Daniel Munoz /   Daniel Muñoz

Spain 1980

Murals, Drawing


Daniel Munoz
Daniel Muñoz
June 29, 2016
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

To those that care to look, the human society, in general, follows certain rulings and agenda of the few, whether because of material gain or simply because everyone else tries to do it. It could be said that there’s a certain master-puppet relation that, whether willingly or unknowingly, most of us fall under. Exploring this issue through his murals and drawings, Daniel Muñoz, known to many as SAN, portrays characters that are an obvious representation of this category through narratives common of classical painting instilled with moral discourses of contemporary art. Having made several hundred interventions across Europe, Muñoz became one of the prominent artists of the contemporary art scene of Spain and wider.

Daniel Munoz new mural video street home gallery home 2016 contact canvas
Daniel Munoz – Soot, 2015

Academic Opening

Much like many other talented artists, Daniel Muñoz began his career being self-taught, painting the walls of his hometown during the 1990s. Born in Moraleja, Spain, in 1980, SAN sought to expand his knowledge and style after several years of autodidact practice, moving to Madrid and attending the Faculty of Fine Arts. Murals across not just Madrid but the country followed, enabling SAN to spread the message he was trying to convey to a wide audience without any socio-cultural discrimination. The width of knowledge that the faculty provided had him shift his practice towards drawing in addition to his street art, and over the years, it became a medium he prefers to use in his practice.

Daniel Muñoz began his career being self-taught

Daniel Munoz new gallery home 2016 mural video street facebook photography
Daniel Munoz – Semantic Spree, 2012

Street Art by San – Puppets and Masters

Whether through murals or drawings, Daniel Muñoz conveys a powerful message to the viewers. Making hundreds of depictions both on walls and paper, the artist explores the encompassing issues of society and does so in a peculiar way. Using symbols and codes, it’s often easy to have different interpretations of any single piece, and even fall into confusion, regardless of the fact that the works depict mundane topics and everyday anecdotes. Investigating human behavior and various aspects of relationships within social groups, SAN averts attention to the dominance of the elected few and the struggle of those willing to serve. A recurring motif in his works is the mask, used to relate to the hiding of true intentions of those wearing it, feeding the mirage of material goals to the ones that are submitted, put under surveillance and instruction.

In his street art pieces, SAN averts attention to the dominance of the elected few and the struggle of those (un)willing to serve

Daniel Munoz new gallery home 2016 mural video street canvas
Daniel Munoz – The curtain (983 followers), 2015

Spread the Word

With a truly strong message to carry across, the work of SAN entices on several different levels. With a lot of details and visual stimulation within each work, his pieces evoke a strong sense of tension within the hidden motives of his subjects, with an ominous feeling of surveillance enhanced by the realization that it derives from reality. It comes as no surprise that his work has been exhibited widely as well as published in numerous books and publications, making him one of the most prominent Spanish artists of the day whose street art pieces can be found all around the world including in Scotland, Spain, Puerto Rico, USA, Thailand, and Poland, among others.

SAN lives and works in Moraleja, Spain.

