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Joram Roukes at StolenSpace

  • StolenSpace gallery, London, solo exibition
May 20, 2015
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A Los Angeles based artist Joram Roukes will be presenting his latest work during The Great Beyond exhibition at StolenSpace gallery in London.  The artist known for its large surrealistic collage-like oil painting, remains true to his style in the upcoming exhibition, that deals with the topics of traveling and exploring. Taking the inspiration from his personal nomadic experiences, Roukes takes us on a journey  seeking to discover whether the grass is truly greener on the other side.

StolenSpace gallery, London, solo exibition
Left : Joram Roukes – Self, 2015 / Right : Joram Roukes – Big Red, 2015

The Great Beyond exhibition

Joram Roukes currently lives and works in Los Angeles but that wasn’t always the case. Born in a small town in Holland the artist had had a very nomadic lifestyle. He had lived and traveled to many places around the globe and the migratory background had particularly reflected on his latest work. The artist pulls inspiration from the big range of global culture influences and his own nomadic experience and brings them all together in his collage-like paintings.

The Great Beyond exhibition consists of a series of large oil paintings, in which the artist is trying to answer the question – what lies beyond here and now. The travel takes on a dream-like surrealist narrative within multiple layers of content incorporated in each of his artworks. But, it’s not an exhilarating journey. Quite the opposite, the travel represented in The Great Beyond exhibition seems unworthy and unsatisfying, referring to a larger perspective, to the conception of dissatisfaction in modern society as a whole.

StolenSpace gallery, London, solo exibition
Joram Roukes – The Other Side, 2015

The Nomadic Collage Paintings by Joram Roukes

Joram Roukes is one of the best known and most respected Dutch urban artists. Roukes achieved a unique and inspiring visual style by blending his graffiti roots with classically trained artistry and know-how. His work is abundant with changes of perspective, subject and style that tend to leave the viewer interested and slightly confused. The shifts and changes create the tension that’s present in every one of his works. His style is eclectic, some may say, even delusional and schizophrenic, but always recognizable and intriguing, forcing the audience to rethink their initial perception and take a second look.

The subjects of his paintings are mostly surreal creatures with animal heads. The artist chooses the animals that people can relate to, those which are commonly associated with different characteristics, behavior or attitude. In a larger narrative Roukes’ paintings are a reflection of life situations in the society, broken and then reassembled in a collage-like manner, that’s causing the audience to question the difference between what they see and what they know.

StolenSpace gallery, solo exhibition, London
Left : Joram Roukes – Gloomy Daze, 2015 / Right : Joram Roukes – Wanderer, 2015

Joram Roukes at StolenSpace Gallery

The Great Beyond exhibition opens on May 22nd at StolenSpace  gallery in London and it will last till June 28th. It will be a second solo exhibition at  StolenSpace gallery for Roukes, after the very successful Les Bons Sauvages exhibition in 2013. The opening reception with the artist will be held on May 21st from 6 pm to 9 pm.

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Featured image: Joram Roukes – The Great Beyond

All images courtesy of StolenSpace gallery.