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Tate Britain is Opening the Largest David Hockney Retrospective to Date

  • hockney’s works featured this february is said to be good like his previous work
January 26, 2017
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The year 2017 will be an important one for this beloved British artist, as Tate Modern in London is ready to host the most extensive David Hockney retrospective in the world. To celebrate his 80th birthday, the exhibition is showcasing the very best achievements in various creative fields over the course of a fruitful career such as his, including painting, drawing, print, photography and video. Presented as a chronological overview, it will trace his development from the moment of his prodigious appearance as a student in 1961, all the way through his iconic works of the 1960s and 70s and the most recent success at the Royal Academy.

hockney’s recent work will also be featured this february 2017
Left: David Hockney – Model with Unfinished Self Portrait, 1977. Oil paint on canvas, 1524 x 1524 mm. Private collection c/o Eykyn Maclean, © David Hockney / Right: David Hockney – Going Up Garrowby Hill, 2000. Oil paint on canvas, 2133.6 x 1524 mm. Private collection, Topanga, California. © David Hockney

The Gem of British Art

One of the most successful and recognized artists of our time, David Hockney has, in a way, redefined the medium of painting for over six decades of creation. Using self-reflection and parody of the world around, he challenged the convention of pictures at large, creating great landmarks of post-modernism. Staying true to his style, the artist explored many media and topics as he went, giving life to a wonderfully diverse oeuvre which also spans from Britain to America and other parts of the world. What is certain is that the David Hockney retrospective will provide a unique insight into a practice that has had great impact on post-war art and culture, and continues to pose intrigue, luring its viewers into its curious, exciting narratives.

hockney’s works, including the 2016 museum ones, are said to be included just like the older ones
Left: David Hockney – Domestic Scene, Los Angeles, 1963. Oil paint on canvas, 1530 x 1530 mm. Private collection
 © David Hockney / Right: David Hockney – Billy + Audrey Wilder Los Angeles April 1982, 1982. Composite Polaroid, 1117 x 1168 mm. David Hockney Inc. (Los Angeles, USA), © David Hockney. 
Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt

Hockney’s Work On View

Playing with representation and artifice, the works within the David Hockney retrospective delve into the very essence of art. The exhibition will come to review early works, such as the Love paintings, made in 1960 and 1961, with which he subverted the language of abstract expressionism into homoerotic autobiography. From the first two decades of his career, there will also be portraits of his family members, friends, and himself – here, we have the 1977 Self Portrait with Blue Guitar, as well as the iconic Los Angeles swimming pools. On display, we can also expect the celebrated Yorkshire landscapes of the 2000s, as well as the legendary photo collages. When it comes to the famous 1986 Pearlblossom Highway, the visitors will also have the chance to see how the roots of each new direction David Hockney took lie in the work that came before; this photographic assemblage, for instance, came to inspire the later works of his Hollywood home and the Californian landscapes, while the abstract works of the 1990s influenced his perception of the Yorkshire Wolds and the Grand Canyon.

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David Hockney – 9 Canvas Study of the Grand Canyon, 1998. Oil paint on nine canvases, 1003 x 1689 mm. Richard and Carolyn Dewey, © David Hockney. 
Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt

David Hockney Retrospective at Tate Britain

The David Hockney Retrospective, as the full trajectory of his career to date, will be on view at Tate Britain in London, UK, from February 9th through May 29th, 2017. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou and the Metropolitan Museum, will then tour internationally, to Paris and New York. The show is also accompanied by a major new catalog from Tate Publishing and a program of talks and events in the gallery.

Featured images: David Hockney – Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1972. Acrylic paint on canvas, 2140 x 3048 mm. Lewis Collection, © David Hockney. Photo Credit: Art Gallery of New South Wales / Jenni Carter; David Hockney – Garden, 2015. Acrylic paint on canvas, 1219 x 1828 mm. Collection of the artist, © David Hockney, Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt; David Hockney – Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, 1968. Acrylic paint on canvas, 2120 x 3035 mm. Private collection, © David Hockney. All images courtesy Tate Britain.