Featured image: Daniel Munoz aka SAN – Edge 1, Atlanta, USA, 2014
All photos courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2016Trincheras y otros anticonceptivos CEART, Fuenlabrada, SpainSolo
2015Between the lines 886 gallery, San Francisco, USASolo
2015Artist in residence Glenfiddich gallery, Duffotwn, ScotlandGroup
2015Un dessin est beau si la ligne est vivante Le Pilori, Niort, FranceGroup
2015IAM x Up &coming Galeria Kreisler, Madrid, SpainGroup
2015Feria de arte contemporaneo FIG SC gallery, Bilbao, SpainGroup
2014Touché, 2 Atelier Bleterie gallery, La Rochelle, FranceSolo
2014Latigo Fundación Francisco Pizarro, Trujillo, SpainSolo
2014Dolores Anatomic Museum Luigi Cattaneo, Bologna, ItalyGroup
2014Living walls The Goat Farm Center for the Arts, Atlanta, USAGroup
2014Summertimes Yusto-Giner gallery, Marbella, SpainGroup
2014Abnormal activity 3 punts gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2014On paper SC gallery, Bilbao, SpainGroup
2014Los muros hablan Bayamon, Puerto RicoSolo
2014La Canals San Juan, Puerto RicoSolo
2014Living walls Atlanta, USASolo
2014BCN reset Featuring La fura dels Baus & Enric Miralles Foundation, Barcelona, SpainSolo
2014Practicas contemporaneas Centro Negra, Blanca, SpainSolo
2013Touché Le Pilori contemporary art center, Niort, FranceSolo
2013ON PAINTING Practicas pictóricas actuales…mas alla de la pintura o mas acaGroup
2013Castillo CEART, Fuenlabrada, SpainGroup
2013Bukruk BACC Museum, Bangkok, ThailandGroup
2013Ad infinutum Iam gallery, Madrid, SpainGroup
2013Le 4eme MUR Niort, FranceSolo
2013Monumental Gdansk, PolandSolo
2013Bukruk Bangkok, ThailandSolo
2012Posesiones de ultramar Delimbo gallery, Sevilla, SpainSolo
2012Fresh produce Anno Domini gallery, San Jose, USAGroup
2012Chritsmas group show Stolen Space gallery, London, UKGroup
2012Insiders N2 gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2012Post graffiti La Maison Folie de MoulinsGroup
2012Post graffiti Ancien Collège des Jésuites, Reims, FranceGroup
2012Del muralart Mercé sala space, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2012Las 7 diferencias Iam gallery, Madrid, SpainGroup
2012Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven Insituto Cervantes, Sofia, BulgaryGroup
2012Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven Insituto Cervantes, Belgrado, SerbiaGroup
2012Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven Mikser house, Belgrad, SerbiaGroup
2012Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven Insituto cervantes, Toulouse, FranceGroup
2012Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven Centro de historia, Zaragoza, SpainGroup
2012Comma Perugia, ItalySolo
2012Grapheine Toulouse, FranceSolo
2012Murales en La Escocesa Barcelona, SpainSolo
2011See you in Croatan feat, Escif Fifty24SF gallery, San Francisco, USASolo
2011Lucid dreams Noel-Baza gallery.San Diego, USAGroup
2011Artaq Abbey du Ronceray, Angers, FranceGroup
2011Art Barter Curated by Lauren Jones & Alix Janta, Centro de Arte Complutense, Madrid, SpainGroup
2011Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven Sede Instituto Cervantes, Madrid, SpainGroup
2011Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven Instituto Cervantes, Burdeos, FranceGroup
2011Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven National gallery, Amman, JordanyGroup
2011Grafika: 30 artistas de la Espana joven Audi foundation, Beirut, LibanoGroup
2011The helping hounds of hell Berlin art projects gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2011The helping hounds of hell Hamburger botschaft, Hamburgo, GermanyGroup
2011Bien Urbain Besancon, FranceSolo
2011Jardines Tanger, MoroccoSolo
2011Trabajos en el crucero Leon, SpainSolo
2010Aurea Mediocritas The Don gallery, Milan, ItalySolo
2010La memoria en el laberinto Museo de Bellas Artes GravinaGroup
2010La memoria en el laberinto Centro de congresos, Elche, SpainGroup
2010Never judge a book by the cover Stolen space gallery, London, UKGroup
2010Le M.U.R. Espace des Blancs Manteux, Paris, FranceGroup
2010Summer group show Stolen space gallery, London, UKGroup
