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Dreweatts & Bloomsbury - Editions and Works on Paper Auction Analysis

  • Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
  • Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
  • Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
  • Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
July 8, 2015

Bad timing. That’s probably the main reason why Editions and Works on Paper auction at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London was sooo awful. It sold just above half of auctioned lots, five of seven top priced lots weren’t sold, and, obviously, total amount of money gathered failed big in compare to the projected auction value. Why is this so? Less than a month ago, on June 11, at Phillips London was held Editions: Including A Selection Of Works On Paper, and this auction was actually quite a good one, as it sold more than 80 percent of lots. There were no other auction of editions and works on paper in London since then, and the two big auction houses in London, Sotheby’s and Christie’s, did not have such an auction in more than two months.

However, Sotheby’s and Christie’s did have four huge auctions in three days (two evening and two day sales), and Bonhams and Phillips also had their contemporary art auctions. One of the auctions (Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day Auction) even took place on the same day as Editions and Works on Paper auction at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury: the Sotheby’s had their sale at 10 AM, Dreweatts & Bloomsbury had their at 1:30 PM. So, the end of the season, insurmountable competition on the same day, and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on contemporary art on June 30 and July 1 during evening sales at Sotheby’s and Christie’s – appears that these circumstances had the decisive influence on Dreweatts & Bloomsbury’s auction.

  • Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
  • Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London

Banksy - The Only Bright Spot of Dreweatts & Bloomsbury's Shortfall

So, the Editions and Works on Paper auction at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London was a really bad one, but it was marvelous for almost every Banksy’s work that was put on sale. All of his 11 auctioned works were sold, and six of his sold pieces were in top 8 of lots that had exceeded expectations. Banksy’s Love Is In The Air had its hammer price 4.5 times higher than its high estimate, and was, by far, the most successful lot of the auction. His Love Rat, I Fought the Law and Gangster Rat also had an excellent auction, with Anish Kapoor’s Untitled (Ring object) that nestled in between them.

Still, these lots didn’t have highest hammer prices – Pablo Picasso’s Maternite (B.70) did, and it was sold for $24,964, while Richard Hamilton’s Flower-Piece Progressives (L.92a-g), Damien Hirst’s Big Love, Henry Moore’s Landscapes with Cows and Richard Serra’s Promenade Notebook Drawing were very close, with hammer prices between $21,843 and $24,183. Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species, Siberian Tiger (F.& S. II.297) had the highest estimated value before the auction ($78,011 – $109,215), but wasn’t sold, as well as Hanne Darboven’s Kalenderaufzeichnung ($46,807 – $78,011).

Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
Anish Kapoor – Untitled (Ring object), 2003 (Lot 214). Estimated at $1,560 – $2,340, sold for $4,057 (+73.3 percent difference).
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
Left: Banksy – Grin reaper, 2005 (Lot 103). Estimated at $6,241 – $9,361, sold for $14,822 (+58.3 percent margin). / Right: Richard Serra – Promenade Notebook Drawing, 2009 (Lot 289). Estimated at $15,602 – $23,403, sold for $21,843.
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
Banksy – Pulp Fiction, 2004 (Lot 96). Estimated at $3,901 – $5,461, sold for $9,049 (+65.7 percent difference).
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
Banksy – Love Is In The Air, 2003 (Lot 102). Estimated at $2,340 – $3,120, sold for $14,042, or with +350 percent – the highest margin of the auction.
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
Left: Banksy – Gangster Rat, 2004 (Lot 101). Estimated at $3,901 – $5,461, sold for $9,361 (+71.4 percent difference). / Right: Banksy – Love Rat, 2004 (Lot 100). Estimated at $3,901 – $4,681, sold for double high estimate, $9,361 (+100 percent difference).
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
Cy Twombly – Untitled from, On the Bowery Portfolio (b.27), 1969-71 (Lot 302). Estimated at $9,361 – $12,482, sold for $18,723 (+50 percent difference).
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
Damien Hirst – Big Love, 2010 (Lot 186). Estimated at $23,403 – $31,204, sold for low estimate. This lot had third highest hammer price of the auction.
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London
Banksy – I Fought the Law, 2004 (Lot 97). Estimated at $3,901 – $5,461, sold for $9,361 (+71.4 percent difference).
  • Dreweatts & Bloomsbury London

Less Than $1 Million Gathered at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury

Out of 321 lots, only 170 were sold, or 53 percent, for less than $1 million (the sum of hammer prices was $959,751). More than 87 percent of sold lots changed owners for a price that was in range of estimated values (44.1 pecent), or under low estimate (43.5 percent). The median hammer price ($3,745) was very close to the average hammer price ($5,646), which means that many lots have been sold for low end prices.

