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Detroit Art Travel Special: Discovering Street Art and the City with Jesse Cory and Dan Armand of 1xRUN

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June 19, 2015

The notion of art travel has changed immensely in this century. This comes as no surprise: had I been writing about art travel during the pre-internet era, these lines would have turned out to be a completely different story. In the spirit of a global drifter, I would talk about artwork which could be found in museums and various other cultural institutions, about famous public art collections and sculptures which had long ago become beacons of cultural heritage. Art travel would have been a concept reserved for such individuals as artists, art patrons and those few who could afford such a venture…

But there is much more to this story, and the hidden aspects of it come to light when a movement such as Street Art comes into the narrative. The possibility of appreciating an art piece resting in the urban space has always been of an erratic nature. There was no base of followers intertwined through a virtual network of communication, knowing about a piece in the exact moment in time when it was being created. This became abundantly clear when street artists started to be perceived as identities with a name and a face. Even today, when there are those who create under the veil of anonymity, the persona of a street artist is indubitably recognizable within the urban space.

Now, I know where and when I can enjoy a street art piece… But, why the hell am I talking about all of this? And what does this have to do with Detroit? What do I want to say exactly?

I want to know how has Motor City become Graffiti City. What has Street Art changed in the spirit of a community staring in the face of economic crisis? What are the places I need to see in order to experience the core of Detroit’s art scene? Who are the people that can be my guides through this urban jungle of public art and advisers for this story we call Detroit Art Travel? Luckily, I have managed to find a pair of remarkable individuals who have the answers. Roles of shepherds of the street art culture in Detroit came so natural to them…

Jesse Cory and Dan Armand are creators of Inner State Gallery as well as an intriguing phenomenon which has become globally recognized under the label 1xRUN. The most important thing I have learned through an exciting dialogue is reflected in the realization that one does not travel somewhere in order to acquaint oneself with a certain space. Rather, one becomes aware of a cultural space only through the energy of a community of its creative inhabitants… For this realization I am thankful to Jesse and Dan.

During this special edition of Widewalls Podcast dedicated to Detroit Art Travel, serving as voices of the Street Art culture and witnesses of the transformation of Detroit’s art scene, Jesse and Dan have given us an insight into some of the most exciting and must-see places in Detroit. Along the way, you will be able to get to know them better, because – what is now apparently clear – art travel is about knowing the people and only through a community, understanding a cultural space…

Stay tuned for more stories on Detroit and in the meantime be sure to check out what Jesse and Dan are doing by visiting and! And, to check out more exciting conversations, head on to

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