Frederic Garnier portrait - photo credits artist

Frederic Garnier/ Frédéric Garnier

France 1970

Installation, Sculpture, Performance Art, Photography, Video Art

Frederic Garnier
Frédéric Garnier

Frédéric Garnier is a French multidisciplinary artist, active in the fields of sculpture, installation, photography, video art and drawing.

The Question of Time

Frédéric Garnier was born in 1970 in Troyes, France. Born into Italian-French-Croatian family, he has always been attracted by history and arts. Frédéric consequently studied visual arts, but also history and heritage. As a very diverse artist, Garnier has worked in many different mediums, from performance art to installation. The common theme of his works is always the quest for meaning of human existence, exploration of time and our relativity to it. Intrigued by the notion of time, Frédéric finds that the egocentric connection which humans have with time, determined and measured by us, only highlights our vulnerability and transience.

Frederic Garnier, Galerie Geraldine Banier, installation
Frederic Garnier – Jump, 2013

The Art of Frédéric Garnier

Materials and subjects that Frédéric Garnier uses in his installations are uncommon – from trampoline, to exit signs and matches. Words that appear in Frédéric Garnier’s installations explore concepts of sexuality, religion, and heritage. His artistic research is mainly based on personal experiences and questions, in which the each series of his work is parallel with the cycles and events of his life.

Garnier’s process as an artist is to organize given ideas, and picture them with the visual vocabulary of his own. The nature of this process caused his creations to be protean and very different from one another. A medium itself is not important to the artist – with each piece, he tries to find the suitable form to express an idea, by manipulating, arranging and assembling the parts of an installation. His intention is for the viewers to be able to see their own reflection in his works. The sole object is usually the starting point, contributed with the complete picture, sound, and video.

Frederic Garnier, Galerie Geraldine Banier, installation
Frederic Garnier – Ecce Homo (detail), 2015

Ecce Homo

In 2015, the art of Frédéric Garnier was exhibited at his solo show titled Ecce Homo, at the Galerie Geraldine Banier. Pieces featured at this solo exhibition were created based on the idea of ambivalence of human behavior, of contradictive actions caused by both instinct and reason. Sarcastic and derisive, the titles given to artworks by the artist himself include Soft Villa, Eden Garden and The man is a reasonable animal. For example, Eden Garden evokes the snake of the original sin, embodied in a glittering garden hose.

Represented by the Galerie Geraldine Banier, the art of Frédéric Garnier has been featured at Butterfly Effect, Lost Worlds, Bizarro and several other group exhibitions. The artist has also been exhibited at venues such as Abk gallery, Museum of Le Touquet, and Centre d’art contemporain, in Troyes.

Frédéric Garnier lives and works in Troyes, France.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Ecce HomoGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisSolo
2014Butterfly EffectGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisGroup
2014The PiggeryContemporary Art Centre, FranceGroup
2014La PorcherieGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisSolo
2013C.Goutal, LaFratrie, F.Garnier, L.Debraux, Y.BaulerAbk gallery, MetzGroup
2013Lost WorldsGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisGroup
2013Rose me TenderGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisGroup
2012JumpGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisSolo
2012BizarroGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisGroup
2011What lifeJesuit Chapel, ReimsSolo
2011NineElevenMathilde Hatzenberger gallery, BrusselsGroup
2010Group ShowMuseum of Le Touquet, FranceGroup
2009PassagesCentre d'art contemporain, TroyesSolo
2007Group ShowGallery Dialogos, CachanGroup