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Christmas Exhibition Twelve Days Presents 34 Artists at The Cat Street Gallery

December 8, 2016
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The holiday season is always an exciting time in the world of art as numerous galleries prepare for their special Christmas-inspired shows. This December art enthusiasts in Hong Kong have the opportunity to view an interesting group show that will gather pieces by 34 artists at The Cat Street Gallery. The exhibit entitled Twelve days showcases the artworks by new artists faces represented by the Hong Kong gallery as well as the latest artworks by its pivotal figures. The exhibition gathers a variety of national and international art-makers coming from countries as diverse as United States, United Kingdom, Korea, and Australia. But regardless of their place of residence and their versatile and original styles all of the artworks in the exhibition share a common bond as they portray the exhilarating spirit of Christmas.

Cat Street Gallery is exhibiting The Connor Brothers artworks at museum in London
Mark Whalen – Constructions

Innovative Artworks by Olaf Muellier and Camie Lyons

Twelve days exhibition marks the return of Olaf Muellier to the Hong Kong gallery’s space where the artist will exhibit an array of his process-based, innovative works. The artist whose known for juxtaposing common photographic technique with the latest technological achievements has developed a creative process that’s simultaneously physical and profoundly digital. His artworks are created through the process of photographing locations and then using digital stitching and similar technology to manipulate the photographs. This unique artistic process results in a set of mystical, and soulful photographs that powerfully convey the duality between the real and the imagined. Pieces that are exhibited at the Twelve Days group show, embody the artist’s deep commitment toward technical and aesthetic innovation. Another recurrent The Cat Street Gallery artist, Camie Lyons exhibits her playful sculptures and drawings at the exhibition as well.

Left : Barbara Kitallides – Hot Rush / Right : William Blanchard – Psychedelique

Mark Whalen’s Debut at The Cat Street Gallery

Apart from the familiar figures that captivated the Hong Kong audience for years, the ongoing group show also represents an artistic debut for several rising talents who just joined the extensive list of The Cat Street gallery artists. Among them is the Australian artist Mark Whalen whose works depict satirical narratives in seemingly universal situations. The exhibition features his latest series of sculptures that continues to explore the issues of displacement and positioning that we all experience in our lives. His latest pieces powerfully depict transformations that humans endure under societal pressure brought to us by the rapidly changing global economy.

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Left : Joe Webb – Hollyday II / Right : Mark Whalen – Loose Ties

Twelve Days: The Final Show of the Year

Twelve days exhibition opened on December 1st. The exhibition will close at December 28th, 2016 at The Cat Street Gallery, in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Other participants include Adam Bricusse, Alberto Sanchez, Andrew Taylor, Barbara Kitallides, Barbara Wildenboer, Cary Kwok, Charles Munka, Claire Pestaille, Daphne Verley, Derrick Santini, Esther Poon, Gavin Mitchell, Hong Sang Sik, James Gordon, James McGrath, Jason Sims, Joe Webb, Julie Rrap, Kate Shaw, Lio Yeung, Noah, Peter Yuill, Reginald Aloysius, Seung Yui Oh, Stanley Sui, Stuart Semple, Tony Lloyd, Vanessa Wong, Wildcat Will, Yuki Matsueda.

Images courtesy of The Cat Street Gallery