CEET /   Unknown

Morocco 1971

Street Art, Graffiti, Sculpture, Painting, Design


April 18, 2016

CEET aka Fouad Ceet is a Morrocan street artist, who has been active in the street art graffiti scene for over 40 years. He developed his unique style in French street art scene. His colorful bubbly letters start appearing in almost all of his work. His main character came purely by chance. When visiting China he went to a restaurant with friends and drew a comic looking chicken, because that is what he wanted to eat. It was the only way to order food, and to communicate and that funny anecdote determined the rest of his career. Since then, the chicken became his recurring motif. In his art, there is an interplay of graffiti and design present. The artist also works with sculpture, installation, murals and design. His abstract graffiti are always painted with strong colors and give a powerful sense of movement.

Ceet - Chicken 4
Ceet – Chicken 4

Energetic Lifestyle in Vibrant Colors

Ceet was born 1971 in Morroco and started his street art career in Toulouse, France. With a group of his peers, Truskool and Trumac, he wandered the streets and painted on any surface available. In early age, he developed an ability to express his soul through paint and his energetic lifestyle was portrayed in his vibrant colors. Being an optimist and having a positive attitude towards life, helped him to find his inner calling in street art, but also studio work where he worked with oil on canvas and spray paint. The letters in his graffiti have unusual, eccentric font, and he uses them to emphasize the truth behind his work. Every message he sends is raw, honest and true. He never mollifies the facts.

The letters in Ceet’s graffiti have unusual, eccentric font

Ceet - Chicken 12 (detail) (left), Colors Chicken Green (right)
Ceet – Chicken 12 (detail) (left), Colors Chicken Green (right)

Big in China

In 2003, Ceet visited China and with just one ordinary restaurant visit changed his career. Chicken drawing became his signature motif, and since then, it appeared on many murals, walls, and some even some fashion items. He collaborated with famous brands, like Prada and Addidas and nowadays he runs his own label now called El Camion. He has been very active internationally and especially in China, where he worked with galleries, design companies, and advertising agencies. He works both on his own projects and makes commissioned works, and exhibits his art worldwide. His spirited and entertaining personality deeply reflects his art.

Ceet’s spirited and entertaining personality deeply reflects his art

Ceet - Chicken 11(Left), Chicken 27 (Right)
Ceet – Chicken 11(Left), Chicken 27 (Right)

The Chicken Story and Bubbly Letters

Bubbly letters and the chicken story became an integral part of Ceet’s freestyle abstract murals and graffiti. There is a special spark in his art that brings and transfers positive energy. His murals are lively, energetic and spirited, the same way as their author is. Graffiti are more than just a form of self-expression. They are also a way of self-exploration. Ceet started his career by just writing his own name. In a metaphorical sense, his name was being rewritten many times, as he grew and evolved as a person and artist. The method of expression works only in interaction, so it is up to the viewer to find a message in a graffiti. Leaving his art open for interpretation he opens the door for imagination.

The artist is represented by iDroom gallery.

CEET lives and works in Hong Kong.

All images and videos used for illustrative purpose only © CEET

Featured image: Ceet – Portrait of the artist (detail), photo credits Photoshelter

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015CeetJOYCE Gallery, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2015Ceet at Group Exhibition34 FINE ART Gallery,Cap Town, South AfricaGroup
2015CeetCOMPTON ART Gallery, Hong KongSolo
2015Ceet at Group ExhibitionJARDIN ROUGE, Artist residency, Marrakech, MoroccoGroup
2015Ceet at Group ExhibitionBIENNALE URBAN ART, Museum, Volklugen, Germany, GroupGroup
2015Ceet at Group ExhibitionJARDIN ROUGE, Artist residency, Marrakech, MoroccoGroup
2014No Wings, No ChocolateTOOF CONTEMPORY Gallery, Hong Kong, SoloGroup
2014I believe I can touch the skyBARBARA STANLEY Gallery, London, UKSolo
2014Behind the Red WallJARDIN ROUGE, Artist residency, Marrakech, MoroccoGroup
2013Fouad Ceet - I belive I can touch the skySalt Gallery, Hong Kong
2013CeetYO Gallery, Taipei, TaiwanSolo
2013Ceet at Group ExhibitionBOX Gallery, Guangzhou,ChinaGroup
2013Ceet at Group ExhibitionYAKIN & BOAZ Gallery, Casablanca, MoroccoGroup
2013Ceet at Group ExhibitionJ&Z Gallery, Shenzhen, ChinaGroup
2012Ceet at Group ExhibitionWALL WORKS Gallery, Paris, FranceGroup
2012Ceet at Group ExhibitionCENTRAL PLAZA, Art Fair, Hong KongGroup
2012CeetREIS Gallery, SingaporeSolo
2012Ceet at Group ExhibitionG-DOT ART SPACE, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2012Ceet at Group ExhibitionCBK Gallery, Amsterdam, HollandGroup
2011Ceet at Group ExhibitionOPERA Gallery, SingaporeGroup
2011Ceet at Group ExhibitionHELUTRANS Gallery, SingaporeGroup
2011Ceet at Group ExhibitionMMAX MOCK Fashion Art Exhibition, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011Ceet at Group ExhibitionGRIMALDI FORUM MONACO 40 ans de pressionnisme, MonacoGroup
2011CeetLCX art space, Hong KongSolo
2011Ceet at Group ExhibitionOPERA Gallery, ParisGroup
2011Ceet at Group ExhibitionTHE SPACE, Hong KongGroup
2011Ceet at Group ExhibitionCARRE BAUDOIN, Paris, FranceGroup
2010Ceet at Group ExhibitionSAHIRA Gallery, Djakarta, IndonesiaGroup
2010Ceet at Group ExhibitionKOSMPOLITE ART TOUR, Bruxelles, BelgiumGroup
2010Ceet at Group ExhibitionGRAFFITI REVOLUTION, Hong KongGroup
2010Ceet at Group ExhibitionCROIX BARAGNON Gallery, Toulouse, FranceGroup
2008Ceet at Group ExhibitionMUMUSIC Gallery, Shenzhen, ChinaGroup
2007CeetLOEWE & MANGROVE, Shenzhen, ChinaSolo
2005Ceet at Group ExhibitionGRAFF FAME – Cap Dance, Toulouse, FranceGroup
2004Ceet at Group ExhibitionARTEMPO Gallery, Cugnaux, FranceGroup
2003Ceet at Group ExhibitionGROOV ART Gallery, Guadeloupe, West IndiesGroup
2002Ceet at Group ExhibitionCHATEAU MALROME MUSEUM, Bordeaux, FranceGroup
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2001Ceet at Group ExhibitionMUSEUM CENTRE NATIONAL JEAN JAURES, Castres, FranceGroup
1999Ceet at Group ExhibitionMUSEUM ART CONTEMPORAIN VIENNA, Vienna, AustriaGroup
1997Ceet at Group ExhibitionBIENNALE ART CONTEMPORAIN LYON, Lyon, FranceGroup