Bellow you can find the summary of the auction, and more details of every auctioned lot.

Total number of lots:321
Number of sold lots:170
Sold lots [%]:53
Total [$]:959.751
Number of sold lots over high estimate:21
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:6.5
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:12.4
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:75
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:44.1
Number of sold lots under low estimate:74
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:43.5
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:30.4
Max Hammer [$]:24.964
Average Hammer [$]:5.646
Median Hammer [$]:3.745
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-33.7
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1Elieen AgarThe Philosopher and the Sphinx, c19359.36112.482Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
2Lynn ChadwickCandle Stick (C.139)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
3Lynn ChadwickUntitled3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
4William GreengrassWindmills and Balloons6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
5Henry MooreLandscapes with Cows15.60223.40323.403050
6Ben NicholsonUrbino (C.1)2.3403.1202.028-35-13.3
7Ben NicholsonSiena (C.39)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
8Ben NicholsonPatmos Monastery (Fragment)(C.73)3.1203.901Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
9John PiperLandscape with Harmony Chapel, 19633.1204.6817.80166.7150
10Lill TschudiRobert (husband of Adry) (Not in C.L.T.)4.6817.8013.901-50-16.7
11Lill TschudiThe Hero of Shanghai (Not in C.L.T)1.5603.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
12Lill TschudiSpahis (L.T.3)5.4617.021Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
13Lill TschudiVenice (Not in C.L.T.)23.40331.204Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
14Lill TschudiPass Road (Not in C.L.T.)5.4617.021Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
15Lill TschudiTrio (See. C.L.T.22)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
16Lill TschudiSailors Holiday (See. C.L.T.24)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
17Lill TschudiBretagne (Not in C.L.T.)5.4617.0213.745-46.7-31.4
18Lill TschudiBretagne (Not in C.L.T.)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
19Lill TschudiLe Long des Quais (C.L.T.84)15.60223.403Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
20Lill TschudiMoutain Valley (C.L.T. 21)7.80110.922Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
21Lill TschudiNursery (Children's Hospital)(Not in C.L.T.)6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
22Edward Alexander WadsworthStreet Singers (G.W/D10/2)15.60223.403Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
23Romare BeardenThree Jazz Musicians6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
24Pierre BonnardLe Canotage (B.42)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
25Marc ChagallAbraham Pleurant Sara (C.30)3.9015.4613.432-37.2-12
26Marc ChagallLa Femme de Potiphar (C3.0)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
27Marc ChagallMoses5.4617.021Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
28Marc ChagallBathsheba at David's Feet5.4617.021Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
29Marc ChagallJonas II (M.660)2.3403.1202.808-1020
30Marc ChagallCirque au Clown Jaune (M.443)5.4617.0214.057-42.2-25.7
31Marc ChagallThe River (M.586)12.48218.72312.482-33.30
32Marc ChagallAutoportrait (M.282)2.3403.1202.808-1020
33Marc Chagall (after by Charles Sorlier)La Lutte de Jacob et de l'Ange, by Charles Sorlier (C.S.40)6.2419.3617.801-16.725
34Marc ChagallLithographe I-VI3.1204.6812.652-43.3-15
35Giorgio de ChiricoL'enigma del pomeriggio1.5602.3401.404-40-10
36Salvador DaliStatue of Liberty (M&L.115; F.64-3d)2.3403.1202.496-206.7
37Salvador DaliPetitis Nus D'Apollinaire (M.&L.199-206)7.80110.9227.801-28.60
38Salvador DaliHuit Poésies (Petits Nus de Ronsard)(M. & L. 258-265)7.80110.922Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
39Salvador DaliLa Quête du Graal (M.&L.778-789, f.75-9)7.80110.922Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
40Salvador DaliLes Songes Drôlatiques de Pantagruel (M.&L.1398-1422)3.9015.4617.02128.680
