Alexandra Ramirez /   Alexandra Arnaudova

Bulgaria 1990


Alexandra Ramirez
Alexandra Arnaudova
April 25, 2017
Web journalist, coffee junkie and art fanatic. Cares about the environment, writes for Widewalls. Alias of Milica Jovic

By continuously trying to express her feelings in color, Alexandra Ramirez, creates and abundance of versatile artworks drawing from the rich history of the 20th-century art. The artist who works in painting, illustration, ready-made objects and screen-printing employs a clear and bright color palette and complex compositions to evoke the feeling of joyfulness among her audience. Regardless whether she paints a female portrait or creates an abstract representation of a sombrero there’s always a clear bond visible in her pieces, and a recognizable style that separates her works from those made by her fellow artists.

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Alexandra Ramirez – Frost (left) / Eruption, 2015 (right)

Education and Artistic Beggings of Alexandra Ramirez

Alexandra Arnaudova aka Alexandra Ramirez was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1990. The artist was attracted to art for as long as she can remember and in her teenage years she decided to enroll into art school study at National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria where she obtained a Bachelor and a Master degree in Painting. The artist began her artistic career by painting dark and sinister works but quickly turned to color and large-scale artworks. Even today her work is marked with bright and saturated color palette skillfully composed into overlapping planes of lines and shapes.

The artist began her artistic career by painting dark and sinister works but quickly turned to color and large-scale art works

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Alexandra Ramirez – Sombrero, 2015

From Ubran City Characters to Calming Abstract Landscapes

The artist gets the inspiration for her work from the grand diversity of the 20th-century artists who created an abundance of movements in only one century. Pablo Picasso, David Hockney and Gerhard Richter are some of Alexandra Ramirez favorite artists but she also values the works of contemporary street and fine art masters like Xevi Sola Serra, Paula Bonet and Okuda. Truly, influences of cubism, abstract art, and even graffiti are visible in her works, but masterpieces made by her fellow artist are not the only inspiration for the talented Bulgarian creative. Alexandra Ramirez is an active and keen observer of the present moment, surrounding environment and urban characters that are a common motif in her works. Travels and different cultures and people she meets are also known to capture her interest and inspire her to create.

For Alexandra Ramirez paint represents a way of both depicting characters and expressing emotions

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Alexandra Ramirez – Portrait of Gilda Ambrosio, 2017 (left) / Perlenklang, 2016 (right)

Achieving a Carrier Goal trough Travel and Collaborations

For Alexandra Ramirez paint represents a way of both depicting characters and expressing emotions. Whether she creates a colorful portrait or depicts various elements of nature, chromatically rich color pallet and complex compositions evoke good vibrations and the feeling of joyfulness. Acceptance into Magdalena Jetelova’s open call for accompanying her show (Dis)location at the Museum of Modern Art represents a unique milestone in Alexandra Ramirez career as it inspire the artist to step out of her comfort zone and create her first a video interactive installation. In the future, the artist plans to continue to travel, create an array of collaborative works and explore exciting artist’s residencies.

Featured image : Alexandra Ramirez – Portrait, Photo by Emanuele Gaudioso
Images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017Mini Berlin Espacio Huecha Gallery,Zaragoza,SpainSolo
2017Art BaselArtbox Gallery, Basel, SwitzerlandGroup
2017LunaparkRed Dot Depot Gallery,Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2016Untitled (namesake)Sixty Degrees Coffee Shop,Berlin, GermanySolo
2016RidgesTrap Gallery,Plovdiv, BulgariaSolo
2016ART Bansko presentsART Bansko Gallery,Bansko, BulgariaGroup
2016August IllustratedVivacom Art Hall,Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2016Young Artists (Untitled)Art Incoglito Gallery,Berlin, GermanyGroup
2016Young Choose Young (competition)Rakursi Gallery,Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2016Exhibition IllustrationsCommanda Camp Gallery and Shop, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2016Alianz group Art contestUBA (Union of Bulgarian Artists) Gallery,Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2016New members exhibitionUBA (Union of Bulgarian Artists) Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2016#STOPJECTIFY (Jess de Wahls + Others)Different Gallery,London, United KingdomGroup
2016CanCan Promotion New ArtistsLemoArt Gallery,Berlin, GermanyGroup
2015Summer Nomads vol.1DaDa Cultural Bar and GallerySofia, BulgariaSolo
2015Summer Nomads vol.2DaDa Project SpaceSolo
2015Choosen for youRosso Cinabro, Rome, ItalyGroup
2015Art for ChristmasContrast Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2015All is well when it starts well vol.2Raphail Mihaylov Exhibition Space, Veliko Tarnovo, BulgariaGroup
2015Contemporary Painting (Untitled)Rosso Cinabro,Rome, ItalyGroup
2015TetradaBNP Paribas Bank Exhibition Salon,Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2015All is well when it starts well vol.1City Art Gallery, Rousse, BulgariaGroup
2015Vans Off the Wall CompetitionKapana Fest (outdoor),Plovdiv, BulgariaGroup
2015Mini Art Fest Fo 5th EditionUnderground Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2015Choosen artists (NAA MA Graduates)Societe Generale Expressbank Salon, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2015Eat Art vol.2Smuggler's Diner Restaurant,Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2015Open Call for Contemporary Bulgarian Art CompetitionNuance Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2015Master Degree GraduatesNAA, National Academy of Art Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2014Solo Exhibition (Untitled, namesake)NAA, National Academy of Art Coffee, Sofia, BulgariaSolo
2014Gothic Fest SofiaClub Neu Berlin, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2014Alter-native FestClub Bibliotekata,Plovdiv, BulgariaGroup
2014Mini Art Fest Fo 4th EditionClub Neu Berlin, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2013Open Call Magdalena Jetelova (Dis)locationMuseum of Modern Art, Olomouc, Czech RepublicGroup
2013NE fest (part of DA fest)DaDa Cultural Bar and Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2013Untitled Albena Resort Gallery, Albena, BulgariaGroup
2013Bachelor GraduatesUBA (Union of Bulgarian Artists) Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2013The Last ConferenceNAA, National Academy of Art Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2013European Night of Museums Galerie d’Art Paris –Moskow, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2012From Blood to BrillianceCommunication Room Gallery Sofia, BulgariaSolo
2012Tattoo Art PartySuspacios Gallery,Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2012Sofia Breathes (Sofia Disha) FestivalOutdoor, Pirotska Street, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2011Abyss (debut solo)Atelier Plastelin Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaSolo
2011Live Painting –action project Subway of Sofia University , Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2011Annual student exhibition –“In the labyrinth of perspectiveNAA, National Academy of Art, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2011CONTEMPO IV –festival for contemporary artCultural House “Harmony”, Varna, Bulgaria, Group
2011“St. st. Cyril and Metodiy” national competitionUBA (Union of Bulgarian Artists) Gallery, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2010Protest exhibitions of the students of NAANAA, National Academy of Art, Sofia, BulgariaGroup
2010National student exhibition and competition The Red Pony Gallery,Plovdiv, BulgariaGroup
2010Protest exhibitions of the students of NAANAA, National Academy of Art, Sofia, BulgariaGroup

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