2010Too cool for school Iguapop gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2010Editions show The Don gallery, Milan, ItalyGroup
2010All in! Espace GHP .Toulouse, FranceGroup
2010SWAB Contemporary art fair, Iguapop gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2010Conquistadores Strychnin gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2010Rewallution Catania, ItalySolo
2010Insitu Miajadas, SpainSolo
2009La histeria interminable Iguapop gallery, Barcelona, SpainSolo
2009Pygmalion Stolen Space gallery, London, UKSolo
2009Vitamina € Delimbo gallery, Sevilla, SpainSolo
2009Juxtapoz 15th aniversary The Factory place arts complex, San Francisco(USAGroup
2009 El pensamiento en la boca Cajasol Foundation, Sevilla, SpainGroup
2009 Seven seals Mtn gallery, Nottingham, UKGroup
2009 Ink and movement The showroom gallery, New York, USAGroup
2009Ink and movement Carmen de la Guerra gallery, Madrid, SpainGroup
2009Ink and movement Issue gallery, Paris, FranceGroup
2009Ink and movement Mtn gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2009Ink and movement London, UKSolo
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2008Tribute to Max Ernst Museo Picasso, Malaga, SpainGroup
2008Chritsmas group show Stolen Space gallery, London, UKGroup
2008Grand Openning show Fifty24LA gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2008Wake up The Don gallery, Milan, ItalyGroup
2008Winter Collective show O Contemporary gallery, Brighton, UKGroup
2008A las barricadas Centro de Historia de Zaragoza, SpainSolo
2008Paredes hablan Cordoba, SpainSolo
2007Sparks & Ashes Fifty24SF gallery, San Francisco, USASolo
2007Luis Adelantado gallery, Valencia, SpainGroup
2007Fabulosas desordens Caixa cultural do Rio de Janeiro, BrazilGroup
2007Die young Neurotitan gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2007Die young No new enemies gallery, Brussels, BelgiumGroup
2007Caos Delimbo gallery, Sevilla, SpainGroup
2007Fabulosas Desordens Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSolo
2007Meeting of Styles Thessalonikki, GreeceSolo
2007The coffe Break Caceres, SpainSolo
2007La alucinante unidad errante Madrid, SpainSolo
2006Superspecie Mtn gallery, Barcelona, SpainSolo
2006Return mail Candela gallery, San Juan, Puerto RicoGroup
2006T mix project Linda gallery, Hamburgo, GermanyGroup
2006Summer group show Iguapop gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2006Segundo asalto Centro de Historia de Zaragoza, SpainGroup
2006Las edades del graffiti Palacio de Gutierre, Leon, SpainGroup
2006Poliniza Universidad Politécnica, Valencia, SpainGroup
2006Segundo asalto Zaragoza, SpainSolo
2006Eurocultured Dublin, IrelandSolo
2006Mail Return San Juan, Puerto RicoSolo
2006Ibiza Urban festival Ibiza, SpainSolo
2006Eurocultured Manchester, UKSolo
2006Poliniza Valencia, SpainSolo
2006C.U.06 Madrid, SpainSolo
2006Bread & Butter Barcelona, SpainSolo
2005Veo Veo Carhartt gallery, Madrid, SpainSolo
2005Tras la pared Annta gallery, Madrid, SpainGroup
2005Xpress art Anglada gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2005Xpress art Valvi Foundation, Gerona, SpainGroup
200521 disenadores de Cibeles x 21artistas urbanos Pasarela Cibeles, Madrid, SpainGroup
2005Art Under Pressure Moscú, RussiaSolo
2005Urban art festival Gran Canaria, Sevilla, SpainSolo
2005Summer Sessions Strasbourg, FranceSolo
2005Bread & Butter Barcelona, SpainSolo
2005Urban expressions Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, SpainSolo
2005C.U.05 Madrid, SpainSolo
2004El sentido de las palabras Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla, SpainGroup
2004Horror Vacui Facultad de Bellas Artes, Sevilla, SpainGroup
2004Sin titulo Arambol gallery, Valladolid, SpainGroup
2004Edición Madrid III Edificio de las Cariatides, Madrid, SpainGroup
2004Satisfaxion Cadiz, SpainSolo
2004Spoko Sevilla, SpainSolo
2004Beach jumps Alicante, SpainSolo
2004Arte arde Valencia, SpainSolo
2004Meeting of Styles Wiesbaden, GermanySolo
2003Festimad Madrid, SpainSolo
2002Festimad Madrid, SpainSolo
2001Ciudad europea de la cultura Salamanca, SpainSolo
2000Womad Caceres, SpainSolo