Anirays Camino - Colon, 2015

Anirays Camino

Venezuela 1981


Anirays Camino
Anirays Camino
May 13, 2018
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Anirays Camino, a businesswoman, gallerist, and artist, created the atmosphere of a Paris salon in the core of Miami Beach. The concept of the “Art Living Room” seems to revive a tradition of the high society parties with their focus on art, artists, and creativity of all forms. Being an artist herself, Anirays also incorporates her creativity into her primary job in technology and development. Once a month her office turns into an art gallery and presents a new vibrant art show, building a bridge between art and business, and between art and society. This art gallery is not an ordinary white cube space, but a cozy and welcoming one. That is why it is called “Art Living Room.” It combines an art show with the unique concept of a salon. The process of discovering art is kept here in a natural flow.

Anirays Camino - NWS, 2015
Anirays Camino – NWS, 2015

The art of Anirays Camino reflects her personality. She is a multidimensional artist, as she applies many different techniques. Even more than that, she is a creator and creatively handles all of her activities. She has a particular procedure to achieve her goal both in her artwork and her job. One of the ideas behind her art is that if you follow the right steps in the right direction, you will succeed and achieve the goal!

Anirays Camino - Mixed Succesions, 2015
Anirays Camino – Mixed Succesions, 2015

Her artwork is technologically complicated and perfectly reflects her background. Not only did she study photography and is getting a Masters of Visual Arts, but she is also a CPA. The philosophy of following a right procedure, using motivation and setting goals is at the core of her artistic concept. To create an artwork, she has to go through at least three technically and conceptually different procedures.

Anirays Camino - Goals, 2015
Anirays Camino – Goals, 2015

Anirays first takes pictures of the earth’s surface from unique perspectives, turning a three-dimensional view into two dimensions. Then she puts small human figures on it, creating a three-dimensional installation again. These figures represent motivation and achievement, for they all seem to be struggling for something within a surrealistic landscape. At the very end, she takes a picture of the installation, thus returning the artwork into two dimensions.

Anirays Camino - Harrods Flowers, 2015
Anirays Camino – Harrods Flowers, 2015

All of these steps and procedures cannot be deciphered entirely merely by a glance of the completed artwork. The idea of specific know-how, which requires specialized knowledge, training, and understanding, is standard for Anirays professional and artistic activities. As a gallery runner, she tries to pick up artists for her shows who inspire her artistically and personally.

Anirays Camino - Commute, 2015
Anirays Camino – Commute, 2015

Together with Genesis Gonzalez, who is a professional art curator, they create a unique concept fitting the gallery premises and expectations of Miami’s society. The gallery also offers a free stage for Miami-based artists, to promote them and to build up a network of artists and art-lovers. The same way that Anirays combines diverse angles and perspectives in one piece of artwork, she combines different concepts in one room to create a unique place: a place where art meets society.

Featured image: Anirays Camino – Colon, 2015
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Pop-Up ExhibitionADDISON HOUSEGroup
2016Pop-Up ExhibitionMAISON et OBJET AMERICASGroup
2016The 16th Annual Miracle Makers Luncheon & Fashion showMiracle Society BBBSGroup
2016Dancing With The StarsVanderbilt MansionGroup
2016Amigos InterventionGansevoort HotelGroup
2015Imaginary WorldsRed Dot Art Fair. Art Basel MiamiSolo
2015Pop-Up ExhibitionMiami Design DistrictSolo
2015AlignedHilton Bentley HotelSolo
2015ArtCelerationMacaya Gallery & Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery. Art Basel MiamiGroup
2015Group ExhibitionMaman Fine Art. Art Basel MiamiGroup
2015Art & JewerlyUna Mano AmigaGroup
2015I Love Venezuela FoundationIce PalaceGroup
2015An evening in ParisVanderbilt MansionGroup
2015Dream BIG GalaBig Brother Big Sister of Dane County’s 12th Annual GalaGroup