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  • Zeitguide 2014
March 20, 2014
Ana Bambic Kostov specializes in contemporary art writing, editing, content creation and management. Connect via LinkedIn

Let by the dominant spirit of our speedy and techy age and time, two creative minds of Brad and Scott Grossman teamed up and created a magazine, or rather – a guide, for wide contemporary audience across the main questions and occurrences in our continuously evolving culture. Their baby is called ZEITGUIDE, a cultural almanac published annually, which delves into every industry and phenomenon through a range of conversations and projects, while helping specific businesses shed the light on their missions and goals.

The aim of the almanac is to “guide leaders through out constantly changing culture and empower them to stay connected, engaged, and prolific.”

Zeitguide 2014

The Guide of Now

ZEITGUIDE is therefore directed primarily to the top executives illustrating cultural, ideological and societal shifts to the idea development teams in order to facilitate and motivate their business planning. The content of the almanac in not only useful, but also engaging, cleverly written and well researched, which allows for the reading executives to enhance their competitiveness on the market through grasping exact needs of the ever fluctuating market.

With ZEITGUIDE business leaders can jump to the destination by skipping jams or detours required in order to reach the presented conclusions.

Also, the almanac shows how to create the best plans possible with utilization of the very tools and channels of the novel cultural traits, without being late or behind. Thus, every executive, marketing expert, business developer and market researcher can both embrace and take the best out of the real market state.

ZEITGUIDE 2014 is a travel catalogue featuring the freshest trends in art, shopping, movies and scientific updates, paving the way for all of those who do not have the time to dive into the exploration themselves.

Since the world never stops, neither do the cultural changes and the ZEITGUIDE crew promises to keep up and keep us informed.

ZEITGUIDE comes in the shape of poli-shaped interactive reading experience, as it can be read online allowing for the sharing of contents or as a printed book, providing an old school episode, but with all the links listed in the back.

Zeitguide 2014


The online free chapter samples enable all interested users to go through and to get acquainted with the format and the scope of the almanac. Three out of 12 sections can be read online, entitled Retail, Food and Health.

Retail section discusses the ending of the trends, attempting to answer questions of whether young Americans will ever follow a single trend again. This is particularly interesting in the light of constant appearance of multiple parallel trends attracting various groups on the retail market.

Food handles innovative media concepts related to food and cooking and their recent development, paying special attention the changes they brought.

Health deals with contemporary concerns about health from an angle of contemporary egotist, overwhelmed with information and seeking to dive into the lake of calmness.

Overall, ZEITGUIDE is the comprehensive almanac covering all the most dynamic aspects of popular and living culture, interesting to read even if a reader is not an executive, but only a curiosity driven cultured person.

Zeitguide 2014