Elizabeth Peyton /   Elizabeth Joy Peyton

United States 1965

Painting, Drawing

Elizabeth Peyton
Elizabeth Joy Peyton
United States
November 7, 2014

The whole painterly practice of Elizabeth Peyton has been marked by the particular genre of rather intimate and sensible portrayal. The use of the genre is almost always led by the artist’s urge for analyses of one’s persona, but in this case, the very approach to psychologization is what makes it so different and quite authentic. Regardless of class, race or gender of depicted subject, Payton pays special attention to their inner state and the very situation in which they are being portrayed. On the other hand, the selection of models or the way they are being represented reflects the artist’s interest in different types of bodies and faces which may lead to her work being interpreted in regards to feminist and gender theory.

The artist had several exhibitions on view in american john gavin gallery in between 2000 to 2004
Elizabeth Payton – Burkhard Riemschneider, 1995 – image via rfc.museum (Left) / John Lydon, 1995 – image via rfc.museum (Right)

Struggling To Become An Artist

Elizabeth Peyton was born in 1965, in Danbury, Connecticut. She began drawing at a young age, and in between 1984 and 1987 studied fine arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Shortly after the end of her studies, Peyton worked several jobs and held only one solo exhibition in six years. Interestingly, in 1993 with the financial aid of Courtney Love, grunge femme fatale and then wife of Kurt Cobain, she had the first successful exhibition in the room of notorious Chelsea hotel consisting only of drawings. Afterward, the galerists noticed Peyton’s work so she started exhibiting at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York since 1995, at Neugerriemschneider in Berlin since 1996, Regen Projects in Los Angeles since 1997, and Sadie Coles HQ in London since 1998.

Quite lush and rather intimate portrayals

Modern drawings she made are usually portraits of her friends and are good in terms of technique
Elizabeth Peyton – Alex, 2009 – image via gladstonegallery (Left) / Dakis, Matthew and Boris, 2009 – image via artmag (Right)

The Expressive Portrayals of Elizabeth Peyton

The usual technique Peyton uses is oil, but watercolor, pencil, and etching are present as well and her most frequent feature are washy glazes of dripping paint. The artist is pretty much inspired by the works of Nadar, Alfred Stieglitz, and Robert Mapplethorpe. The painterly process starts from photographs. Namely, Peyton uses to shot her subjects with either a standard 35-millimeter or a Polaroid camera, without any particular focus on composition or lighting and in 2002 transferred to a digital camera. The figures depicted are often slender, almost androgynous, and thus sexually ambiguous. They are usually involved in some kind of melancholic activity – sleeping, sitting or daydreaming. Since 2007, Peyton has included a still life to her range of subjects.

The paintings of Elizabeth Peyton are known for layers of light-capturing glazes

The exhibition of portraits was on view in american modern museum and gallery john Gavin
Elizabeth Peyton – Dreamt Baroque Masterworks, 2014 – image via gladstonegallery (Left) / Parsifal (Jonas Kaufmann and Katarina Dalayman), 2013 – image gladstonegallery (Right)

Fascination And Collaboration With Celebrities

The continued focus on stylization celebrities made her art being perceived as deriving from popular culture. It is no wonder that one of her major influence is no other than notable painter David Hockney. From David Bowie, over Oasis’s brothers Gallagher, Jarvis Cocker, Princes William and Harry of The House of Windsor, to Kanye West, Payton has painted all of them in the same unpretentious manner. One of her works became a cover for the compilation album The Best of Suede. The artist has even collaborated with artist superstar Matthew Barney on a project titled Blood of Two, as well as with Jonathan Horowitz on a series of monotypes which develop upon the concepts of plants and flowers as motifs of love and death.

Her fancy is utterly drawn to the world of celebrities

Majority of Peyton’s friends helped in 2000 and 2004 in terms of posing and promoting the work
Elizabeth Peyton – David Hockney Powis Terrace Bedroom, 1998 – image via kunstmuseum-wolfsburg (Left) / Prince Harry in Westminster Abbey, 1997 – image via kunstmuseum-wolfsburg (Right)

The Notable Art Practice of Elizabeth Peyton

Over the years, the works of Elizabeth Peyton became part of various important collections from Centre Pompidou in Paris, over the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, to Kunstmuseum in Basel. For her work, Elizabeth Peyton received in 2006, the 14th Annual Larry Aldrich Award honoring an artist who has had a significant impact on visual culture. In 2007, she was honored with amfAR’s Award of Excellence for Artistic Contributions to the Fight Against AIDS. Interestingly, this year the artist will show her works for the first time in Japan at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.

