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Painting Those Empty Walls

  • Photo by Dan Green
September 30, 2014

One of the most interesting organizational forms which embodies the spirit of street art is certainly an art festival. It seems to incorporate everything we appreciate within the nature of street art: a space for artistic expression which is not characterized as vandalism, a transformation of the public space and a liberating environment for enjoying artwork. This fall, the city of Cardiff will be an arena for an exciting and colorful festival which celebrates urban art and street art…

Painting those Empty Walls
Dale Grimshaw, artwork

The Exciting Group of Artists

Street art festival Empty Walls and its 2014 edition brings an amazing group of artists with the task of changing the nature of the empty walls in Cardiff. These are some of the inspiring individuals which are going to participate in the festival. A graffiti writer and a street artist from Italy, Zed1, is famous for his devotion to the walls – from the tagging of walls and trains to the enormous humanoid puppet-like surrealist forms. Run is a devoted muralist who doesn’t like the term “street art” since he finds himself and his peers to be those who create public interventions. Starting out as an illustrator and creator of hand-crafted objects, Phlegm became one of the most exciting individuals in the world of street art when he decided to transpire his vision from the paper to the wall. Dale Grimshaw is a contemporary street artist working in London. His powerful murals have made him one of the most respected artists of the British art scene. These are only some of the names which are going to be a part of the festival. Other artists include David de la Mano, Rmer, Hyro, Jo¥, Color doomed, Russ, HB, Kera, Best, Ekstraterenk, L3SUP3RD3MON, Phil Morgan, Helen Smith and Dan Green…

Painting those Empty Walls
David de la Mano, artwork

Empty Walls Project – Changing the Environment of Cardiff

Empty Walls Project represents a celebration of contemporary muralism and is devoted to the transformation of the urban space through interventions. The goal of the project is to infuse the city of Cardiff with the power of color, shape and vibrancy by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals. This year’s edition includes over 20 local and international artists, coming from Italy, France, Spain, but also Bristol, London and Cardiff. The Festival lasts form September 21st to October 25th 2014 and it will include a large number of exhibitions and locations. See you in Cardiff!

Painting those Empty Walls
Zed1, artwork

Featured image credit to Dan Green