street art, urban art, Berlin, stencil, building, architecture, installation

EVOL /   Unknown

Germany 1972

Urban Art, Street Art, Stencil, Installation

May 2, 2017

EVOL is a German street artist, who literally transforms streets with his art. Electric boxes, small planters and a variety of other geometric city forms turn into miniature apartment buildings and many other structures. These urban installations and paintings are made on used cardboard and depict 1960s East Berlin housing architecture. Each piece of paper is printed with a pattern of flat gray walls with plain window frames, a repetitive sight which makes EVOL’s work recognizable in a number of different cities.

new works by Evol
Evol – Untitled, London – photo via andberlin

Art With a Message

Not only is his art different and unique, enriching every cityscape, but it also conveys a message. EVOL plays with the notion of low-income housing, taking it literally and to the next level. He plays with the theme of discarded and unwanted, as he uses cheap and used materials to create his photorealistic paintings. The artist, who refuses the term street artist, enjoys when the public interacts with his work, for example when his stencils are graffitied, just like regular buildings. His outside structures live a life of the large-scale building, as they are put outside, exposed to the weather and every other street condition, they are prone to change.

EVOL’s structures are prone to change under the outside conditions

Evol artist
Evol – Untitled – photo via andberlin

From Slaughterhouse to Piece of Art

Some of EVOL’s amazing work can be seen in Dresden, in a former slaughterhouse, that hasn’t been used for 15 years, but still, the stench is nauseous. The artist managed to create his miniature stencil buildings, locating this little city in a 10×8 meter hole in the abandoned warehouse floor, that took him eight days to finish. These concrete shapes that are now a part of his Building series probably used to make the foundation of a huge boiler plant that served for further utilization of carcass. This really goes to show how anything everywhere can be turned to art.

A famous piece from the series Buildings

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EVOL – Untitled #1, Dresden – photo via unurth

In the Beginning, There Was a Building

The artist was born in 1972 in Heilbronn, Germany, and he studied at the Kuopio Academy of Arts and Crafts in Finland. In 2011, EVOL was commissioned to create a specific installation in Hamburg, Germany, for the Ms Dockville Art Camp. What he did was something new and fresh, when he excavated an intersection in a field of 1.5 meters deep, creating a subterranean city. The artist had his first solo exhibition in 2009. in Berlin at WILDE Gallery. His other notable solo exhibition Balancity, took place in the German pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010. He also participated in the 2011 Moscow Biennale, and his art has been featured in solo exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and the United States. EVOL’s works have been featured in publications such as BBC, The Independent, Interview Magazine and Paper Magazine, among others. He has won the Arte Prize at Slick Art Fair in Paris, France.

EVOL lives and works in Berlin.

Featured image – EVOL, portrait – photo via andberlin

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2015Unreal EstateJonathan LeVine gallery, New York, USASolo
2015HomeworkAedes Architecture Forum, Berlin, GermanySolo
2015Radikal ModernBerlinische Galerie, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2015Berges de SeinePort de Solferino, Paris, FranceGroup
2014Project M6Nation, Berlin, GermanyGroup
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2014Language of the WallPera Museum, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2014Lasco Project #3Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FranceGroup
2014Project M3Urban Nation, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2013Pierres, Papiers, PeinturesPierrevives, Montpellier, FranceGroup
2013Art Ovrag 2013Vyksa, RussiaGroup
2013Looking for FreedomChimera Project, Budapest, HungaryGroup
2013Un Rêve HabitéMaison des Arts, Grandquevilly, BelgiumGroup
2012EVOLGalerie Bodson-Emelinckx, Brussels, BelgiumSolo
2012Repeat OffenderJonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, USASolo
2012Paint and PressureGallery inOperable, Vienna, AustriaGroup
20128 Years Supalife – ForeverGalerie Neurotitan, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2012Street Art Doping, Quarter ProjectSzpitalna, Chmielna, Bracka, Zgoda, Warsaw, PolandGroup
2012Vues sur Mur - l'imprimé dans l'art urbainCentre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée, La Louviere, BelgiumGroup
2012The Re-jectsReed Projects Gallery, Stavanger, NorwayGroup
2012Fragments of ArchitectureGist Gallery, Amsterdam, NetherlandsGroup
2012Art BrusselsBrussels, BelgiumGroup
2011VOLTA NYWILDE Gallery, New York, USASolo
2011A sight for eye soresPictures On Walls, London, UKGroup
2011Rewriting Worlds - 4th Moscow Biennale of contemporary artArtplay Design Center, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2011Dockville KunstfestivalHamburg, GermanyGroup
2011De Stad 3D, in the framework of Week of ArchitectureHilversum, NetherlandsGroup
2011Graffiti 21Museum Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte, GermanyGroup
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2010Breakable ProductsGalerie Brötzinger Art, Pforzheim, GermanySolo
2010BalancityGerman Pavilion, World Expo, Shanghai, ChinaSolo
2010Pubic Viewing: Recent photographs by EVOL and JUSTWILDE Gallery, Berlin, GermanyDuo
2010Blowin'Up The SpotNeon Chocolat Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2010Lissone Prize 2010Museum of Contemporary Art, Lissone, ItalyGroup
2010Re-Imagining Architecture. Between Fact and FictionAedesLand, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2010NUART Street Art FestivalStavanger, NorwayGroup
2010Summer InvitationalJonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, USAGroup
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2010Art ChicagoChicago, USAGroup
2010Scope NYNew York, USAGroup
2009EVOL - New WorkWILDE Gallery, Berlin, GermanySolo
2009ARTotale - Leuphana Urban Art ProjectLüneburg, GermanyGroup
2009Ostrale 09Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Dresden, GermanyGroup
2009Street – StudioIrvine Contemporary, Washington DC, USAGroup
2009Berliner UnkrautMinna Gallery, San Francisco, USAGroup
2009Paper TrailJudi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston, USAGroup
2009Slick Berlin 09, in the framework of Slick Art FairPoint Ephémère, Paris, FranceGroup
2009Scope MiamiMiami, USAGroup
2009Preview Berlin 2009Berlin, GermanyGroup
2009Scope NYNew York, USAGroup
2008CTINK, EVOL & PISA73Galerie Iterrance, Paris, FranceGroup
2008Association Le M.U.R.Paris, FranceGroup
2008OFF THE WALL – From Vandalism to Urban ArtWILDE Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2008Walden im U.F.O.Galerie Walden, Berlin, GermanyGroup