41Salvador DaliLa Divine Comédie (M.&L.1039-1138)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
42Paul DelvauxLe Bout du Monde (J.23)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
43Sonia DelaunayLes Illuminations12.48218.723Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
44Kees van DongenLa Place Pigalle, la Nuit (J.24)2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
45Kees van DongenLe Gala du Costume de Bain3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
46Kees van DongenLa Place Saint Sulpice3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
47Raoul Dufy (after)Le Casino de la Jetée a Nice1.5602.3402.028-13.330
48Jean FautrierSans Titre3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
49Yozo HamaguchiTwenty one Cherries3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
51Yozo HamaguchiBottle with One and One Quarter Lemons2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
52Mikhail LarionovKomposition1.5602.340Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
53Fernand LégerLa Colombe (S.115)3.1204.6813.120-33.30
54Fernand LégerLes Constructeurs (S.141)3.9015.4614.057-25.74
55Georges MathieuUntitled4.6817.8013.745-52-20
56Zoran Antonio MusicPaysage Rocheux3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
57Man RayLe Violon d'lngres2.3403.1202.340-250
58Man RayBonjour Max Ernst (P.133)1.5602.340Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
59Man RayThe Good Times1.8722.3401.560-33.3-16.7
60Henri MatisseFace of a Young Woman with a Twisted Necklace (D.307)6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
61Henri MatisseMonsieur Loyal (from Jazz portfolio)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
62Henri MatisseLe Destin (plate. XVI)7.80110.9227.021-35.7-10
63Joan MiróFissures (D.465)2.3403.1202.184-30-6.7
64Joan MiróThe Red Bird II (M.99)3.9015.4613.432-37.2-12
65Joan MiróNebula (M. 255)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
66Joan MiróExposition Sculptures Galerie Maeght (M.668)1.8722.3402.4966.733.3
67Joan MiróDormir sous la Lune (D.495)12.48218.723Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
68Joan Miró (after)Mauve de la Lune (after)(MA.1704)4.6817.8014.681-400
69Pablo PicassoMaternite (B.70)21.84324.96424.964014.3
70Pablo PicassoPortrait de Vollard III (B.P.2)3.9015.4614.369-2012
71Pablo PicassoA Los Toros (B.1014-1017)2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
72Pablo PicassoJeu de la Cape (B.1015)3.1204.6815.46116.775
73Pablo PicassoPicasso Lithographe I-IV2.3403.1201.872-40-20
74Pablo PicassoLe Danseur (B.1849)7.80110.922Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
75Pablo Picasso (after)La Ronde de la Jeunesse3.1204.6814.9936.760
76Pablo Picasso (after)Bouteille de Rhum4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
77Pablo Picasso (after)Nature Morte à la Charlotte6.2419.3617.801-16.725
78Pablo Picasso (after)Nu au Faubourg St. Honoré12.48218.723Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
79Serge PoliakoffComposition in yellow, green, blue and red (P.&S.10)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
80Serge PoliakoffComposition in Red, Carmine-red and Yellow (P.&S.19)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
81Pierre-Auguste RenoirL'Album des Douze Lithographies Originales (D.37-48)15.60223.40313.262-43.3-15
82Pierre-Auguste RenoirLe Chapeau épinglé (D.II.7)3.1204.6812.808-40-10
83Pierre-Auguste RenoirL'Enfant au Biscuit (D.31)6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
84Henri RousseauLa Guerre4.6817.8014.057-48-13.3
85Egon SchieleSelbstbildnis2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
86Henri de Toulouse-LautrecReine de Joie (W.3)12.48218.72310.922-41.7-12.5
87Various ArtistsDix Reproductions4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
88Various ArtistsVerve, Revue Artistique et Littéraire issues 1-3818.72328.084Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
89Victor VasarelyFelhoe6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
90James A.M. WhistlerFishing Boat (K.208)3.9015.4613.432-37.2-12
91James A.M. WhistlerTemple (K.234)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
92Bas Jan AderBulletin 44;In Search of the Miraculous1.5602.3401.560-33.30
93Francis BaconRight panel of Triptych (S.17)12.48218.723Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
