Eliane Gervasoni


Photography, Drawing, Printmaking


Eliane Gervasoni
Eliane Gervasoni
April 18, 2017
Eni is a yoga enthusiast and animal lover. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and her BA in Philosophy helped organize her many thoughts and ideas. After graduation, she received an MA in Theory of Drama Arts and Media. She enjoys cycling and playing with her two dogs.

Eliane Gervasoni specializes in various printmaking techniques, such as intaglio, aquatint, carborundum, collography and embossing. After studying printmaking and participating in several workshops, this passion was born. Eliane soon opened her own studio and exhibited in Art Galleries in Switzerland and other countries. What interests her the most is architecture, design, concrete art, and abstraction. In experimental musical compositions, she finds focus, concentrating on the sound, while in architecture she focuses on silence and light. She finds her inspiration from the architect Louis I. Kahn, and in John Cage’s writings Silence, lectures and writings. This prolific artist finds her true expression in notions of silence and infinity, space and freedom, presence and absence, making them subjects of her original prints and drawings as well as her artist book Slowly Nowhere, a poetic ballad.

drawing by Eliane Gervasoni
Eliane Gervasoni – Drawing, 2016

Encouragement in Art

Eliane was born in Basel, and after living abroad for three years, she had developed a different rhythm, and having gained new impressions she found her inner peace and returned to Switzerland, where she started studying printmaking. After having won the 19e Miniprint International Prize in Cadaques (SP), the artist was encouraged to pursue her way of creating art professionally. This newly chosen way of life changed her way of looking at both life and the world in general.

Eliane has developed a different rhythm

Untitled Drawings by Swiss artist Eliane Gervasoni
Eliane Gervasoni – Untitled Drawings

Eliane’s Creative Process

The creative process that Eliane emerges into consists of reading, drawing, taking photographs, cutting out geometric forms, constructing the surface, experiencing the modification of the space and the surface in general. All this serves her passion of altering the traditional ways of printmaking, as she experiments with the process. Recently, she has specialized in embossing extra-white mould-made paper. Adding a new dimension to the surface of the paper, Eliane renders a completely different approach to technique and art itself. A new object embossed on mould-made paper opens a new dimension and evokes a sense of infinity, and a play of shadows, opening new worlds of possibility for the artist.

The artist renders a completely different approach to technique and art itself

 contact jean Gervasoni via mail - Estampes, 2013
Eliane Gervasoni – Estampes, 2013

Inspiration and Exploration

Some of Eliane’s favorite inspirations are writings on quiteness and light, motifs which are so beautifully conveyed in the field of architecture and personified in music. These are exactly the themes she tackles in her work, that hold a special interest to her: silence, sound, light, space, fullness, emptiness, peace, freedom. Inspired by her musical and architectural aspirations, Eliane started creating new pieces in drawing in 2012. She experimented with serial declinations and explored simple forms and their evolution on black paper, for the first time. Gervasoni manages to obtain vibrations and optical effects which enliven the works, by repetition of lines, sequencing white lines, and their variations.

Eliane manages to explore simple forms and their evolution on black paper

Eliane Gervasoni - art lausanne from 2014 - 2016
Eliane Gervasoni – Untitled 245


Before opening her own printing studio in Lausanne, Eliane was a member of HBP Printmakers studio in Manchester UK, where she worked until 2010. She held her first solo exhibition in 1999, at Gallery Taller Fort in Cadaques, where she exhibited 30 carborundum prints. Exhibitions in Spain, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, UK, the USA, and Italy followed. Eliane moved from traditional printmaking in 2006, working with industrial parts related to construction.

The artist lives and works in Switzerland.

Featured image: Eliane Gervasoni – Exhibition at Gasparelli Arte Contemporanea
All images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016COME POTREI CACCIARE, SE PRIMA NON DISEGNASSI ?Gasparelli Arte Contemporanea (IT)Solo
2016L'espace efface le bruitGalerie La Ferme de la Chapelle, Genève (CH)Group
201535 anys dels premis Mini Print de CadaquesArtèria Galleria, Barcelona (ESP)Group
2014Non ci sono che io con le mie chimere stasera, e un corpo stavo per dimenticarloVer San Verona, Gasparelli Arte Contemporanea (IT)Group
2014Mais de quelle genre de realite parlez-vous ?Batiment des Telegraphes Lausanne (CH), Gasparelli Arte ContemporaneaGroup
2013Serial compositions - a tribute to Louis I. KahnGalerie E.S.F. Art & Design, Lausanne (CHSolo
2013Ah! la vita barocca pluriforme, a tradimento mi titilla pianoIndustrial building Orciani (IT), Gasparelli Arte ContemporaneaGroup
2013Mini print internacional - All the winners Galleria Aqua Fortis, Barcelona (Esp)Group
2013BlancGalerie E.S.F. Art & Design, Lausanne (CHGroup
2013Mini print Cadaques Galeria Aqua Fortis Barcelona (SP)Group
2012Gravures et images multipliéesMusée de Carouge, Genève (CH)Group
2012Exhibition winner prints 31 editionsMuseum Micromundi of Miniatures, Besalu (SP)Group
2010Singular forms nearly always repeatedGalerie Kunstkeller, Bern - Artroom (CH)Solo
2010Point - Ligne - PlanGalerie La Ferme de la Chapelle, Genève (CH)Solo
2010Rencontre romande du livre d'artistePalais de Rumine, Lausanne (CH)Group
2010Snap to gridLos Angeles Center for Digital Art (USA)Group
2009Singular forms nearly always repeated - a tribute to John CageGalerie E.S.F. Art & Design, Lausanne (CHSolo
2009XXXGalerie E.S.F. Art & Design, Lausanne (CHGroup
2008sRochdale Museum and Art Gallery (UK)Group
2007Estampes contemporainesGalerie E.S.F. Art & Design, Lausanne (CHSolo
2007Good for printSalford Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester (UK)Group
2006ExodusGalerie Deset, Prag (CZ)Group
2005KesseltreibenDampfzentrale Bern (CH)Group
2004Eliane GervasoniEspace Art, Gelterkinden (CH)Solo
2003AccrochagesGalerie Espacio, Morges (CH)Group
2002Eliane GervasoniGalerie Shakan, Lausanne (CH)Solo
2002PompeiFondation Marc Jurt, Vaumarcus (CH)Group
2000Mini print Internacional, winnerTaller Galeria Fort, Cadaques , Espagne Solo