Edoardo Tresoldi - photo credit Chiara Grioni

Edoardo Tresoldi

Italy 1987

Installation, Sculpture


Edoardo Tresoldi
Edoardo Tresoldi
January 21, 2016

Edoardo Tresoldi is an Italian sculptor and set designer, known for his astonishingly realistic, transparent sculptures made from metallic wire mesh. His work involves adeptly molding wire mesh into intricate sculptures of animals, humans and buildings, and installing them at strategic locations perfectly integrated to the surroundings, with the aim of inscribing a specific sense of time and space to them. His works speak about the fine line between freedom and captivity, and how man influences the environment he lives in.

Wire mesh sculptures

Edoardo Tresoldi - Thinkings – Oltre il Muro 2014, Sapri
Edoardo Tresoldi – Thinkings – Oltre il Muro 2014, Sapri

Born in Milan in 1987, Edoardo is a master of his craft. A single glance at any one of his sculptures – ranging from smaller statues to buildings of massive scale – is enough for the viewer to realize the level of intricacy and delicate precision that is required to bring these sculptures to life. Using only pieces of bent metal, Tresoldi skillfully represents human form through well-executed natural body language, beyond realistic facial expressions and meticulously placed creases in the clothing.

Transforming a mundane industrial material into delicately crafted three-dimensional figures, the artist manages to create artworks in which forms create volumes. Feelings serve as the real protagonists of the narrative – Edoardo develops a story or a character and concretizes them through the creation of the sculpture.

L I F T at the Secret Garden Party

Edoardo Tresoldi - L I F T - Secret Garden Party, UK, 2015
Edoardo Tresoldi – L I F T – Secret Garden Party, UK, 2015

Tresoldi’s large-scale architectural installations – such as Incipit and L I F T – are especially captivating and mesmerizing.

Incipit is an architecturally-inspired towering installation built in the scenic city of Marina di Camerota, as a part of a local festival Meeting del Mare 2015. Composed of eight columns joined together by semicircular arches, the sculpture is shaped from wire mesh, radiating translucence and serenity. The thin wire, with its countless tiny squares, makes the artist’s massive creation mostly see through. Against the blue sky, Incipit appears as an ethereal, almost ghostly form. At its very top, a flock of embedded wire birds, in a perpetual stance of flight, are reaching for the sky.

Incipit in Camerota, Italy

Edoardo Tresoldi - Incipit - Camerota, Italy, 2015
Edoardo Tresoldi – Incipit – Camerota, Italy, 2015

In 2015, Edoardo’s collaborated with street artist Gonzalo Borondo creating Chained, a piece that combines a mural and wire mesh sculpture depicting a man climbing out of a wall, transitioning from a 2D mural to a 3D sculpture. The piece was created for the art event organized by Wunderkammern Gallery who invited nine important urban artists to create outdoor installations in the city of Milan.

Control for Animal – Borondo exhibition

Edoardo Tresoldi - Control for Animal - Borondo show
Edoardo Tresoldi – Control for Animal – Borondo show

The artist had another collaboration with Borondo. He participated in the Animal exhibition, and for the occasion, he produced a monumental installation seen in the picture above. Later, Edoardo Tresoldi unveiled his first ever limited edition of studio-made sculptures entitled Reason, featuring a stunning wire-mesh based bird.

Reason, limited edition sculptures

Edoardo Tresoldi - Reason, 2015
Edoardo Tresoldi – Reason, 2015

Edoardo Tresoldi is currently based in Rome, Italy.

Featured image – photo credit Chiara Grioni
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Animal - Borondo showLondon, UKDuo
2014Life is Beautiful festivalLas Vegas, USGroup
2014Fair in offParis, FranceGroup
2014Spazio TadiniMilano, ItalyGroup
2014Oltre il muro festivalSapri (SA), ItalyGroup
2014SanfestMonastero di Monsalud, Corcoles, Madrid, SpainGroup
2014Reverse projectVisiva, Roma, ItalyGroup
2014Secret garden party festival with Borondo and An WeiHuntingdon, UKGroup
2013Mura mura festivalPizzo Calabro (VV), ItalyGroup
2011-2012Madeon projectItalyGroup