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Dinh Quan

Vietnam 1964


Dinh Quan
Dinh Quan
December 20, 2014

Dinh Quan is a Vietnamese artist, best known for his innovative approach to the traditional art of lacquer painting, in which way he develops a unique and dynamic style variation to the traditional technique.

Dinh Quan was born in 1964, in the coastal city of Haiphong, North Vietnam. He studied lacquer painting at the Hanoi Fine Arts College, and graduated in 1990. On a self-described journey towards enlightenment, Dinh Quan is today recognized as one of Vietnam’s most important artists. Through his development of the art form he has adapted the medium to include alternative techniques and other art disciplines such as sculpture, intertwining together his memories of youth, his emotions, the history of Vietnam and also his Buddhist beliefs.

The female essence has been the heart of his works, expressing the fundamental female form, strong and resilient, in every layer of lacquer. Depicted in refined, surrealist style, his ghostlike women are at the same time sensual and venerable. In Vietnam and Buddhist cultures, the female icon serves not only as an icon of passion, but rather in her embodiment of strength, hope and creativity. ‘I honor women for the love, despair and doubt that they impart to me’, as the artist states.

In his recent works, questions of subjects and viewpoints undergo subtle inflections toward their material, spatial and historical dimensions. Although his dialogue is not overtly political, he has seamlessly moved from the surreal to the everyday with an open-ended conclusion. Whether autobiographical or drawn from the lives around him, he continues to focus on relationships, always keeping the current social and political situation of Vietnam in mind.

Dinh Quan has exhibited extensively internationally, including in China, Japan, France, Singapore, Norway, Philippines, Hong Kong, the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand at Thavibu Gallery, Taiwan, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, and South Korea. His works are in the museum collections of the Singapore Art Museum, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and the National Art Gallery of Malaysia.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2013From Craft to Art: Vietnamese Lacquer PaintingsThavibu Gallery, BangkokGroup
2011Dinh Quan - Red River Rising Thavibu Gallery, BangkokSolo
2008Spiritual SpacesExhibition, Bangkok, ThailandGroup
2008Spiritual Spaces - Celebrating Thavibu GalleryThavibu Gallery, BangkokGroup
2006II Drago e la FarfallaVittoriano, Rome, ItalyGroup
2006Impressions & ExpressionsVietnamese Contemporary Paintings, ThailandGroup
2006Modern Art ExhibitionCEAE, Hanoi, VietnamGroup
2004The New Adventure of Dinh QuanFine Art Museum, Hanoi, VietnamSolo
2004Dinh Quan - Lacquer PaintingsThavibu Gallery, BangkokSolo
2002Red DreamNam Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.Solo
2002Vietnamese BeautiesThavibu  Gallery, Thailand.Solo
2002Vietnamese Contemporary Artists – Part IIArtists’ Space, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Selangor, MalaysiaGroup
2002Where the Rivers MeetsVietnamese Cultural Festival, LuxembourgGroup
2002Where the Rivers MeetsLibre de Bruxelles University, Brussels, BelgiumGroup
2001AutumnGajah Gallery, Singapore.Solo
2001Contemporary Artists of VietnamConcorde Hotel Sha Alam, Selangor, MalaysiaGroup
2001The End of Growth? Ways of Development into a Sustainable FutureArts Museum of Chiang Mai, Bangkok, ThailandGroup
2001The End of Growth? Ways of Development into a Sustainable FutureSilpakorn University, Bangkok, ThailandGroup
2001Reflection of LifeGalerie E, Hong KongDuo
2001Separate PathDragon Gallery, Hanoi, VietnamGroup
2000A new ageUSAGroup
2000NudeThavibu Gallery, ThailandGroup
200015th Asian International Art ExhibitionTaiwanGroup
2000Friend and IFriends Gallery, Hanoi, VietnamGroup
199914th Asian International Art ExhibitionFukuoka Museum, Fuguoka, JapanGroup
1999International Art FestivalSeoul, South KoreaGroup
1998With Heart & Soul & MindNew World Arts Center, Soho, New York, USAGroup
1998International Art FestivalSeoul, South KoreaGroup
1997Dinh Quan - Solo ExhibitTrang An Gallery, Hanoi, VietnamSolo
1997Realistic & Illusion World in Dinh Quan’s ArtsTrang An Gallery, Hanoi, VietnamSolo
1997Dinh QuanHanoi Studio, Hanoi, VietnamSolo
1997Fine Art of VietnamNorwayGroup
1997A Winding River: The Journey of Contemporary Art VietnamWashington D.C, U.S.AGroup
1997All the rivers are runningTrang An Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.Group
1997PortraitTrang An Gallery, Hanoi, VietnamGroup
1996The year of DragonTrang An Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.Group
1996Vietnam Contemporary ArtFujita Vente Museum, Tokyo, JapanGroup
1993Group ShowHang Bai Exhibition House, Hanoi, VietnamGroup
1991National Fine Art ExhibitionsHanoi, VietnamGroup
1990National Fine Art ExhibitionsHanoi, VietnamGroup