94Francis BaconHomme ecrivant reflete dans un miroir (S.13)9.36112.4828.581-31.3-8.3
95BanksyGolf Sale3.1204.6813.120-33.30
96BanksyPulp Fiction3.9015.4619.04965.7132
97BanksyI Fought the Law3.9015.4619.36171.4140
99BanksyLaugh Now4.6817.8017.021-1050
100BanksyLove Rat3.9014.6819.361100140
101BanksyGangster Rat3.9015.4619.36171.4140
102BanksyLove Is In The Air2.3403.12014.042350.1500.1
103BanksyGrin reaper6.2419.36114.82258.3137.5
104BanksySoup Can4.6817.8016.553-1640
106Donald BaechlerKneeling Boy3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
107Georg BaselitzMaler im Mantel4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
108Joseph BeuysOhne die Rose tun wir's nicht (S.61)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
109Joseph BeuysWohlbefinden3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
110Joseph BeuysCapri-Batterie18.72328.084Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
111Louise BourgeoisHomely Girl, A life suite3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
112Louise BourgeoisHenriette7.0217.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
113Marcel BroodthaersLa Signature Serie 1 (J.3)12.48218.723Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
114Marcel BroodthaersCitron-Citroen (J.19)9.36112.482Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
115Marcel BroodthaersMuseum Museum (J.9)18.72323.403Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
116Marcel BroodthaersLes Animaux de la Ferme (J.22)18.72323.403Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
117Peter BlakeMarilyn1.8722.8082.184-22.216.7
118Mike BidloNot Brancusi3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
119James Lee ByarsQuarter3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
120Alexander CalderBubbles and Spirals3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
123Patrick CaulfieldEarthenware (C.4)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
124Patrick CaulfieldBlack and White Cafe (C.31)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
125Patrick CaulfieldJug (C.39)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
126Patrick CaulfieldJar (C.40)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
127Patrick CaulfieldLamp and Pines (C.45)3.1204.6812.964-36.7-5
128Patrick CaulfieldFor John Constable (C.47)3.9015.4613.432-37.2-12
129Patrick CaulfieldGlazed Earthenware (C.51)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
130Patrick CaulfieldBrown Jug (C.67)1.2481.8721.872050
131Eduardo ChillidaLe Sujet est la Clairiere de son Corps (K. 75007-75011)2.3403.1202.652-1513.3
132Eduardo ChillidaHatz IV (K.68012)3.1204.6812.808-40-10
133Eduardo ChillidaBarcelona I (K.7018)5.4617.0214.993-28.9-8.6
134Eduardo ChillidaContinuation I (K.66003-66005)3.1204.6812.808-40-10
135Eduardo ChillidaContinuation II (K.66003-66005)3.1204.6812.808-40-10
136Eduardo ChillidaContinuation III (K.66003-66005)3.1204.6812.808-40-10
137AEduardo ChillidaInguru III (K.68002-68005)5.4617.0214.993-28.9-8.6
137Eduardo ChillidaInguru II (K.68002)5.4617.0214.993-28.9-8.6
138Eduardo ChillidaLeku V (K.70003)7.0217.8016.241-20-11.1
139Eduardo ChillidaHand9.36112.4827.801-37.5-16.7
140CésarConserve expansion (from Alimentation de la vision)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
141ChristoSpoleto4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
142George CondoShirley's Car Dream, 19814.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
143Chuck CloseRobert/Manipulated10.92214.0427.801-44.4-28.6
144Hanne DarbovenKalenderaufzeichnung, 197646.80778.011Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
145Peter DoigCanoe2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
146Peter DoigFisherman1.2481.8721.248-33.30
147Peter DoigImaginary Boys1.8722.340Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
148Peter DoigHaus der Bilder6.2419.3615.929-36.7-5
149Peter DoigDrifter (from: 100 Years ago)9.36112.482Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
150Peter DoigRosedale House2.3403.1202.340-250
151Peter DoigAlpiniste3.1204.6812.808-40-10
152Peter DoigMan By A River (from Black Palms)1.2481.872Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
153Peter DoigMan with Fishing Net (from Black Palms)1.2481.872858-54.2-31.3
