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Chris Anthony
Chris Anthony
April 16, 2016
Art somehow explains a lot that's happening in the world right now. Feel free to contact me at

All stories have their endings. Something that’s supposed to be finished, but isn’t, could cause discomfort. We hate cliffhangers on TV shows and would rather see our favorite characters die than wait for the next season to see what has really happened. Chris Anthony, a Swedish-born photographer, is playing with the narrative of his stories, managing to end them in an instant, and yet leaving almost everything open for interpretation. His work is placed somewhere between Renaissance influenced and climate change inspired. What is common for all of his work is the similarity to the movies, at least in the narrative telling and willingness to leave the story open-ended.

Chris Anthony - Birth of a Nation (detail)
Chris Anthony – Birth of a Nation (detail)

Symbolism and the Story-telling

Anthony is a master of story-telling. His photographs are focused on developing characters, designing sets, and symbolism. They seem out of time, silent, but highly expressive. Everything involved, from people to the choice of a background, is revolving around a specific topic. For example, in the Venice series, he chose the theme close to his own beliefs. The fact that nature is gone awry is emphasized by the composition in the photographs. The viewers are forced to take a closer look at the pictures in order to see the survivors and fully grasp the meaning of what’s going on. The artist believes in the scientific forecasts about the humanity’s journey towards catastrophe, and has appropriately chosen the concept of this imminent scenario, showing the lone survivors as they fight the currents and waves, all of that being the result of the climate change which will raise the sea level and simply wash away the Earth’s coastlines.

In the Venice series, the artist ‘speaks’ of humanity’s journey towards catastrophe

Chris Anthony - Venice 3 - Venice 6
Chris Anthony – Venice 3 / Venice 6

The Darkness of Domestic Violence

The artist studied Art History in Florence, but prior to that, he’d lived in the USA and in Stockholm, Sweden, where he was born. He later returned to Sweden to study film, but eventually returned to his true love – photography. For his series Victim & Avengers, he slightly changed his approach, instead deciding to embrace the darkness. Since the main theme is domestic violence, which is also pretty close to the artist himself, the dark tones seem appropriate. The series is based on the frightening and long lasting abuse. And vengeance. And revenge. For all that’s happened to them, the children and women have taken justice into their own hand and murdered their tormentors. What is actually shown is not explicit, as we only see the aftermath of the act, the calm after the storm.

The subject of domestic violence is close to the artist

Chris Anthony - Wednesday #3
Chris Anthony – Wednesday #3

A Warning

It is unbelievable how much effort Anthony puts in making these photographs and telling us these stories of doom and misery, making the viewers almost live through every single one of the scenarios. In reality, his photography serves as a very vivid warning for everyone. Because everyone is affected by the climate change and because everyone can certainly be in a situation where they experience domestic violence. So, Chris Anthony is sending a clear message that it is always better to address the problems before they escalate. If we wait too long, it might be too late…

He is represented by Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles.

Chris Anthony lives and works in Los Angeles.

Featured image: Chris Anthony – Emily (detail)

All images © Chris Anthony

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