Then x 6 (White: The Superflat Method, Blue and Yellow Ears)2013105015004875225364.29
236Takashi MurakamiArchitect of the Heart; Kansei: Skulls; Purple Flowers in a Bouquet2010105015005250250400
237Takashi MurakamiYo Hakuin; Mirroring Your Image: Take A Bow Hakuin; I Know Not. I Know; I’ve Left My Love Far Behind Their Smell Every Memento...; Who's Afraid of Red Yellow Blue & Death; I Do Not Rule My Dreams. My Dreams Rule Me.; and There Are Little People Inside Me2010-11300045002625-41.67-12.5
238Takashi MurakamiAnd then and then and then and then and then (Aqua Blue); and And then and then and then and then and then (Yellow)2011150022506563191.69337.53
239Takashi MurakamiFlower Dumpling; and Flower Ball (Algae Ball)2013150022504500100200
240Takashi MurakamiFlowers in Heaven; Field of Smiling Flowers; Me and Mr. DOB; Acupuncture/Flower (Checkers); and Flower Smile2008-1130004500637541.67112.5
241Mark Grotjahn and Takashi MurakamiUntitled (Canary Yellow and Black Butterfly 830); and Untitled (Scarlet Lake and Indigo Blue Butterfly 826)2008-1015002250337550125
TOTAL (Sold lots):2381100347280037226667.1956.34

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