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Damien Hirst – Schizophrenogenesis

  • Damien Hirst, Schizophrenogenesis
October 11, 2014

There really isn’t much point to present a detailed account of Hirst’s life and work here. This artist, by some an unparallel ruler of the 1990s, has entered the art history textbooks, his work will surely be analyzed within the fields of sociology of art and/or anthropology of art and, finally, Damian Hirst has come to be a particular “symbolic presence” in the globalized popular culture… This summer, we have been following the dispute over one of his early paintings “Bombay Mix” and most recently, the artist has gotten involved in a charity online auction, taking place during October (for a detailed list of current auctions, read our Upcoming Auctions: Oct 7 – 13). Whether he is involved in some sort of controversy, or being a part of a good-hearted action, Damien Hirst just doesn’t know how to leave the spotlight…

Damien Hirst, Schizophrenogenesis
Damien Hirst, Zovirax 200mg


In his newest installation, Hirst has decided to turn to the source of inspiration which could be traced back to earlier parts of his career. Namely, Hirst has decided to create a new body of work which would represent the appeal of the pill. The artist has said that they are a “brilliant little form, better than any minimalist art.” The exhibition is supposed to show the artist’s investigations on the relationship we have with the pharmaceutical industry. A neon sign reading Schizophrenogenesis marks the entrance in the world of medicine bottle sculptures, syringes, pharmaceutical boxes and a huge scalpel. Hirst employs the engaging manipulation of scale in order to point out that which is obvious – presence of these, almost magical, tools of surviving the burdens of the postmodern epoch, reminding us of what exactly can be considered beautiful…

Damien Hirst, Schizophrenogenesis
Damien Hirst, Installation – Schizophrenogenesis

Where From Here?

Although the creative methodology, something we have come to love and admire about Hirst’s career, which the artist uses in Schizophrenogenesis, points to the questions of aesthetics and spirituality in the contemporary world overshadowed by the pharmaceutical industry, one cannot but ask: “So what?“ The articulation of this ever-so-present discourse, combined with that sense of Alice in Wonderland proportions, seems to convey a familiar and somewhat superficial incentive… Those ways of dealing with concepts such as mortality, something we have come to expect from Hirst’s work, seem as though they cannot be seen in the artist’s latest expression. The Schizophrenogenesis exhibition is on show from October 9th to November 15th 2014 at Paul Stolper Gallery, London.

Damien Hirst, Schizophrenogenesis
Damien Hirst, Schizophrenogenesis