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Antoine Desailly

France 1982

Installation, Drawing

Antoine Desailly
Antoine Desailly
December 6, 2015

Antoine Desailly is a French artist, best known for his drawings and installations based primarily on repetition. Born in 1982, the artist graduated from ENSBA – Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, in Paris. Influenced by the paintings of the Middle Age and by the geometry of the colorful Persian miniatures, the artist brings together in harmony the trivial and the strange, the ordinary and the magnificent.

Desailly’s Pattern drawings

Antoine Desailly - Untitled (Pattern drawings) #1, 2010-2014
Antoine Desailly – Untitled (Pattern drawings) #1, 2010-2014

Antoine Desailly transfers patterns from reality on the pages of his yellow sketchbooks, again and again, until saturation. Palm trees, soldiers, cars, clouds, windows and pipes are all subjects of his drawings. He explores the repetitive and evolutionary character of the image within the areas of drawing, painting and installation. By taking bits and pieces of reality, he provides a new perspective to everyday life and gives value to marginal objects set aside.

Pattern drawings detail

Antoine Desailly - Untitled (detail), 2010-2014
Antoine Desailly – Untitled (detail), 2010-2014

Desailly’s drawings portray everything from trash cans systematically set side by side, hoses that twist around each other, boarded-up windows and telephone lines that stretch across an almost barren landscape. His paintings are larger in scale but manage to transpose a similar appearance.

Agglomérat installation

Antoine Desailly - Agglomérat installation, 2012
Antoine Desailly – Agglomérat installation, 2012

In 2012, Antoine transformed his drawings into a large installation titled Agglomérat. The installation is composed from illustrated pieces of wood, affixed together. Another series of his works – Waste Paintings, display a range of objects, found floating in the canals, forgotten in the city outskirts, thrown in abandoned spaces.

Waste drawings series

Antoine Desailly - Waste drawing series, 2014-2015
Antoine Desailly – Waste drawing series, 2014-2015

Since his first exhibition in 2003, Antoine Desailly’s art has been featured widely throughout France, Belgium, Budapest, and Belgrade. He is represented by Galerie Celal in Paris.

Antoine Desailly lives and works in Aubervilliers, France.

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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Drawing Now 8Galerie Bernard Jordan, ParisGroup
2013Group ShowGalerie Bernard Jordan, ParisGroup
2013Group ShowSalon Jeune Cration, Centquatre, ParisGroup
2013Group ShowGalerie Marine Veilleux, ParisGroup
2013Antoine DesaillyGalerie W, ParisSolo
2012To be continuedLe Laboratoire de la creation, ParisSolo
2012PromesseGalerie La Ferronerie, ParisGroup
2012Tenir les MursLe Purgatoire 54 Paradis, ParisSolo
2010-2011Premier Regard 10 ansGalerie Premier Regard, ParisGroup
2010-2011ArgusAteliers Le 4, Prest GervaisGroup
2010-2011Fernelmont Contemporary Art FairChateau de Fernelmont, BelgiumGroup
2009-2010NopotoAtelier Martin Bourdanove, ParisGroup
2009-2010Novembre a` VitryGalerie Municipale de Vitry sur SeineGroup
2009-2010L’OuvertureGalerie Catherine et Andre Hug, ParisGroup
2008-2009Salon de l’e´dition parrale`lleCentre d’Art Contemporain Aponia, Villiers sur MarneGroup
2008-2009Re´alite´3Galerie 2B, BudapestGroup
2008-2009FlaquesGalerie Premier Regard, ParisSolo
2007-2008Pression a` FroidCouvent des Cordeliers, ParisGroup
2005-2006Predmet 5Bigz, BelgradeGroup
2004-2005ValseZadkine Museum, ParisGroup
2004-2005Antoine Desailly59 Rivoli, ParisSolo