24 September 2020, 18:00 - 9 October 2020, 13:00


Pavart , via Giuseppe Dezza, 6b

Pavart Art Gallery opens the solo exhibition IN VOLO by Olga Tekheva, a Russian artist who presents a series of contemporary textile art works.
All the artworks are produced specifically for this art exhibition and have never been exhibited before. The main theme of the exhibition is the flight of the dragonfly, a symbol of lightness, freedom and change. A perfect combination of horizontal and vertical lines, almost minimal in their "Mondrianesque" austerity, but reminiscent of the vertical and horizontal rhythms of the weave.
The artifact as an art object, the artist's main point of interest. An object with rich textures and an unpredictable combination of materials, which changes the perception of space and reality by opening the door to a world of "fairy tales for adults". It reminds us of our childhood feelings and dreams that made us become much more than we thought but gave us the strength to fly towards life.
Through art Olga Teksheva tells