The work of Elizabeth Peyton is well known around the globe

The gallery applied modern way of preparing her exhibitions which included the portrait of the prince
Elizabeth Peyton – Dark Incandescence (Kristian), 2014 – image via gladstonegallery (Left) / Kristian, 2016 – image via gladstonegallery

The Leading Contemporary Figurative Painter

The works of Elizabeth Peyton were often seen as fashion illustrations, and at the same time, she has been credited for having revived the tradition of portrait painting. Therefore, the artist was described by a professional public as a forerunner of new Realism. The astounding body of work has not just revealed the immense contribution to reviving forgotten stylistic approach but suggests a particular insight in the studies of popular culture from a new perspective.

Elizabeth Peyton lives and works in New York and Berlin.

Featured image: Portrait of Elizabeth Peyton – image from Widewalls archive
All images are used for illustrative purposes only

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014“Elizabeth Peyton”Neugerriemschneider, BerlinSolo
2013"Elizabeth Peyton: Here She Comes Now"Kunsthalle Baden Baden, Baden BadenSolo
2013"Klara 13 Pictures"Michael Werner Gallery, New YorkSolo
2013“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown's enterprise, New YorkSolo
2012"Secret Life"Sadie Coles, LondonSolo
2012“Elizabeth Peyton”Regen Projects, Los AngelesSolo
2011“Elizabeth Peyton”Opelvillen Russelsheim Zentrum Fur Kunst, Russelsheim, GermanySolo
2011“Elizabeth Peyton”Gagosian, ParisSolo
2011“Elizabeth Peyton”Metropolitan Opera, New YorkSolo
2011“Ghost”Opelvillen Rüsselsheim Zentrum Für Kunst, Rüsselsheim,Solo
2011“Elizabeth Peyton”Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Washington University, St.LouisSolo
2010“Elizabeth Peyton”Nuegerriemschneider, BerlinSolo
2009“Elizabeth Peyton”Gladstone Gallery, BrusselsSolo
2009“Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton”Bonnefanten Museum, MaastrichtSolo
2009“Blood of Two: Matthew Barney and Elizabeth Peyton”Slaughterhouse, DESTE Foundation Project Space, HydraSolo
2009“Elizabeth Peyton”Sadie Coles HQ, LondonSolo
2009“Elizabeth Peyton: Reading & Writing”Irish Museum of Modern Art, DublinSolo
2008"Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton"New Museum, New YorkSolo
2008“Elizabeth Peyton: Portrait of an Artist”Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, RidgefieldSolo
2008“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown's Enterprise, New YorkSolo
2007“Elizabeth Peyton”Regen Projects, Los AngelesSolo
2006“Elizabeth Peyton: Paintings 1994-2002”Gavin Brown’s enterprise New YorkSolo
2006“Elizabeth Peyton: Prints 1998-2006”Guild Hall, EasthamptonSolo
2006“Elizabeth Peyton”Neugerriemschneider, BerlinSolo
2005“Elizabeth Peyton”Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, East Hampton, New YorkSolo
2005“Elizabeth Peyton”Sadie Coles HQ, LondonSolo
2004“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New YorkSolo
2003“Elizabeth Peyton”Neugerriemschneider, BerlinSolo
2003“Elizabeth Peyton”Regen Projects, Los AngelesSolo
2003“Elizabeth Peyton”Roma Roma Roma, RomeSolo
2002“Elizabeth Peyton”Royal Academy, LondonSolo
2002“Elizabeth Peyton”Neugerriemschneider, BerlinSolo
2002“Elizabeth Peyton”Salzburger Kunstverein, SalzburgSolo
2001“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New YorkSolo
2001“Elizabeth Peyton”Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, GermanySolo
2000“Elizabeth Peyton”Westfalischer Kunstverein, MunsterSolo
2000“Elizabeth Peyton”Aspen Art Museum, AspenSolo
2000“Elizabeth Peyton”Sadie Coles HQ, LondonSolo
2000“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown's enterprise, New YorkSolo
1999“Elizabeth Peyton”Regen Projects, Los AngelesSolo
1999“Elizabeth Peyton”Museum of Contemporary Art, Castello di Rivoli, Torino Solo
1999“Elizabeth Peyton”Neugerriemschneider, BerlinSolo
1999“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown's Enterprise, New YorkSolo