154Peter DoigHaus der Bilder (from Black Palms)2.3403.1202.340-250
155Peter DoigBoathouse (from Black Palms)2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
156Tracey EminAbout to Fly1.5602.340Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
157Richard EstesMeat Market1.2481.872Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
158Richard EstesChock Full o Nuts1.2481.872Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
159Richard Estes4 1/2 % Interest1.2481.872Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
160Antony GormleySublimate3.9015.4613.432-37.2-12
161Antony GormleyDomain1.5602.3401.872-2020
162Antony GormleyBrain Field1.5602.340Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
163Hans HaackeHelmsboro Country (unfolded), 19904.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
164Richard HamiltonPolaroid Portrait, Barry Flanagan 26.12.686.2419.3617.021-2512.5
165Richard HamiltonGuggenheim (L.M5)10.92214.04210.922-22.20
166Richard HamiltonLa Scala Milano (L.71)12.48218.72312.482-33.30
167Richard HamiltonFlower-Piece Progressives (L.92a-g)12.48218.72324.18329.293.7
168Richard HamiltonReadymade Shadows (not in L.)3.9015.4613.432-37.2-12
169Keith HaringPop Shop I (L see p.83)6.2419.3615.929-36.7-5
170Keith HaringAngel, 19859.36112.482Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
171Keith HaringA Piece of Art3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
172David HockneyStudy for Rumpelstiltskin (T.11)6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
173David HockneyMy Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (T.29)18.72328.084Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
174David HockneyThe Marriage (T.30)9.36112.4829.361-250
175David HockneyUntitled (Two Boys)6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
176David HockneyPortrait of Rolf Nelson (S.A.C.63)9.36112.482Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
177David HockneyFor the Oz Obscenity Fund3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
178David HockneySunflowers II (T.348)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
179David HockneyThe Rescued Princess (T.99)1.5602.3401.560-33.30
180David HockneyRed Square and the Forbidden City (t.254)1.5602.340Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
181David HockneyCanton 79-143.9015.4613.745-31.4-4
182David HockneyWuxi 45-73.9015.4613.745-31.4-4
183David HockneyKweilin 77-63.9015.4614.057-25.74
184David HockneyPeking 10-223.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
185David HockneySian 20-15A3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
186Damien HirstBig Love23.40331.20423.403-250
187Damien HirstTo Love2.3403.1201.872-40-20
188Damien HirstFor the Love of God, Beyond Belief3.1204.6813.120-33.30
189Damien HirstAll Around the World (from In a Spin, the Action of the World on Things, Volume I)2.3403.1201.872-40-20
190Damien HirstRevolution (from In a Spin, the Action of the World on Things, Vol. II)3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
191Damien HirstAdonis Blue Butterfly6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
192Damien HirstEmerge3.1204.6812.808-40-10
193Damien HirstVipera Lebetina4.6817.8014.993-366.7
194Damien HirstExaudi Domine10.92214.04210.922-22.20
195Damien HirstBenedictus Dominus18.72323.403Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
196Damien HirstNo News today3.1204.6812.808-40-10
197Damien HirstShark6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
198Damien HirstPharmacy Plates3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
199Howard HodgkinAfter Luke Howard, from 'For John Constable' (H.See P.169)1.5602.3401.716-26.710
200Howard HodgkinBirthday Party (H.See P.175)1.0921.4041.56011.142.9
201Howard HodgkinStreet Palm (H.87)7.80110.922Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
202Howard HodgkinPut Out More Flags (H.90)7.0218.581Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
203Howard HodgkinIce3.1204.6813.120-33.30
204Gary HumeTwo Roses2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
205JRAnywhere10.92214.042Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
206Jasper JohnsSmall Flashlight (ULAE.58)1.5602.3401.872-2020
207Jasper JohnsLarge Flashlight (ULAE.58)3.9015.4613.120-42.9-20
