September 13, 2014
Jean is researcher and author for Widewalls.

Artomie was first born in Cologne, as the two artists worked together fascinated by the phenomenon of “now”. Their works are created in mixed media and cannot be limited to a single creative route. Inspiration came to Julius Jacobi and Ibrahim Baldé from their immediate surroundings, urban culture, Zeitgeist concept in the broad sense. The majority of their artwork is created in Berlin, their base, but their method takes them across the continent, as they continue exploring new realms of expression.

Bringing ideas to paper and ideals to people, by representing a young lifestyle in a museum-like context, Artomie allows their audience an easy excess, then transforming the viewer’s thoughts into mind travelling journeys.

Artomie is the synthesis of their artistic and philosophical ideas. The name itself derives from the ancient Greek anàtomie, alluding to the ways in which they dissect the visual environment, collect impressions and inspirations from the world. By inserting ART as a prefix, they altered the core meaning of the work, incorporating connotations to fine arts, music, film and photography. Artomie can be seen as “art to me”, the word play referring to the collective context of the venture. All the future participants will work as individuals, contributing to the joint cause, while expressing their personal views and visions through multimedia channels.

The four topical words best describe the creative process of Artomie founders. Their works are therefore packed with meaningful implications, culturally conscious, and personalized. Cognitive processes have a significant impact onto the creative methods of this Berlin based duo, while their inherited or settled knowledge fuses with newly uncovered truths, and provides the perfect basis for artistic creation. Their approach is different. Artomie collective is devoted to keeping it different.

Artomie collective promises to develop further and to nurture the artistic way of living and thinking. Connected to every aspect of modern life, the group will issue a “zeitgeist-oriented fashion collection”, based on the idea of “now”.

Artomie lives and works in Berlin.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014#VISUALDICTATORSHIPTorstrasse161Gallery, Berlin, GermanySolo
2014Art Basel Basel, SwitzerlandGroup
2013Art Basel Basel, SwitzerlandGroup