1998“Elizabeth Peyton”Georg Kargl, ViennaSolo
1998“Elizabeth Peyton”Galleria Il Capricorno, VeniceSolo
1998“Elizabeth Peyton”Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, WolfsburgSolo
1998“Elizabeth Peyton"Seattle Art Museum, SeattleSolo
1998"Elizabeth Peyton”Sadie Coles HQ, LondonSolo
1997“Elizabeth Peyton”Gallery Side 2, TokyoSolo
1997“Elizabeth Peyton”Galerie Daniel Buchholz, CologneSolo
1997“Elizabeth Peyton”St. Louis Art Museum, St. LouisSolo
1997“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown's Enterprise, New YorkSolo
1997“Elizabeth Peyton”Regen Projects, Los AngelesSolo
1996“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown's enterprise, New YorkSolo
1996“Elizabeth Peyton”Galleria Il Capricorno, VeniceSolo
1996“Elizabeth Peyton”Neugerriemschneider, BerlinSolo
1995“Elizabeth Peyton”Cabinet Gallery at The Prince Albert, LondonSolo
1995“Elizabeth Peyton”Burkhard Riemschneider, CologneSolo
1995“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown's enterprise, New YorkSolo
1993“Elizabeth Peyton”Gavin Brown’s enterprise at Hotel Chelsea, Room 828, New YorkSolo
2014“Paint New York: Painting from the American East Coast”Kunstforeningen GL Strand, CopenhagenGroup
2014“Van Gogh Live!”Fondation Vincent Van Gogh Arles, ArlesGroup
2014“Dries Van Noten- Inspirations”Les Arts Décoratifs, ParisGroup
2014“Imaginary Portraits: Prince Igor”Gallery Met, The Metropolitan Opera, New YorkGroup
2013“Moby Dick-Whale Language”Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel AvivGroup
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2013“NYC Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star 1993”New Museum of Contemporary Art, New YorkGroup
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2010“From NY with Love”Don’t Projects, ParisGroup
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2010“Size Does Matter”FLAG Art Foundation, New YorkGroup
2010“THE EPHEMERAL”Galerie van Gleder, AmsterdamGroup
2010“SUR LE DANDYSME AUJOURD’HUI: From Shop Window Mannequin to Media Star”Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de CompostelaGroup
2010“In The Company of Alice”Victoria Miro Gallery, LondonGroup
2009“Undeniably Me”Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, WolfsburgGroup
2009“Don’t Panic! I’m Selling My Collection”Rental Gallery, New YorkGroup
2009“Landscape"Armory, New YorkGroup
2009“Blookd of Two: Matthew Barney and Elizabeth Peyton”Slaughterhouse, DESTE Foundation Project Space, HydraGroup
2009“15 Years of Collecting Against the Gran”Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, WolfsburgGroup
2009“Something about Mary”Gallery Met, The Metropolitan Opera, New YorkGroup
2009“The living and the dead”Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New YorkGroup
2009“Modern Modern”Chelsea Art Museum, New YorkGroup
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2006“Figures of the Player: The Paradox of the Actor”Collection Lambert, AvignonGroup
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2006“The Name of the Show is not ‘Gay Art Now’”Paul Kasmin Gallery, New YorkGroup
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2005“Drunk vs. Stoned 2”Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New YorkGroup
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2004“Was Marlerei heute ist”Opelvillen, RüsselsheimGroup
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2004“Now is a Good Time”Andrea Rosen Gallery, New YorkGroup
2004“THE MUSE”Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New YorkGroup
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1998Sisi, Sisimus, Sisismen”Galerie Menotti, BadenGroup
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1995“Campo”Venice Biennale, Venice, ItalyGroup
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1994“Swan”Tom Cugliani Gallery, New YorkGroup
1994“Don’t Postpone Joy of Collecting Can Be Fun”Austrian Cultural Institute, New YorkGroup
1993“Okay Behavior”303 Gallery, New YorkGroup
1993“Little Thing”Randolph St. Gallery, ChicagoGroup