23 April 2021, 12:00 - 31 May 2021, 20:00

Albert Oehlen. Online Exhibition.

Gary Tatintsian Gallery , Serebryanicheskaya Naberezhnaya, 19

Albert Oehlen is an influential contemporary painter working in an eclectic variety of techniques and imagery. Сycling ceaselessly between abstraction and realism, artist creates a contemporary interpretation of traditional painting models, where the medium and techniques join together to turn to a new independent genre. Oehlen began to incorporate new technologies into his work—inkjet printers, computer-aided design programs and references to the pixelated lines of computer screens. Some of his self-imposed "rules" include limiting his palette and combining perambulating black lines with blended gradations (Tree Paintings), and utilizing erasure and layering to juxtapose bright and muddy colors (Elevator Paintings). Through expressionist brushwork and surrealist methodology he engages with the history of abstract painting, pushing the basic components of abstraction to new extremes.


Albert Oehlen