208Jasper JohnsLarge Lightbulb (ULAE.58)3.9015.4613.120-42.9-20
209Jasper JohnsAle Cans (ULAE.58)4.6817.8016.241-2033.3
210Anish KapoorUntitled 02 (from Shadow)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
211Anish KapoorUntitled (from Shadow III)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
212Anish KapoorUntitled9.36112.4829.361-250
213Anish KapoorUntitled2.3403.1202.340-250
214Anish KapoorUntitled (Ring object)1.5602.3404.05773.4160.1
215Alex KatzBrisk Day II4.6817.8013.901-50-16.7
216Alex KatzChristy10.92214.042Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
217Raoul de KeyserUntitled, 20042.3403.1202.340-250
218Martin KippenbergerFemale Portrait3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
219Joseph KosuthNominated Object4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
220Nicholas KrushenickAbstract Composition2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
221Jeff KoonsSplit Rocker3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
222Yayoi KusamaHat (K.37)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
223Yayoi KusamaCoffee Cup (K.79)7.80110.9227.489-31.4-4
224Yayoi KusamaButterfly (K.81)6.2419.3615.461-41.7-12.5
225Yayoi KusamaButterfly (K.82)6.2419.3617.801-16.725
226Yayoi KusamaFlowers (2) (K.87)4.6817.8014.993-366.7
227Yayoi KusamaAshtray (K.118)6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
228Yayoi KusamaShellfish (K.124)6.2419.3615.929-36.7-5
229Yayoi KusamaSummer Flowers (K.140)6.2419.3617.801-16.725
230Yayoi KusamaRiver Wave (K.172)2.8083.4322.808-18.20
231Yayoi KusamaTown (K.206)2.8083.4322.652-22.7-5.6
232Yayoi KusamaPumpkin MT (K.257)15.60223.40317.162-26.710
233Yayoi KusamaPumpkin (II) (K.283)15.60223.40317.162-26.710
234Yayoi KusamaPumpkin 2000 (K.298)3.1204.6815.92926.790
235Yayoi KusamaNight Flowers (K.314)5.4617.021Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
236Bob LawKisses and Crosses2.3403.1202.028-35-13.3
237Sol LeWittSette Stelle (K. 1984.06)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
238Sol LeWitt1 2 312.48218.72313.262-29.26.2
240Roy LichtensteinSeascape (II) (C.40)10.92214.04211.702-16.77.1
241Roy LichtensteinRed Apple (C.196)7.80110.9227.801-28.60
242Roy LichtensteinIllustration for Passage du Nord-Ouest (C.273)3.1203.9012.496-36-20
243Roy LichtensteinIllustration for De Denver au Montana, Depart 27 Mai 1972(I) (C.275)4.6817.8014.993-366.7
244Roy LichtensteinIllustration for Une Fenetre ouverte sur Chicago (C.271)4.6817.8014.681-400
245Roy LichtensteinAgainst Apartheid2.3403.1202.028-35-13.3
246Mary MartinRotation MM19.36112.482Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
247Joan MitchellArbres (Black and Yellow)1.8722.808Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
248Robert MotherwellDedication–Lincoln Center (B.App.23)3.9015.4615.9298.652
249Takashi MurakamiKansei Korin Gold7801.092655-40-16
250Takashi MurakamiKansei Korin Red Stream9361.248624-50-33.3
251Takashi MurakamiJellyfish7801.092624-42.9-20
252Takashi MurakamiCube 27801.092Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
253Takashi MurakamiAn Hommage to Yves Klein, Multicolor A9361.248780-37.5-16.7
254Takashi MurakamiMe and Mr. DOB9361.248702-43.8-25
255Takashi MurakamiFlowers Have Bloomed7801.092593-45.7-24
256Takashi MurakamiPlanet 669361.248936-250
257Takashi MurakamiYoshiko & The Creatures From Planet 669361.248858-31.3-8.3
258Yoshitomo NaraUntitled (last Right)5.4617.0217.80111.142.8
259Yoshitomo NaraUntitled (Girl)15.60223.40315.602-33.30
260Kenneth NolandMB-830049.36112.482Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
261Richard PettiboneMarilyn on pink Background23.40331.204Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
262Grayson PerryThe Island of Bad Art9.36112.48210.141-18.88.3
263Richard PrinceUntitled (De Kooning)2.3403.1203.120033.3
264Richard PrinceUntitled (from Adult Comedy Action Drama)4.6817.8014.993-366.7
265Richard PrincePotency2.3403.1203.120033.3
266Peter PhillipsPneumatics3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
267Marc QuinnPlate 4, from Winter Garden3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
268Mel RamosA.C. Annie2.3403.1202.340-250
269Mel RamosPhantom Lady2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
270Mel RamosMiss. Comfort Creme3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
