Dani Torrent - Avaricia (detail)

Dani Torrent

Spain 1974

Pop Surrealism


Dani Torrent
Dani Torrent
April 20, 2018
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

In the meanders of our unconscious, everything becomes relative, the high and the low merge and ethical and aesthetic categories are blurred. The world hidden between dreams and consciousness, between shadows and light, is fluid and bereft of the security that norms provide. In the blinking of an eye what is innocent becomes monstrous, and at once endowed with a mysterious, irresistible appeal.

Dani Torrent - Gula
Dani Torrent – Gula

The search for mystery is the driving force in my work. Androgynous characters, nocturnal insects, power pylons create ambiguous relationships in the luminous night. The oil paintings in the show deal with the individual’s relationship with the unconscious. Self-absorbed children, close to animality, maintain a tacit relationship with a modified natural environment that they seem to understand as part of themselves.

Dani Torrent - artwork
Dani Torrent – artwork

In the series, Vicious Circles, I have observed the ominous shadow of the seven cardinal sins in a new, relative and evocative light, and the answers these norms have previously given become questions. The sins are seen as forces inside each one of us, forces full of ambivalence, possessing both destructive as well as constructive potential.

Dani Torrent - Enveja
Dani Torrent – Enveja

In my work, reflection and irony live side by side in unlikely harmony, just as the esthetic references mix and affect one another without discrimination: Renaissance mysticism, children’s illustration, Baroque strategies, Japanese prints, pop culture, references to alchemy, Mickey Mouse, religious kitsch and anatomical deformation with a debt to Mannerism and Big Eyes Art…all this blends into an apparently coherent, accumulative contradiction where the law of mystery reigns.

– Dani Torrent

Featured image: Dani Torrent – Avaricia (detail)
All images courtesy Fousion Gallery

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2017Dani TorrentOneTwentyEight gallery, New YorkSolo
2015Dani TorrentEspai visions gallery, Barcelona Solo
2014Dani TorrentMusas de Marcús, Barcelona Solo
2013Dani TorrentL’espace Points de vue, Lauzerte, France Solo
2013Dani TorrentLa Farga, L’Hospitalet Solo
2013Dani TorrentGalería Cosmo, Barcelona Solo
2012Pecats CapitalsBar Association of FigueresSolo
2012Dani TorrentGaleria 68, Barcelona Solo
2012Arty ChokesGaleria Tuset, Barcelona Solo
2012Mons oblidatsEspai Visions Gallery, Barcelona Solo
2010Angels i insectesGalería Tuset, Barcelona Solo
2006Les fonts ocultesFundación Fita, Girona Solo
2006Tradició oralBar Association of FigueresSolo
2003La mirada torbantBar Association of FigueresSolo