Arthur Dorval - portrait

Arthur Dorval

France 1987

Painting, Geometric Abstraction

Arthur Dorval
Arthur Dorval
October 25, 2015
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Arthur Dorval is a prominent French painter. His take on geometric images is what made him famous worldwide, and he is one of the most promising young artists in France. Born in 1987 in Lille, France, Dorval showed an early interest in drawing, having accompanied his gallerist father on visits to museums, galleries, and artists’ workshops. He began his academic training at Saint-Luc Toumai, where he majored in Illustration, and subsequently studied Design at La Cambre in Brussels.

Arthur Dorval - Geometric Hatching, 2010 - Copyright Arthur Dorval
Arthur Dorval – Geometric Hatching Series, 2010

Dorval is a part of the pure Geometric Abstraction movement, alongside such artists as Alberto Magnelli, Auguste Herbin and Victor Vasarely. The movement was started at the beginning of the 20th century, but has since evolved, a fact that is evident in the work of Dorval. The play of shapes and colors gives his pieces movement and vibrancy, making them seem more as architectural feats than paintings. It is his signature work on color, as well, that gives a feel of full color or transparency characteristic of his work.

Arthur Dorval - Composition No.2 - Copyright Arthur Dorval
Arthur Dorval – Composition No.2 Series

He gained renown with his first series of works – Geometric Hatching in 2010. This was soon followed by his second series, Composition No.2. Dorval’s artworks have been displayed in galleries across France. He is represented by the David Bloch Gallery from Marrakech, Morocco.

Arthur Dorval resides and creates in the North of France.

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All artwork images are courtesy of the artist and David Bloch Gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Untitled ShowGalerie Hubert Konrad, Paris
2015Sensitive EyeDavid Bloch GalleryGroup
2015Affinites AbstraitesGalerie Wagner
2015Expo CollectiveDavid Bloch Gallery, MarrakechGroup
2015Art Up FairLiile & Rouen, FranceGroup
2014Art KnokkeGalerie 713
2014YIA Art FairParis, FranceGroup
2014Untitled ShowGalerie Wagner
2014Art Up FairLille & Rouen, FranceGroup
2013Untitled ShowGalerie Dorval, Lille
2013Untitled ShowGalerie Baczuk, Cannes
2013Untitled ShowGalerie 73
2013Untitled ShowGalerie Radeski, Liege
2013Lille Art FairLille, FranceGroup
2012Untitled ShowGalerie Emeraude
2012Lille Art FairLille, FranceGroup