Fulvio Eccardi

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Fulvio Eccardi
Fulvio Eccardi
September 23, 2015

Fulvio Eccardi, a renowned photographer and biologist, was born in Italy and naturalized as a Mexican. He is famous for documenting the beauty of Mexican flora and fauna, as well as the relationship between humans and their environment, while working to raise the awareness of burning ecological issues and promoting the conservation of natural resources. He has studied and researched the Golden Eagle in the mountains of Mexico, coffee production in many countries, small-scale fishing in the Sea of Cortes and sustainable harvest of rainforest.

Photography by Fulvio Eccardi

Fulvio Eccardi - Altar Desert
Fulvio Eccardi – Altar Desert

Eccardi is the President of the Conservation Fund for El Triunfo, Director of Gaia Editores publishing house, editor of Biodiversitas bulletin and main author and coauthor of numerous books.

Ocellated Turkey series

Fulvio Eccardi - Ocellated Turkey series
Fulvio Eccardi – Ocellated Turkey series

He received the award for the best nature photographer, La Diosa de la Luz, in 2003. The same year, he had the first national exhibition of large-format photographs at the outdoors gallery in the Mexico City’s main avenue. The exhibition titled Mexico, living nature (Mexico, naturaleza viva) displayed 150 photos and was visited by 5 million people during five months. In addition to that, his work has been exhibited in Canada, United States, Italy, and of course, Mexico. Oasis, Airone, BBC Wildlife, Animal Kingdom, Madame Figaro, International Wildlife and National Geographic are just some of the international science, tourism and anthropology publications where you could see Eccardi’s photographs.

Plumas Aguila Real series, 2010-2011

Fulvio Eccardi - Plumas Aguila Real series, 2010-2011
Fulvio Eccardi – Plumas Aguila Real series, 2010-2011

Fulvio Eccardi collaborations include the Instituto de Historia Natural de Chiapas (Chiapas’ Natural History Institute), Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Mexican Fund for Nature Conservation (FMCN) and Pronatura.

He has taken more than 750,000 photographs during his career and dedicated over 35 years to capturing the complex beauty of Mexican biodiversity for scientific and preservational purposes. He is represented by ZooArt.

Fulvio Eccardi lives and works in Mexico City.

All images copyright © Fulvio Eccardi

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Águila Real, Símbolo vivo de MéxicoTerminal 2 Aeropuerto Internacional de la ciudad de MéxicoSolo
2012Águila Real, Símbolo vivo de MéxicoMuseo de Historia Natural TAMUX, Ciudad Victoria, TamaulipasSolo
2012Cloud Forest, Coffee and QuetzalSchool of Photographic Arts and Sciences (RIT), RochesterSolo
2011Águila Real, Símbolo vivo de MéxicoExConvento de Santo Domingo, Oaxaca, OaxacaSolo
2011Bosque de niebla, dunas y plumasLipanje Puntin, Trieste, Italia Solo
2010Águila Real, Símbolo vivo de MéxicoMuseo Nacional de Historia, Castillo de ChapultepecSolo
2005Sierra Gorda, joya verde del centro de MéxicoAlameda Hidalgo, Querétaro, QuerétaroSolo
2005México, naturaleza vivaAlameda Hidalgo, Querétaro, QuerétaroSolo
2003México, naturaleza vivaRejas de Chapultepec del Paseo de la Reforma, Ciudad de MéxicoSolo