271Robert RauschenbergAmerican Pewter with Burroughs II2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
272Robert RauschenbergRetreat3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
273Bridget RileyUntitled9.36112.48210.609-1513.3
274Bridget RileyUntitled (La Lune en Rodage - Carlo Belloli)(R.6)10.92214.04210.141-27.8-7.2
275Bridget RileyComposition with Circles 2 (S.46)23.40331.20415.602-50-33.3
276Ed RuschaHot Air Being Blown (E.126)3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
277Ed RuschaAmerica Whistles3.1204.6812.340-50-25
278Ed RuschaSunliner 21.2481.8721.092-41.7-12.5
279Ed RuschaSunliner 51.2481.8721.404-2512.5
280Ed RuschaZoot Soot9.36112.4827.801-37.5-16.7
281Gerhard RichterBagdad6.2419.3616.241-33.30
282Dieter RothTorte (D.150)2.3403.1201.872-40-20
283Dieter RothContainers (D.276)18.72328.08418.723-33.30
284Jenny SavilleRed Stare2.3403.1202.184-30-6.7
285Sean ScullyStanding 12.3403.1202.340-250
286Sean ScullyStanding 22.3403.1202.340-250
287Sean ScullyStranger2.3403.1202.340-250
288George SegalFemme a la Chaise Rouge3.9015.461Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
289Richard SerraPromenade Notebook Drawing15.60223.40321.843-6.740
290Frank StellaSinjerli Variation IIa (A.116)4.6817.8014.681-400
291Frank StellaSidi Ifni (from the Hommage à Picasso)(A.91)3.1204.6812.808-40-10
292Donald SultanBig Poppies (Yellow)5.4617.021Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
293Thomas StruthMuseo del Prado2.3403.1202.028-35-13.3
294Spencer TunickAntarctica 13.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
295Spencer TunickIowa3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
296Spencer TunickMaine3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
297Spencer TunickTexas3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
298Antoni TàpiesCercle Rouge (G.596)3.1204.6812.808-40-10
299Joe TilsonTransparency I: Yuri Gagarin 12 April 19613.1204.6816.55340110
300Mark TobeyHommage to Tobey (H.42-44)3.1204.6813.120-33.30
301Chu Teh-Chun (Zhu Dequn)Composition3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
302Cy TwomblyUntitled from, On the Bowery Portfolio (b.27)9.36112.48218.72350100
303Günther UeckerNagelbild4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
304Joana VasconcelosTrafaria Praia3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
305Andy WarholFrom In the Bottom of My Garden (F&S.IV.101B)2.3403.9012.028-48-13.3
306Andy WarholFrom In the Bottom of My Garden (F&S.IV.91B)2.3403.9012.028-48-13.3
307Andy WarholCat (Sam)7.80110.922Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
308Andy WarholButterfly6.2419.3616.241-33.30
309Andy WarholHappy Butterfly Day12.48215.60212.482-200
310Andy WarholBrooch3.1204.681Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
311Andy WarholA la Recherche du Shoe Perdu (F.&S.please see p.334)6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
312Andy WarholCastelli Gallery Marilyn Announcement (not in F.&S.)12.48215.602Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
313Andy WarholSAS Passenger Ticket (F.& S.II.20)9.36112.482Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
314Andy WarholEndangered Species, Siberian Tiger (F.& S. II.297)78.011109.215Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
315Andy WarholGems23.40331.204Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
316Andy WarholNeuschwanstein (See.F.&S.II.372)2.3403.1202.496-206.7
317Andy WarholLa Grande Passion Poster2.3403.120Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
318Andy Warhol (after)Exhibition poster for Warhol: Pasadena Art Museum-Brillo2.3403.1202.340-250
319Andy Warhol (after)Poster for Zurich Retrospective4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
320Andy Warhol (after)Dollar Series3.1204.6812.340-50-25
321Andy Warhol (after)Mao Announcement4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
322John WesleyPanoply6.2419.361Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
323Zhang XiaogangMy Memory No. 15.4617.0214.681-33.3-14.3
324Zao Wou-KiUntitled (R.169)4.6817.801Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
TOTAL (Sold lots):862.6361.235.219959.751-22.311.3

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All images courtesy of Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions London.