Cisco Ksl /   Unknown

Spain 1983

Street Art, Illustration

Cisco Ksl
September 12, 2014
Jean is researcher and author for Widewalls.

Cisco Ksl is a Spanish illustrator, graffiti artist and tattooist who immersed since his childhood in the art world between the Catalan art schools of his city and the world of graffiti. Born in 1983 in Barcelona, Cisco earned his degree in illustration and design. According to him, school taught him basic art, colors, drawing, techniques, but graffiti he learned on the streets and tattoos in the studio.  He currently works as a tattoo artist in the prestigious studio LTW Tattoo in Barcelona. During his free time, he juggles between graffiti, painting and illustration.

Cisco has been always interested in painting, illustration, comics, music. He grew up in a very creative and culturally exposed family so he used to visit many expositions and museums since he was a child. His vocation for graffiti started when he was 14 years old and hitting the streets came from necessity. Back in that time, he painted with a lot of friends, but he never was part of crew. His favorite style is drawing characters. He has been drawing all his life and his art and works evolves every day.

Cisco draws inspiration from the photography, old illustration, traditional tattoos, c-mic, music. According to Cisco, everything seems to be a great inspiration for sketching.

Cisco works on many different mediums such as digital art, print, canvas. He loves the painting and graffiti most because of its possibility to express himself freely: “My paintings or drawings on paper is my real style. I’m free for paint my style. No conditions. On tattoo or others works, I adapt to the client. I can rarely express the same.”

Since Cisco is a tattoo and graffiti artist, he has a really distinct style in both areas. He draws tattoos in both, in color and black & white. His work has simple lines and the absence of shading and color. His typography, from elaborate scripts to simple serifs, is beautifully executed. He started tattooing in 2008 with a friend: “I was always interested in that area of art so I used an opportunity to start doing it.” He explains how techniques of drawing on the skin and on the wall are totally different and that 99% of his time now he is focused on tattoos: “I didn’t choose tattoos over graffiti, but my life circumstances have led me to that. I love graffiti  and I hope to continue painting all my life, although I am now more focused on tattoos.”

Throughout the world Cisco has left impressive examples of his street art, sometimes solo works, sometimes in collaboration with other artists. He traveled and painted walls of France, Holland, Berlin, Morocco, New York …

His future plans are to travel to other countries and cities for more work, painting and expositions.

Cisco Ksl currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014Berlin Tattoo ConventionBerlin, GermanyGroup
2013SBAGHA BAGHA FESTIVALCasablanca, MoroccoGroup
2013Berlin Tattoo ConventionBerlin, GermanyGroup
2012SWAB Barcelona Contemporary Art FairBarcelona, SpainGroup
2011Meeting of stylesFranceGroup
2010Barcelona Tattoo ConventionBarcelona, SpainGroup
2010The variations Goku15 (1st floor). Street Hospice, 8-17800 Olot (Girona)Group
2010Metro 95 per Baetulona, a tribute to the union leader of 30 years, Joan Peiro.Badalona, SpainGroup
2009No undisciplined, not futureGirona, SpainGroup
2009NO CULTURE NO FUTURE1M2 Tournefeuille, FranceGroup
2009NO CULTURE NO FUTUREHuesca, SpainGroup
2009NO CULTURE NO FUTUREOlot, SpainGroup