Street Art

Alex Face /   Patcharapol Tangruen

Taiwan 1981

Urban Art, Street Art

Alex Face
Patcharapol Tangruen
February 6, 2014

Patcharapol Tangruen, also known as Alex Face, is a well-known and influential graffiti artist in Thailand.

Alex studied architecture at Bangkok’s King Mongktut Institute of Technology. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree on a Department of Fine & Applied Arts. An interest in architecture led Alex Face to explore and wander the streets and alleys of Bangkok for abandoned buildings, buildings that he eventually used as a canvas to develop his street art and where he could express himself. He then created Alex Face, a character with an aged, disillusioned child’s face wearing animal costumes. Through his graffiti, Alex Face especially attempts to create a link with the urban population, the underprivileged of Bangkok and the provinces. He now includes images of penguins that have since become famous into his graffiti.

Alex consider himself as an artist with a social conscience. His current signature, a quizzical smoking baby who looks wise beyond his years at first glance cute but all the time worrying about the future of the world. The baby idea was inspired by the birth of his daughter. “The first time I saw her she looked angry or worried” he told me. It made him why she looked like that, causing him to reflect on the life she had ahead. “I thought are you not happy to be my daughter? Are you not happy to be in the world?” Ultimately this world changing personal event had caused Alex to consider the future and in particular to take stock of the changes happening in his own country, the country in which she would grow up.

He draws the baby with a third eye, as well: “I believe in the spirit, that is how I grew up, I feel the spirit” he says. The third eye in his drawings represents another dimension “it’s something that we can feel but can’t see with two eyes so I add the third eye which can see what we can’t”.

He lives in Thailand.

Year Exhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Unban up KoreaStreet Art Festival, Seoul ,Korea.Group
2014Break the IceGraffiti Workshop. Bodø,NorwayGroup
2014THE SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT Graffiti project, Jakarta, IndonesiaGroup
2013Thai-Tai. Project JUT foundation (MOT) Taipei, TaiwanGroup
2013Moniker Art FairTruman Brewery, London, UKGroup
2013 KA-MOAD Mite Ugro ZaZa Gallery, Gwang Ju, South KoreaSolo
2013Exhibition 20th Anniversary Department of Fine ArtKMITLGroup
2013BUK RUK Street Art Festival Bangkok ThailandGroup
2013Alex Face & JaceAlliance Francaise, BangkokGroup
2012Pride Of The Nation 1Tony Jaa, Artery post modern gallery, BangkokGroup
2012THAI TREND nAT BACC ,Bangkok.Group
2012THE UNDERGROUND ADVENTUREArtery postmodern gallery, BangkokSolo
2012THE RENDEZVOUS South east Asia urban art event, Yangon, Myanmar Group
2010After the QuakeChiang mai ,ThailandSolo
2009Block 18 Minimal gallery , Chiang MaiGroup
2009Alex GrowthArt Gorillas Art gallery magnificentSolo
2008BKK Street ConnectionArt Gorillas Art GalleryGroup
2008Under Ground toys 2Art Gorillas Art galleryGroup
2008CHANGE Hof Art galleryGroup
2008Alex Art Exhibition Preduce ShopSolo
2007Love & WarIII placeGroup
2007Project ZeronCentral worldGroup
2007Shot Profile Artist ProjectTV Project From AustraliaGroup
2006Urban River Art Gorillas Art GallerygalleryGroup
2006Keep on Keeping onSi-am art spaceGroup