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Editor's Pick for September - The Art for the New Season

October 3, 2016
Alias of Ksenija Pantelić

We have truly said goodbye to summer. Allowing autumn to step in, and change the nature, length of the days, and our fashion, a comforting fact remains. Widewalls is pushing through the change as if nothing has happened. As September month is behind us, it left us, yet again, with an array of writings from our amazing team. Evident is the growing number of articles informing about the world of art fairs. Some of the most provocative and influential voices, Widewalls offered to our readers. In just one of the many interviews, Adela Demetja presented to us her views and goals. As one of the rising curators, this year at vienacontemporary Demetja curated an Ex-Yugoslavia and Albania section. Alongside interviews, lists were comprised attempting to display old and new trends in the art world. From tribal art to issues concerning technology in art, Widewalls covered it all. Our art news section also made sure to bring all there was to be known about the end of the Marina Abramovic and Ulay’s court feud.

As eclectic as the world of contemporary art is, our team every day brings an old topic and reports about a fresh new idea as well. From historical themes, such as questions concerning balance in art, to recycled art, new approach to materials, or even book suggestions, our features are time machines and small treasures of information we know you enjoy.

As always at the beginning of a new month, Widewalls awards many of our readers with a brief journey to the past. This time it is no different, so

please scroll down and enjoy some of the best writings September left us with.

Is It Really Art ? The Value of a Found Object

Wanting to research the history of a found object art and to explain one of the most influential ideas of art history, the feature focused on some of the celebrated examples of this idea. From the early days of avant-garde art to the present and contemporary world of one of the most influential artist today, the value of every day is acknowledged through these objects. Questioning the very nature of art, and rebelling against the traditional understanding of materials, found object art is the heritage modern art left us with. Numerous contemporary artists still reference such ideas. Maybe it is due to the past of found materials, we owe the birth of junk and recycled art.

If you wish to learn more about the found object and how it helped to shape the new concept, please follow this link.

Featured image: Robert Rauschenberg – Monogram

The Spiritual and the Ritualistic - The Tribal Art

Discussing one of the most controversial topics of various art circles, tribal art, the article brought various cultures and regions of the planet closer to the reader. Attempting to explain what is tribal art, and to illustrate the production of Africa, Oceania, and art of the Americas, the article also described its influence for the modern art production.

If you wish to learn more about tribal art and to understand the significance it had on modern but also contemporary creativity, then please read the full article here.

Featured image: Senufo Zoomoprhic – Mask Mali

A Short History Lesson - Japanese Manga

For the lovers of comics, graphic novels, and the Japanese Manga, Widewalls had a pleasant surprise. With this article, it offered not only a brief history, but it picked out some of the most memorable examples of this cultural phenomenon. Defining manga as one of the crucial aspects helping to describe the Japan identity, the world of Manga was reflected through some of the important times in Japan’s history such as the time of US occupation.

If you missed the publication of this article in September, by following this link, the world of Manga awaits you yet again.

Featured image: Naruto. Image via

The New Murals of 2016 Nuart Festival

Belonging to the third-largest metropolitan area in Norway, the small city of Stavanger is in fact seen as one of the capitals of contemporary street art. All this is of course due to Nuart Festival. Seen as a dominant institution dedicated for the promoting of street art, this year, Nuart Festival has opened the city’s door and has made numerous facades of this charming city into surfaces various stars of street art painted on.

As always, whereever the street art culture is, Widewalls is not far behind. This article brought the new produced murals during Nuart Festival to our readers before the paint was even dry. To re-visit these images and to get more information about the festival please follow this link.

Featured image: SpY. Photo Brian Tallman

Exclusive Interview with Guillaume Trotin - Bringing a Novelty to Berliner Liste 2016

The largest art fair in Berlin, thanks to Guillaume Trotin, is richer. For its 13th edition, Guillaume Trotin curated the new Urban Art Section at the fair, and further emphasized the importance of Berliner Liste. Widewalls was present at the fair and was delighted once Guillaume Trotin accepted an invitation for an exclusive interview.

If you want to hear more about Berliner Liste, Open Walls Gallery and the thoughts of Mr. Trotin, please click here.

Featured image: Guillaume Trotin portrait

Media Arts - What are its Top Reading Sources ?

Recognizing the growing number of artists producing in the media arts, a number of us are still in the dark regarding the question – what is media art really all about? Do we need to know all about various codes in order to understand such a production?

Accepting the rising of this production in the art market, Widewalls was on a mission to find out for our readers the best examples of reading sources on this topic. Not afraid to offer some other pages for our readers’ pleasure, the article briefly discussed what is media arts and then it offered ten books that bring this world and its production closer.

If you wish to read this article in full, please follow this link.

Featured image: Hito Steyerl Factory of the Sun, 2015, installation view, German Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia

All About Sado-Masochism

As always, the Provoke section of our magazine delights many of our riders. Offering some of the most provocative, sensual, and disturbing images without censorship or shame, the articles in this section discuss some of the taboo questions of art and culture and bring the most erotic images today.

In this article, the world of Sado-Masochism was illustrated through the eyes of some of the most influential artists of the 20th-century such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Man Ray. Some of the photographs in this article are considered to be the most obscene and controversial images in history. Understood to represent the most outrageous category of all, Widewalls went on a hunt to find the most provocative images that bring this world to light.

Have we tickled your imagination and desire to see more? Click here to read and see all the images in the article.

Featured image: Robert Mapplethorpe – Brian Ridley and Lyle Heeter, 1979 © Robert Mapplethorpe

The Wonders Within Artist’s Studio

Ever wondered about the history of an artist studio? Have you ever wished you were born at the time Picasso created, or if only you could have met Frida Kahlo and was awarded a day in her life? Bringing the 7 artist studios, the article showcases the intimate place where creativity occurred for some of the most famous names in art history. Offering a brief history of a studio, the article showcases the importance of this space as a symbol and reflection of different times.

Yet again, the Widewalls team decided to dig deep into art history, its past, in order to bring the world of today’s contemporary production closer. Researching the ways artists understood the space of production, the article brings some of the most amazing examples of documentary photography as well.

To read the full article, please visit the page here.

Featured image: Factory Panorama with Andy Warhol

The French Art

Acknowledging the fact that in the last three centuries most movements and pieces of art created in Europe come from the French artistic expressions, various members of our team joined forces to produce a condensed story of French Art. Covering its various movements, such as Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, the 20th-century and contemporary creativity of this country is understood much better.

If you want to understand when did the breaking point occur for this artistic expression, what marked the beginning of modern art, and what are the most memorable examples of this production, visit the full article here.

Featured image:Eugène Delacroix – Liberty Leading the People, detail

All the Animals of the Art World

Closing our list of examples of September topics and thoughts is the top list that brought the love for animals in art. From the description of the bond between animals and man, to the richness of the symbolism, popularity of the animal painter, to even some of the most ironic portrayals of animals in art’s history, the article made sure to emphasize that a painting about a horse, or a small drawing of a rabbit had a long history behind it.

Knowing that our readers always enjoy when we focus on a topic of art history, some consider forgotten, we are delighted to offer you a chance to read this article in full yet again. Just visit the page here, and enjoy the animal world in the hands of some of the most celebrated artists of our time.

Featured image: Edgar Degas – Horses Before The Stands, 1866, detail