Mar 28th, 2020 @ 00:00 - Apr 11th, 2020 @ 00:00

Love in the Time of Corona

bG Gallery,

Join bG online for a virtual opening of the group exhibition “Love in the Time of Corona / a Social Distancing Art Exhibition”.

Love in the Time of Corona is an in-gallery exhibition hosting a virtual reception.

In this unprecedented time, we are taking initiatives not only to keep all of us safe but to also keep us engaged and artistically inspired. Put on a party dress and grab a glass of wine or get into your pj’s with a cozy cup of cocoa and join us from home as bG brings you a social media - social distancing art opening reception.

Just kick your shoes off and join our virtual reception while you mingle with other at-home guests and gallery staff and see the art exhibition through bG’s streaming platforms listed below:

Join via Zoom: or at the Instagram live stream @bggallery.


Mike Saijo