3 April 2021, 11:00 - 28 May 2021, 18:00

TRA COLOR CHE SONO SOSPESI (Among those who are in suspense)

The unusual situation the whole world faced over this past year, forced most of the people to experience an unsettling feeling of suspense. The sequence of Lockdowns, the restrictions of movements, the interruption of daily habits left us with a feeling of fragility, and precariousness, and for many the difficulties or even impossibilities to work properly made us feel closer to Virgil and the other souls that Dante Alighieri suspended in Limbo -the after death place where he left the great but not catholic minds hanging to an eternal wait. At the same time this suspension reawakened the attention on existential issues and pushed humanity to reargue the “Übermensch” attitude we developed as society - and single being - since a way too long time. We became more aware of the consequences this attitude brought, and still has, on our civilization, on the environment, as much as on our psyche. Since many years the work of Spanish artist Lidó Rico and Italian artist Aqua Aura investigate th