7 November 2020, 12:00 - 4 February 2021, 12:00

Joan Parramón: Infinite universe

Joan Parramón exploits the paths of the infinite universe through its particles, its lights, its shapes and even its emotions through color and matter. In his works you can see explosions of brushstrokes of light and color, pure emotional life and artistic talent that lead the viewer to reflect on the composition of matter, the origin and the end of life in exhibitions such as “It is because of the paradigm that I am here ”or“ Macrocosmos & Microcosmos ”. Each work in these exhibitions "arises as an attempt to capture the color and sensations of different materials and moments so that the viewer radiates the energy of the canvas."
At present his work is essentially the abstract work begun at the end of 2012, little by little inspired by American abstraction, in the search for strength and the sensations that color and gesture provoke, looking for the interior of things. , of the universe, nature. and everything that surrounds us.


Joan Parramon